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Check out the support site at and let me know what you think. I would be interested in any comments or suggestions.




:: 2009/10/10 17:00:31  
Post the link to the Nifty Swifty Support Site in the Poll Tally comments? Have the IS team make Posts & Comments NOT related to a swap have a Higher (literally) priority? -good work Swifty-
:: 2009/10/07 15:35:34  
Thanks, Swift & Owl. BTW, I just found JJay's comment on icon set management:
:: 2009/10/07 13:05:59  
2 the top.
:: 2009/10/03 06:14:45  
Up and the way.
:: 2009/09/28 06:27:11  
they must have seen it by now, no ones that blind. i just dont think they care enough about the helpful tips compiled. they figure its enough we do their work for them. but thats just the pessimist in me. or is it the realist?? only they know.
:: 2009/09/25 20:41:07  
I would if I could, Hurricane. That's another one of those IS-only privileges. <grin>
:: 2009/09/25 00:41:34  
bump to the top swifty you really should sticky this as much as I love 5 points a lift lol.
:: 2009/09/24 16:25:16  
One that I know that changes only wallpaper is, it has some other features too, but does not change theme. just check it if you want Veektor.
:: 2009/09/24 16:11:34  
Great Post (THX SWIFTY) & Comments here! SOULD BE AT THE TOP, YEAH. I think you gave Hurricane some good responces. *Hey, I'd love to see an app that rotates your PC theme (icon set, wallpaper, and/or cursors, maybe more) daily!!*
:: 2009/09/24 15:08:09  
been a busy last few days thats how it fell so far ;)
:: 2009/09/24 14:22:20  
This should be at top...
:: 2009/09/12 07:47:51  
2 the top.
:: 2009/09/09 14:57:09  
There is one good application that converts Bitmapped images to Icon you can get it here:
:: 2009/09/08 08:49:29  
Im good I have a icon installer for vista now just download a package and wait 2 mins while it changes them all dealy :) Still think this should be left a sticky though :)
:: 2009/09/08 04:49:49  
2 the top.
:: 2009/09/06 21:42:32  
zandors right, theres tons of programs that use libraries, but from what i see you want to do this with iconshocks icons. Personally i zip them into library sets but i dont use themes, so i take each individual file and set it to what icon i want it to have. The easiest way to do a mass change is with themes, which will generally be prechosen icons. You can make your own but youll need programs to do that. If you dont mind using the individual method but dont want to see 5000 icons when you would rather group them, then heres a link for a free program that will allow you to group them together.
:: 2009/09/06 19:54:09  
Hurricane please check out Swifty's support site for the links to all the software avaiable out there to make icon theme packs. Gswd hit the nail on the head it that you require specialized or third party software to accomplish what you are trying to do. You can pack a Vista theme up in a Zip/Rar file same as pretty much any other icon development/making software. The sole exception to the rule is the plug-in for Adobe Photoshop which only really allows for icon creation and not making theme packs. Dashboard v3 is a theme maker, LiteStep is also a replacement desktop interface for Windows, Suites is also a master theme utility, for applying all your skins, icons and themes, at once from a unified interface. So there are quite a few choices avaiable to you out there Hurricane. Both Microangelo and Axialis also allow directly for both icon creation and icon theme packs. I hope that we have provided enough food for thought on the subject for you.
:: 2009/09/06 18:42:35  
Thanks! Owl I ment not me sticky it just curious as to why this isnt already a sticky?
:: 2009/09/06 17:24:15  
Hurricane, if you are talking about creating a package of icons that can then be used to update you desktop "theme" in one fell swoop, you will most likely need some sort of specialized software, or do it one at a time in Windows, then save the theme for use later if you need to reload your OS. One piece of software that I found that looks like it would do that is:
:: 2009/09/06 15:05:57  
Users from the community cannot do that.
:: 2009/09/06 15:05:19  
Simple Hurricane, only IS member can do that...
:: 2009/09/06 15:04:40  
Stay up there thread why is this not a stick btw?
:: 2009/09/06 15:00:35  
2 the top.

:: 2009/09/06 13:24:13  
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:: 2009/09/06 04:23:54  
Oh My God, Spam!
:: 2009/09/06 03:51:03  
It seems spammers found IS after IB...

:: 2009/09/05 16:31:12  
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:: 2009/09/05 06:58:41  
Hey Swifty, I have a question for you, read it here:
:: 2009/09/04 11:21:38  
Kind of JJay I mean when I download the packets and unzip them from here I get a bunch of icons for tons of uses with Pen icons etc on top of the image of the icon. My question is , is there a place to unzip the Icon pack full of icons in vista where itll come up for quicker use of is right clicking property and new icon loading the best way?

:: 2009/09/04 07:44:19  
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:: 2009/09/03 22:13:46  
hurricane what specifically are you talking about? Creating an Icon Library where you group a bunch of icons into a set viewable as one file/library. Or compressing them into zip files? Or in icon generation when you make them put them into libraries. We could help if we could understand!
:: 2009/09/01 16:21:07  
2 the top.
:: 2009/09/01 11:37:17  
Looks good only suggestion I would make is A tutorial on how to load Icon zips to you windows. I myself cant find anything Iv been manually skining Icons and im not sure if there is a easier way to it lol.
:: 2009/09/01 11:03:33  
351 comments o_O I don't have the time to catch up with this topic this evening but I will later this week. Congrats for (as far as I know) the longest IS topic ever, Swifty ^^
:: 2009/09/01 09:48:38  
2 the top.

