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2500 free iPhone web icons


Here is a wonderful free set of 2500 web-aimed icons designed according to the iPhone standard sizes and style. You can also get our full iphone set with more than 15000 iphone icons here

This set contains 100 different icons perfect for any web usage, ranging from arrows through multimedia navigation symbols and to even some miscellaneous user and social networking musts; all of them have an editable psd source file, png’s in 10 different colors to have a wide variety of options when facing a design project, and in five sizes: 20×20 px, 30×30 px, 40×40 px, 60×60 px -according to the bars and menus iPhone standard- and a bigger bonus 128×128 px to not leave out the bigger sizes. On top of this it also has a big bunch of addons-packed icons in 40×40 px in the basic white style. Enjoy!

iPhone web free icons

In case you want a more powerful icon set, you can take a look to our full free iphone icon set, with more than 15000 iphone icons.