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An icon font can be great for resolution-independent designs, since they behave like vectors. Grab one of these packages and enjoy original source files, apart from the icon fonts. Free downloads available, too!

Careful one by one design process
Pixel perfect design for the small sizes
Vector source files on most sets
Sizes ranging from 16 or 24 to 256(+)
Beyond 20 useful industries
Icon Fonts Web Design Buy set 94 icons
Buy set 94 icons

Icon Fonts Text Buy set 165 icons
Buy set 165 icons

Icon Fonts Networking Buy set 106 icons
Buy set 106 icons

Icon Fonts Multimedia Buy set 97 icons
Buy set 97 icons

Icon Fonts Mail Buy set 60 icons
Buy set 60 icons

Icon Fonts Graphics Buy set 99 icons
Buy set 99 icons

Icon Fonts General Buy set 94 icons
Buy set 94 icons

Icon Fonts Education Buy set 111 icons
Buy set 111 icons

Icon Fonts Database Buy set 67 icons
Buy set 67 icons

Icon Fonts Communications Buy set 151 icons
Buy set 151 icons

Icon Fonts Business Buy set 112 icons
Buy set 112 icons

Icon Fonts Accounting Buy set 130 icons
Buy set 130 icons

  1. Thank you for these icons! Very nice and good looking!

    • iconShock - October 9, 2014

      Thanks! Glad you think they’re good looking because, you know, they are. Hahaha.

  2. robertajs1 - October 9, 2014

    Hi, Can you email me a link please. I clicked on everything I could find and they all request “social sharing”. THanks!

  3. thanks… (Y) (Y)

  4. robertajs1 - October 26, 2014

    when the window popped up it only offered “social sharing” so Can you send a link to my email please? Thanks!

  5. I do not use social networking at all. Is there an alternative way to obtain the free sets?

  6. Daniela Moraes - February 13, 2015

    Thank you :)

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  • . 23 addon combinations/icon.
  • . All icons area editable in their respective source file
  • . Sizes ranging from 16 to 512