:: 2009/09/01 04:45:02  
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:: 2009/08/01 14:34:40  
Thanks Swifty! I'm currently learning some php with a tutorial, and at end of the tutorial I'll have a functional forum (basic) and if you like you can have all the codes so you can include it into your Support site? If you want to see it first, then follow its progress here (don't mind the graphics, just experimenting with them): and tell me what you think ;)
:: 2009/08/01 10:43:04  
Svizy, I don't mind what you use it for, and you don't need my permission or to provide any credit. Sometime this weekend, I'll try to pull all the bits and pieces together, put together a bit of a write-up as to how it works, and bundle it up for you. It's really pretty simple and straight forward, and surprisingly secure even on a system that doesn't provide a secure server. My server does allow https sessions, but the security certificate is registered to the actual host name of the server, and not the virtual domain names. That makes some (most, all?) browsers complain and the users have to do some special security setup for the site to allow it to work. I just found this method (based on two cookies) to be much simpler and easier for the user.
:: 2009/08/01 10:11:38  
Bump for the newcommers and for Swifty :P
:: 2009/08/01 03:24:56  
Gotcha ;-)
:: 2009/08/01 03:19:47  
Ok, screen name? You mean the e-mail that yahoo gave me? If thats so then its:
:: 2009/08/01 03:16:14  
ok Svizy, let me know a screen name when you do and I'll chat with you, maybe not tonight then cuz I'm pretty sleepy, been a long day and it's 3:00 in the morning here so I'm ready for bed..:)
:: 2009/08/01 03:13:14  
Heh, I can make it since also some of my other friends use Yahoo ^^
:: 2009/08/01 03:04:47  
I was away all day and I have my best friend from Pennsylvania here for the weekend, she just went to bed and I am trying to see wats going on, guess I can't use Yahoo to chat with you?
:: 2009/08/01 02:52:12  
Nothing much...I'm bored and I'm waiting for someone to sign in to the MSN or Xfire. What about you?
:: 2009/08/01 02:49:23  
you're right Svizy......irritating sometimes...whatcha doin?
:: 2009/08/01 02:47:50  
Sherwood thats just a random spamm...Don't pay any attention to these guys, with exception if they join the actual conversation ;)
:: 2009/08/01 02:43:55  
ok anonymous....what's your game? You make no sense at all and you're not a member...what's up with that?
:: 2009/08/01 02:39:30  
Heh, I don't plan to use it on my site or anything. I just want to mess around and see how's it done and learn a couple of things so that maybe in future I'll be able to make one by myself ;) But, if I will ever want to use it, then I will certanly ask you for your permition (and all credits will go to you or your group) :D
:: 2009/07/31 22:42:25  
Svizy, I've written a couple for different sites I manage. I'll gladly share the system that I've put together for the Support Site (since it's probably the cleanest and most reliable). We'll likely need to have a bit of a discussion on how you plan to use it, because that could involve other CGI code to check logged on status and such before presenting selected pages.

:: 2009/07/31 16:32:24  
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:: 2009/07/31 08:17:33  
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:: 2009/07/31 04:52:34  
@Swifty; Could you give me the whole code for user registration and login/logout? I would really appreciate it if you would share it with me ^^
:: 2009/07/31 00:08:06  
is that some kind of riddle? it's in english but its not english...or ur crazier than a passel of possums covered in pasties

:: 2009/07/30 15:43:49  
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:: 2009/07/16 07:42:53  
she's right Swifty, anyone can have a good idea, not everyone can develope it into reality...;-) You're making it real bud and it's awesome...:)
:: 2009/07/16 01:38:54  
swifty, its all i can to do create a paragraph and a hyperlink. ideas arent any good if you have no method to develop them. my profile says "I got a lotta good ideas, trouble is most of em suck. See I'm a visionary, I'm ahead of my time. Trouble is I'm only about an hour n a half ahead.--Carlin" what good would that be if it wasnt for ppl like u 2 work with me over here??? (dont answer that or ill yell at u for being overly modest)
:: 2009/07/15 23:13:18  
Thanks, JJay. I appreciate the kind words and vote of confidence, but the site would be nowhere near what it is without all the input and suggestions from everybody. It's a team effort, and there are a lot of people contributing in their own way. That's what's making this so much fun to work on, and why it keeps getting better all the time. Remember, it started with one page set up to help people format messages. That's probably all it ever would have been without all the feedback and suggestions. When it comes to this stuff, I'm a mechanic, not a designer. I need others to provide the ideas and help develop the vision, then I just hack together some code to approximate it as best I can, and sit back and listen to people trying to give me the credit. I'm just doing what I enjoy doing, and trying to give something back to the IS folks for all their freebies and to all the rest of you folks that have helped me out along the way.
:: 2009/07/15 01:50:11  
oh as for the support site updates - ty ty ty in advance for anything u do cuz im excited bout any n all of it!!
:: 2009/07/15 01:32:18  
least i hope ur partner didnt do all they could to botch your presentation this time around. congrats on the poss new job, from what we've seen you do streamlined elegant work - lot of info in a nice simplistic organized fashion. if i had a business plan for a site id def go to u for advice first...(but the one idea i had was taken neways-no surpise)
:: 2009/07/14 23:59:33  
Not much here or on the support site. <grin> On another note, I just got home from taking a client out for dinner after meeting with them all afternoon to go over a project proposal. Looks like we may have landed another job. Will have a better sense after tomorrow, because we're meeting again tomorrow morning to continue our discussions. We pulled together a solid project team for them, and I think they see that. Then again, I'll remain cautiously optimistic until I have a contract in hand. I've seen too many of these fall apart at the last minute to get too excited.
