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Lumina Glass icons is a 3d aspect stock with eye catching colors, vivid shines and an pleasant look that will make your projects much more attractive than ever. Give a unique look to your web pages or software projects. The figures of Lumina are very close to the reality but also have a really charming touch of light.

Careful one by one design process
Pixel perfect design for the small sizes
Vector source files on most sets
Sizes ranging from 16 or 24 to 256(+)
Beyond 20 useful industries
Lumina Transportation Buy set 4824 icons
Buy set 4824 icons

Lumina Communications Buy set 3624 icons
Buy set 3624 icons

Video Production Buy set 4153 icons
Buy set 4153 icons

Jobs Buy set 1536 icons
Buy set 1536 icons

Web Design Buy set 2400 icons
Buy set 2400 icons

fti_web-site- icons-lumina-web_design
Security Buy set 2040 icons
Buy set 2040 icons

Medical Buy set 1800 icons
Buy set 1800 icons

Business Buy set 1224 icons
Buy set 1224 icons

Education Buy set 1848 icons
Buy set 1848 icons

Graphics Buy set 1944 icons
Buy set 1944 icons

fti_web-site- icons-lumina-graphics
Mail Buy set 1392 icons
Buy set 1392 icons

Database Buy set 1705 icons
Buy set 1705 icons

Multimedia Buy set 2040 icons
Buy set 2040 icons

fti_web-site- icons-lumina-multimedia
Networking Buy set 3259 icons
Buy set 3259 icons

Accounting Buy set 2208 icons
Buy set 2208 icons

General Buy set 1685 icons
Buy set 1685 icons


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