:: 2009/07/14 23:43:57  
what's new? LOL
:: 2009/07/12 12:23:44  
I may be able to come up with something that will accommodate both your needs, but it's probably going to take a week or two. First thing I'll have to do is code the login and security system, which I should have done ages ago but avoided because I was hoping that IS would have taken this over by now. It shouldn't take too long once I actually make some time to work on it. That will then open the door to a few of your earlier wish list items (private messages, keeping notes on other users, etc).
:: 2009/07/12 11:52:31  
my goal is to check on threads where i posted comments recently. If its a particular thread or comment id like to see who added to my joke i can flag the thread for notification the same way i can save the link to delete later. it'd still be more helpful than the method i currently use now which is to hit back until the forum is in basic form n all the links ive previously hit on is purple and check those for my last comment.... personally id get more use of scanning individually recent comments so for example i can more easily see what comments i made and check those threads for updates, or see if rcg has posted recently. but i think that was the option that was too difficult, and once again if im the only one to make use of it then it wouldn't be a worthwhile effort.
:: 2009/07/12 11:03:47  
I've done on-line message notifications for another (football pool) site I operate, so that part is pretty easy. I just need to sort out how to determine what notifications need to be made. We're getting closer to having it sorted out, then I'll start the coding.
:: 2009/07/11 23:18:55  
i like the idea of notifications but i dont like checking email so itd defeat the purpose. I would use it to flag a thread but id prefer online notifications - like if i logged in thered be a new online inbox to state what threads got updates or something. Maybe that'd still be easier than catalogging first 3 pages??
:: 2009/07/10 18:17:46  
Thanks, cnshck. If you do, please email them to me (I'll leave you a whisper with my email address on IB), and I'll post them with an "en français" link from the English set.
:: 2009/07/10 14:50:44  
What a guy! Thanks Shack....what would we do without you! :)
:: 2009/07/10 08:19:42  
I can translate the tips to French, one of those days...
:: 2009/07/09 13:19:51  
i think that would solve the problem and it can't take that much coding to what's up with that? :(
:: 2009/07/09 10:12:27  
if IS would post a link, or better yet, would include the tips on the IS site, then users could translate the tips into several languages. we could use a translator to write the lead-in to the tips in a few languages--or get the help of some of our community members who speak fluent french, spanish, etc. whaddya think?
:: 2009/07/09 09:00:10  
well what I'm referring to is the fact that we still have to put in a blurb in their swaps to direct them to the community support site....and when they don't speak english it's even tougher for them to understand. C'mon IS we really need a HELP BUTTON!
:: 2009/07/08 23:04:25  
I'll need to think through the details, but I would certainly include a way for turning the notifications off. I'm also thinking that the system should automatically switch off notifications for a thread if there's been no activity for a set period of time, maybe 2 or 3 weeks. The notification requests would be tracked in a separate data file, and I expect it would be quite small so no SQL stuff required. I already store enough information on each message to be able to provide a link to the thread, similar to the IS notice emails, so that shouldn't be a problem. I'm pretty sure I can find a way to make this work, and the extra motivation is that it's something that I would probably use on occasion myself.
:: 2009/07/08 21:12:56  
Are you kidding the support site is way better than posting the tips for each new member that needs them. I do wish that the IS Team would pick up what and where Swifty has done so far. Swifty you suggestion is sound about offering the once-per-day notification for those that are looking for something like that. The question is would there be a way to turn it off after it was started? Just in case somebody found what they were looking for and didn't want to receive any further notifications. I certainly know that it definitely would have come in handy at certain times when looking to try and continue a conversation with someone. There have been a couple of times when I started talking with someone and a short time later the post just becomes lost amongst all the others. The notification that would be sent just what details might it contain? Such as a link to that persons post and or message? Would you have to create a SQL database to handle the additional information. I don't want to see you go out of your way to set up something only a few people might use. I am delighted that your thread has stayed pretty much on topic Swifty as it should because it benefits everyone.
:: 2009/07/08 20:54:35  
yep, I think you're right about the back burner, Really would like this site to have a link for the new members because we are still pointing them to the support site....Might as well go back to posting the tips for them :(
:: 2009/07/08 20:43:17  
Jjay (or anyone else), I just had a thought... Would there be any interest if I set up a "watch list" function. You would sort of "subscribe" to whatever message threads you like, and once a day the system would check if any new messages had been entered and could send you an email notification. It would be similar to the notices that you get from IS when a message is entered in one of your threads, but it would only be a once-per-day notification (regardless of how many messages were entered) and it could be for threads that you didn't start. I might even be able to provide a list of the people that posted since the previous day. Is that something you might use? One thing that I would have to do is set up user accounts on the support site so that you couldn't put in somebody else's email address and spam them with notifications. Thoughts?
:: 2009/07/08 20:39:01  
Sherwood, I think you're right in that this is the longest running thread ever. Not only that, it's still pretty much on topic. How the heck did that happen? <grin> As for hearing anything from the IS folks... Nothing yet. I guess all their site update plans that they promised a while back have shifted to the back burner. Too bad, really.
:: 2009/07/08 20:35:16  
Don't sweat it Jjay. You've thrown me a challenge, and I'm slowly working on thinking it through. No promises, but if I can come up with something reasonable, I'll let you know.
:: 2009/07/07 23:46:04  
Swifty, have you heard anything from iconshock about putting a link to the site or incorporating it into the community somehow? I sure wish they would soon!
:: 2009/07/07 23:30:58  
ok you ask I'll tell ya my opinion, I doubt I would use it BECAUSE I'm here everyday, if it isn't on the first two pages, I'm not going back to it. After a certain amount of comments the thread usually dies anyway as not to continue filling up a mailbox. This has to be the longest running active thread of all time and I do read it occasionally, off and on and check the site out maybe for members that aren't here everyday, they would use it to catch up or continue a convo. There aren't many convo threads though. :)
:: 2009/07/07 22:17:44  
i dont wanna suck up bandwith or your personal time, especially if it ends up being only me to use the thing regularly. What if it scanned only the first 3 pages once a day? Would that be easier? Is anyone else reading this thread and considering this idea? Hello people! Speak up!
:: 2009/07/07 19:47:39  
Let me think on that a bit. It's doable, but I'm not sure how I would want to set it up (the database). It would chew up a fair bit of bandwidth to read and parse every message and would likely only be updated once per day because of that. If you still think it would be useful, I'll let it "percolate" a little and see if I can come up with something.
:: 2009/07/06 22:24:11  
How complex would it be to do a listing by username of comments on maybe the first 10 pages so that if I post a comment in a thread I can search for all comments I posted (by most recent order) and then click the threads link to see if anyone responded to my comment)???
:: 2009/07/05 16:53:12  
i had a great idea for a website but its been taken - 3 times over. Tho no ones gone as far into it they could n i know nothing bout coding, but it was a good idea. I still have an idea for a plug-n-play adapter that hasn't been marketed yet but i dont know anything about manufacturing. My thoughts on my thoughts are found in my profile...
:: 2009/07/05 09:27:27  
Jjay, I'm a guy. That's on my mind all the time. <grin>       And Steeltwanger, you're absolutely correct. I find when I'm coding something, I can focus to the point of ignoring everything else. I've been known to go 20 hours at a stretch without food, water, or even going to the washroom. I think part of it is that you are working within a defined set of rules (syntax, etc), and if the rules are followed the outcomes are consistent and predictable. It is probably one of the few things where you actually have total control. The bonus is, when you're done you actually have something to show for it.
:: 2009/07/05 06:26:32  
300 ! Don't we have an icon set for that number? :D
:: 2009/07/05 05:47:06  
The next post in this thread will be the 300th. Just saying this so that JJay doesn't claim it on the 301st, hehe ^^
:: 2009/07/05 04:24:43  
And by the way, apology is definitely accepted! ;-)
:: 2009/07/05 04:23:33  
And the site is sort of practising Zen for you then Swifty? I agree with you that it's soothing in a sense to code.
:: 2009/07/05 04:21:56  
Well, I am just happy there was a minor spelling misstake ;-) It could have been worse. But on hte other hand it would be quite funny.
:: 2009/07/05 01:12:22  
ya, now we all know what was really on ur mind!
:: 2009/07/04 23:17:46  
Jjay, that's why I thought I better apologize. It wasn't intentional, but perhaps a Freudian slip?
:: 2009/07/04 23:11:46  
u thought he was steel wanger???? omg, tears, omg thats too funny... if no one else sees the dirty joke in that its ur fault!!
:: 2009/07/03 23:35:52  
Don't worry Swifty, I almost got it wrong too. That 't' is tricky ;)
:: 2009/07/03 21:26:33  
Sorry, Steeltwanger. Somehow my fat fingers got your name wrong. Then again, I'm not the only one. I see that Squall spelled it wrong in a swap thread as well. :-)
:: 2009/07/03 19:24:26  
Thanks, Steelwanger. I'm just glad someone finds it useful. For me, it's been a lot of fun setting it up. It's all coded by hand (no fancy development tools like Dreamweaver or even Kompozer) except for the pull down menus which I found on the 'net (and then modified for this site). In general, I find the developing and coding to be relaxing.
:: 2009/07/03 02:20:30  
not a problem swifty!!! always trying to help...
:: 2009/07/03 01:03:01  
It seems to me that it gets better and better and therefore more useful.
:: 2009/07/03 00:16:07  
Good catch. I had a typo in my redirect after entering a new item. I'm just fixing and uploading now. The nice part is that it did save your entry so you don't need to type it again. Thanks for letting me know.
:: 2009/07/02 22:01:48  
just tried to add another request to the community wish list and got a 404 error when i submitted??? will try again later... just thought that i would mention it!!!
:: 2009/07/02 20:57:48  
Shack, my tokens don't refill until tomorrow. I'll accept it then. Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                   Squall, Thanks for the kind remarks. I just did the coding. A lot of the design suggestions and content have come from others in our little community. I keep saying it's a team effort, and I mean it. As for the index, it's built from extracts from the blog form list pages on the Iconshock site (downloaded daily and parsed into a flat file containing just the header information that's displayed when you do a search). I then use a perl script to parse the flat file each time a uses does a filter search. It's a bit of a "brute force" method that will eventually become too large and cumbersome to work in a timely manner, but I don't have access to the Iconshock message SQL database. Eventually if this is going to be a long term thing, I'll have to dump the information into my own SQL database rather than a flat file, but this way I was able to hack it together quickly.
:: 2009/07/02 09:49:37  
Just out of professional curiosity - the indexes - are they dynamic (reading from actual database) or static (you have copy of database ... updates from time to time maybe)?
:: 2009/07/02 09:36:41  
Wow, Swifty, you did impressive job!!! Before I used only the formater but today started to look around - GOOD JOB!!!
:: 2009/07/02 09:25:12  
Pretty good list JJay :)
:: 2009/07/02 07:54:24  
Swifty, sent you a diamond set @IB ;)
:: 2009/07/02 05:30:18  
Nice links JJay! Thanks for posting. :)
:: 2009/07/01 21:49:29  
ur welcome, i just wanted to share the wealth. Hope ppl check it out... Want icons and now? Check out my extensive link list for artists and library sites:
:: 2009/07/01 17:43:06  
Thanks very much for posting all those links in the favourite links section JJay. Really well done. Your list is really comprehensive and will be of great benefit to everybody. Swifty I was just happy I was able to contribute something. I am still looking into adding more as time allows.
:: 2009/07/01 00:49:37  
Actually, I copied it to the tools list (so it was in both lists). Then somehow we ended up with it posted twice in the favorites list, so I went in and deleted one of them. I think it's okay now.
:: 2009/07/01 00:41:34  
did you move the icon search engine to the tools? cuz i dont remember posting that there...but thats a good place for it. Also u didnt check off the "new n unchecked" title in the icon search engines link under fave links.
:: 2009/07/01 00:33:39  
i shoulda added svizy's site but ill do that later, when i think of another article to write (on the condition he doesnt freeze comments again!)
:: 2009/07/01 00:31:34  
Jjay, so that's why I was finally able to catch up to you... <grin> That is one awesome collection of links! And, yes, I visited every one before I took off the "unchecked" flag. I also took the liberty of copying your ICON SEARCH ENGINE link into the tools section as well as the favorite links section. Hope you don't mind. I see Zandor also snuck in a tools link while you were posting. (Thanks, Zan.) The list isn't too big yet, but as it grows we may need to find a way to make it easier to search. Do you folks think it's worth putting a "category" field in and allowing people to filter by category (and/or by the person posting)? If so, what do you suggest for categories? (Jjay, I think yours is a good stat at a list.) Finally, Jjay, if you have your browser set up to remember your name on forms and such, you don't have to retype your name each time. I just go to that field and hit the down-arrow key and select from the pull-down list. Then again, I'm lazy. <chuckle>
:: 2009/07/01 00:29:53  
ok i finally stopped posting links. Got tired of retyping my name (and very grateful its only 4 letters) and the robot coding. Wasn't sure quite what categories to post for, so i triedto organize it in the title, even tho a few of the links have nothing to do with icons they're really REALLY good links to have in general
:: 2009/06/30 23:40:52  
Jjay, I just checked out some of the sites you listed. Pretty cool! Thanks.
:: 2009/06/30 23:11:06  
No favorite links entered yet. I guess people are shy. Good points on the other suggestions (OS supported and cost). I'll try to set them up on the weekend. Thanks for the input. Together, we're making this a pretty useful little site. Good team effort!
:: 2009/06/30 23:05:11  
ooo and also if its free,free to try, or buy only...
:: 2009/06/30 23:03:11  
some of those tools are also system specific. Is there a way to add a line where the submitter has to pick at least one or more OS systems for easier viewing?
:: 2009/06/30 23:00:02  
i see some recommended tips n tools in the community section, but nothing under favorite links. Were items submitted there and got lost or no ones offered anything yet??
:: 2009/06/30 21:43:01  
The search would be in the titles only, because that's all I've downloaded into my database, but it shouldn't be too difficult to set up. No promises, but I'll see if I can do something with it on the weekend.
:: 2009/06/30 00:26:29  
I would definitely be interested in a search function Swifty :)
:: 2009/06/29 21:57:05  
Hmmmm. They both sound good. And the date limiting could help increase search speeds (not that they are slow now or anything - just looking to the future I guess).
:: 2009/06/29 20:27:02  
Good catch. It was a bug in the code (missing a quote) that I introduced when I added the extra filter criteria. I caught and fixed it in four places, but missed it in one. Thanks. Also, would anybody be interested in being able to search for a word or phrase in the thread title and/or by a range of dates? I've been thinking of adding it to the code, but want to make sure it's something that would be used before I put in the effort. Thanks.
:: 2009/06/29 18:10:06  
Hey Swifty, I just clicked on a blog forum link in the forum searcher thingy, and got a sql target error. You can see the screen grab (or download) here:
:: 2009/06/28 03:40:09  
Once again, good work Swifty. The site is getting better and better everyday. I added some more tools :)
:: 2009/06/28 03:39:38  
You're welcome Sherwood :)
:: 2009/06/27 23:46:26  
Awesome work as always Swifty.
:: 2009/06/27 22:37:14  
Just did some fine tuning to the site. If you're looking through the blog index, you can now select to see only the blog threads or the swap threads (or both) for any or all users. The one search that you can't display is all threads for all users. I've also set it up with a link to the user page if you click on the user name. Also some minor reformatting of the links and wish list pages. If you run into any problems, try doing a refresh first (to reload the javascript files). If you still have problems, please let me know. Thanks.
:: 2009/06/27 02:28:14  
Good to see ya Shack and thanks for the info at IB!
:: 2009/06/27 02:26:33  
No problem Swifty :)
:: 2009/06/26 23:45:16  
Well, I've also set up a "Favorite Links" page on the site where you can enter favorite links that you want to share with the rest of the community. I reused most of the same code as for the "Tool Links" page, so it looks and works pretty much the same way. The "Favorite Links" link can be found under the "Community Info" section. Any other thoughts or suggestions, please let me know.
:: 2009/06/26 23:40:31  
I did a little tweaking to the tool links page to limit the length of the description for each link. The way it was, it looked like it could quickly get out of control. There is a counter that shows you how many characters you have left as you enter the description. I took the liberty of shortening your descriptions a bit, cnshck. Hope that's okay. By the way, some pretty neat tools there.
:: 2009/06/26 01:02:48  
(Only with copy-pasted text it seems)
:: 2009/06/26 00:53:23  
It seems to erase some blank lines between paragraphs.
:: 2009/06/26 00:46:27  
Just posted a link Swifty, it works fine :)
:: 2009/06/25 23:25:25  
will check it out tomorrow Swifty :)
:: 2009/06/25 23:23:34  
Well, thanks to you all for putting this together!
:: 2009/06/25 22:40:47  
Just added another new page to the Community Support site. This one is called "Tools Links" and can be found in the "Tips and Tools" section. It allows you, the users, to post links to your favorite icon-related tools. Please do not post links other than tools, because I'm also working on a general links page for other great icon sites, etc. Please let me know if you run into any trouble with the new page. Thanks.
:: 2009/06/25 20:59:33  
It's a team effort, a2. I may have done the coding and hosting, but a lot of others have contributed to the design with suggestions and feedback, and writing and such. This isn't my site, it's our community's site.
:: 2009/06/25 00:12:21  
Wow! Where have I been that I missed this earlier? Great site Swifty! Thanks for putting in all the work to build it!
:: 2009/06/24 17:42:11  
Thanks @Shack @gswd, I'll spend them for anything you want to send me Shack? @JJay, svizy is in school til today, he'll prolly read it tomorrow...:)
:: 2009/06/24 15:58:26  
Just as an FYI for the IB conversation, the tokens do not roll over. They are "Use or Lose". So Sherwood, if you do not use up your eight, they will become 10 again, not 18.
:: 2009/06/24 15:51:03  
ud figure svixy woulda read that by now...guess not
:: 2009/06/23 11:07:38  
i think we're all for a merger in that form. as for bloggin - svizy's sites actually pretty nice but no ones read my articles so i dont c the point in writing them (cept G but he cant comment cuz somehow commenting is complain to svizz bout it but that'd mean id have to think of another article to write so i wont)
:: 2009/06/23 01:36:40  
And I'd be glad to let you help me out Swifty ^^ JJay, Swifty's site is going to become blog.iconshock #2, maybe we can even compete ! ;)
:: 2009/06/23 00:06:44  
i like zandors version of the rating system as well as th idea of links page. Theres a LOT of other icon sites that are nice, or icon related software or tutorials. Theres media conversion links that will do compression files as well. Would be nice to share my links folder in case it would help someone out.
:: 2009/06/22 22:39:09  
Shack, mine are refilled on the 3rd. If you want to send me a diamond set then, I'd be glad to help you out.                                                                                 Zan, I just got home from a client meeting in another city. Been on the go since 3:00 this morning (it's just about 9:00 PM now), and I plan to have a bite of supper and go to bed. I'll take a look at your new list tomorrow. Thanks.
:: 2009/06/22 13:47:08  
Nothing to worry about Sherwood :) My refill date is on the 2nd of July so maybe we can trade next month. It is impossible to 'save' tokens on IB: you have 10 every month, if you don't spend them before your refill date they're lost forever...
:: 2009/06/22 09:48:39  
ahhh Shack, I signed in to IB and had a few offers for 1 token, so I accepted two, I only have 8 tokens left :( when is your refill date? Mine is July 5th, can I save these eight tokens until I get 10 more? I would definately take a diamond set. sorry I didn't see this before I went to IB. :(
:: 2009/06/22 01:25:17  
Lol Sherwood I was thinking about doing just like you, deleting my Twitter account. Not that I don't like it but it's making me lose time... I guess I'll just leave it like that and check now and then. For IB, would you be interested in getting a diamond set (cost: 10 token outch)? I am trying to reach 10 000 before my refill date and sending diamond sets is the only way I can achieve that. If you want to check what they look like here are the only 3 diamond sets: Amsterdam High Seas / IB Anniversary / PackRat (my favorite is PackRat). If you're ok getting one let me know, I'll send it after work :)
:: 2009/06/21 22:23:40  
You are of course right Swifty it is a lot more trouble and complicated to use the     ESRB ratings as is but we can however use it as a guideline to make a few of our    own since we only require / need to have a general guideline.                                                                                                                                                                                                    VERY YOUNG CHILDREN                                           links are safe for everyone 2 an up. No questionable or inappropriate material.        Think Sesame Street or Teletubbies or Wombles or Sharon, Lois & Bram                                                                                                                                                                                          YOUNG CHILDREN                                               links are safe for everyone 5 and up. Some questionable or inappropriate material.  Think Disney or Pixar animated films Monsters Inc. or Aladdin or Wall-E or UP or     Smurfs or Finding Nemo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  EVERYBODY                                                    Links are safe for everyone 10 and up. Questionable or Dubious material.               Think The Muppets or Ghostbusters or Superheroes or Gremlins or Star Wars or      Star Trek                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       YOUNG ADULT                                                  Links are safe for everyone 14 and up. Questionable or inappropriate material.       Think Harry Potter or Batman or Pirates of the Caribbean or The Lord of the Rings                                                                                                                                                                                   ADULT                                                        Links are safe for everyone 18 and up. Unsuitable or inappropriate material.           Think 300  or Alien Vs. Predator or Nightmare on Elm Street or Kill Bill                                                                                                                                                                                                   MATURE                                                      Links are safe for everyone 21 and up. Unacceptable naughty or indecent or           deplorable or improper unfit material. Think (Dare I say it "PORN")  most first         person shooters video games or most modern horror films.                                                                                                                                                                                                              NOT YET RATED                                                                                                                                                                          These are only just basic guidelines but at least it is a starting point.                     
:: 2009/06/21 21:18:03  
Thanks Shack, I'll take you up on it if there isn't a "How to" on Swiftys support site til then! BTW, I deleted my twitter account, just not for me, didn't use it much and can't understand all the one liners. LOL - ALSO - I have 10 tokens at IB if you want em, send me something a girl would like...hehehe :) c ya....
:: 2009/06/21 18:09:51  
They are Sherwood, I was just wondering which ones you were talking about. If (when) you find IconWorkshop, feel free to ask for tips ;)
:: 2009/06/21 18:02:10  
.hqx and .icns and a few others I can't remember right off hand Shack....are they not Mac?
:: 2009/06/21 15:54:32  
What do you call Mac files Sherwood? Icns files?
:: 2009/06/21 15:30:38  
Shack, I did have Stuffit and didn't like it, so I removed it from my puter, I have IconFX but couldn't make it work for Mac files. I will look for the Axialis Icon Workshop and see what I can find ;-) Thanks for the info...
:: 2009/06/21 14:59:00  
As for IconFX I also removed it long ago when I got Axialis IconWorkshop. You should grab it too, can be found easily...
:: 2009/06/21 14:50:22  
Sherwood, sit files are compressed files (just like zip or rar) for Mac and can only be extracted by Stuffit Deluxe (Smith Micro), the windows version of their program. It's possible to get a free version of it but personally I removed it from my computer because it sucks (doing things you didn't ask for) and I don't like Smith Micro at all. Try to get the program and you'll see what I mean. Best solution: ask a Mac user to extract the files...
:: 2009/06/21 14:01:24  
could you do that with iconfx too? That would be great, like JJay, I can't do sit files?????????
:: 2009/06/21 13:30:51  
I can make some 'how to convert image files with Axialis IconWorkhop' tutorials if they're needed.
:: 2009/06/21 13:28:33  
Lol Swifty ^^
:: 2009/06/21 12:24:16  
It may be easier if we just have some general disclaimer, but all we're doing is providing some links to publicly available information that may be of interest and value to the Iconshock Community, so we may not even need that. The rating system idea works, but it looks like it may be way too complicated to actually get by the legal aspects to implement it. Then who is going to take the responsibility (and potential legal liability) for actually assigning the ratings. I'd be a bit nervous about doing that with a system developed and copyright by someone else. I took a course on copyright law about 5 years ago, and there's a lot to consider. If we're going to have some sort of rating system, it would probably be best if it was something that we developed ourselves. Sorry, Z, I should have thought about that earlier. Too much happening at work lately, and it's starting to affect my participation here. How dare work get in the way of my real life! <grin>
:: 2009/06/21 12:14:39  
Mmm I think the best way would be to submit them to Swifty and he would post them after. The rating system sounds like a good idea Zandor, but maybe a little bit complicated...
:: 2009/06/21 11:55:22  
I have also sent an e-mail to the ESRB to find out if we can indeed use the ratings on your site Swifty. If an when I hear back from them I will let you know.
:: 2009/06/21 11:28:01  
ESRB Materials may only be used or licensed under valid certification mark procedures, licenses or other agreements with ESRB; please consult ESRB web pages or personnel for more information. Otherwise, no ESRB Materials may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way, except that you may download one copy of the ESRB Materials on any single computer for your personal, noncommercial home use only, provided that: (i) you keep intact all copyright and other proprietary notices; (ii) you make no modifications to the ESRB Materials; (iii) you do not use the ESRB Materials in a manner that suggests an association with any of our services; and, (iv) you do not download quantities of the ESRB Materials to a database that can be used to avoid future downloads from the ESRB Site. The use of any ESRB Materials on any other website or computer environment without the express written permission of the ESRB is prohibited.
:: 2009/06/20 12:30:09  
I'll have to think on it awhile Swifty, Your ideas are all good ones....Good Luck getting more participation from the users here, Only a handful are active when they're not swapping and all the convos and gibberish hasn't gotten many noobs involved to date :( You know what they say: "Same old same old" LOL - I'll let you know my thoughts later, k? :)
:: 2009/06/20 10:43:11  
Zandor, thanks for the rating system posting. I'll capture it right away to use in a pop-up when the time is right. If we're going to post it on the web site, we'll need to know if there are any issues with copyright and such. Do you know off hand? Thanks.
:: 2009/06/20 10:18:06  
Sherwood, I was thinking that the links would be items of particular interest to the community, such as ways to convert icons between platforms and icon creation tools, as opposed to general interest links. Maybe I'm off track with that thought? Maybe we would be better served with a general links page? Maybe both? I was also thinking of setting up a section where the users could submit articles like "Converting Icon Formats" or "Uses for Your New Icons". (Like I never thought to use them to customize the folders in Explorer until someone mentioned it in one of the threads.) Each article would be on its own page (with appropriate credits to the author -- I wonder if linking to their profile page would help generate points for them here), and then the pull down menu would lead to an index page. I'm probably not going to start working on any code for at least a week, so as to think it through and decide what would be of the most use to people before wasting time heading down the wrong path. I'd also like to find a way to generate a bit more participation from the rest of the community if possible.
:: 2009/06/20 00:26:17  
                                               EARLY CHILDHOOD                                                                                                                                                                       Titles rated EC (Early Childhood) have content that may be suitable for ages 3        and older. Contains no material that parents would find inappropriate.                                                                                                                                                                                                  EVERYONE                                                                                                                                                                             Titles rated E (Everyone) have content that may be suitable for ages 6 and older.    Titles in this category may contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence           and/or infrequent use of mild language.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         EVERYONE 10+                                                                                                                                                                          Titles rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) have content that may be suitable for     ages 10 and older. Titles in this category may contain more cartoon, fantasy or       mild violence, mild language and/or minimal suggestive themes.                                                                                                                                                                                                             TEEN                                                                                                                                                                                  Titles rated T (Teen) have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older.         Titles in this category may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor,         minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language.                                                                                                                                                                                         MATURE                                                                                                                                                                               Titles rated M (Mature) have content that may be suitable for persons ages 17        and older. Titles in this category may contain intense violence, blood and gore,       sexual content and/or strong language.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ADULTS ONLY                                                                                                                                                                           Titles rated AO (Adults Only) have content that should only be played by persons    18 years and older. Titles in this category may include prolonged scenes of intense  violence and/or graphic sexual content and nudity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         RATING PENDING                                                                                                                                                                        Titles listed as RP (Rating Pending) have been submitted to the ESRB and are          awaiting final rating. (This symbol appears only in advertising prior to a game's       release.)                                                                                                           
:: 2009/06/20 00:20:21  
Swifty could easily solve the problem with using the exact same identical rating system that is currently used for video games! All that is really required is a brief description what the link is or leads to or what in the file.
:: 2009/06/19 21:24:38  
do you really want to post title, description, link, after link after link after link....:)
:: 2009/06/19 21:17:34  
I would have to police it regularly, so my preference would be to have them submitted and then I would post them. Otherwise it could get out of hand, as you say.
:: 2009/06/19 21:00:28  
I love the idea of the "how to" on converting icons,I love the idea about a links page, The only problem I have with the peeps posting links themselves is the content of the link without a description BECAUSE we do have minors as members and some things can get outta control although I think most of our members are pretty good when it comes to silly innuendos but what about the scoundrels? ;-)
:: 2009/06/19 20:14:16  
Following up on Zandor's suggestion about a links page. How do we want it done? I'm thinking perhaps a title and two or three line description / write-up for each link. Is it worth setting it up so that the users can post the information themselves (similar to the wish list page), or send it to me and I add it to the page? Maybe some things are worthy of a brief article and a page of their own (like a "how to" on converting icons). We can do that as well. Any other thoughts or suggestions?
:: 2009/06/19 16:59:55  
and the thread lives on...
:: 2009/06/19 10:14:15  
Lol ^^
:: 2009/06/19 01:12:22  
goober, goofball, pumpkin, peanut, peaches, dollface, crackerjack, sillygoose, smartalec, smartypants, wingnut, take your pick. Frankly i like goobers - remind me of gobstoppers, like a silly candy.
:: 2009/06/19 00:52:26  
(JJay I'm pretty sure Swifty's right, I saw 201 just like Sherwood)(I'm so sorry ;) )
:: 2009/06/18 20:24:16  
The only reason I can think is that you opened the message in a different tab (or window), which wouldn't update the count on the index page unless you refreshed. Bottom line is... I don't really care. You can have message 200 if you want. <chuckle> (Still mumbling to self... "Goober?")
:: 2009/06/18 02:59:20  
if urs said 201, why would mine say 200? Unless your browser counts the origional comment from the thread maker and mine doesn't???
:: 2009/06/18 00:40:49  
Lol I had forgotten I had written that one :) I'd like to confirm I love Swifty but I don't want to add anything to the she-male thing ^^
:: 2009/06/17 23:24:04  
LOL Swifty, Shack will love you for that one :)
:: 2009/06/17 23:12:50  
I think YOU are right Swifty, I read JJays comment and the thread said 201 but I didn't say anything then cuz I didn't want to start another war - LOL - U Goobers! I'll check out the Css and see what goodies you posted! :)
:: 2009/06/17 21:30:55  
And on another note, I just went back and revisited SoozieWoozie's "Girls v Boys" thread and had a great chuckle all over again. Also pulled out another Notable Quote that I've posted on the support site. There's a few other goodies in there (something about She-males comes to mind), but I thought maybe I better leave that one alone. (Jjay, get your mind out of the gutter, 'cause I didn't mean it THAT way. <chuckle>)
:: 2009/06/17 20:33:03  
Goober!? You callin' me Goober? I've been called a lot of things (especially lately), but I think this one's a first. <chuckle> Not only that, I'm pretty sure I'm right. I just counted all of the comments while scrolling through the thread (pretty low-tech solution I know), and I'm 99% sure that mine was 200. Not only that, the blog list showed the count at 201 just before I wrote this. So there! And if I'm wrong and your is the 200th comment, okay by me. And, So there! <grin> (Mumbling and chuckling to myself... Goober?)
:: 2009/06/16 21:56:47  
for all ur genius apparently u cant count. urs was 199, mine is 200. Goober.
:: 2009/06/16 21:36:22  
I think I've already created enough of a flap around here for a while, so it's probably in my best interest to drop the subject. On a lighter note, this is the 200th comment on one thread, which I think sets a new milestone for a thread with an actual conversation. <chuckle>
:: 2009/06/16 10:39:30  
as for bushman i just hope he stops while he's gotten away with it. Thats something people dont understand. You might be able to get away with a little deviant behavior but eventually you get caught. Like showing up late or stealing. But no, they keep going until finally action is taken against them and they're terminated or arrested n they're surprised. Well duh!
:: 2009/06/16 10:20:10  
so then dont mention it. He put it under a nameless thread so that it wouldnt bother the rest of us. IS seems too busy to bother to check it out. So let him be the retard in the corner. Do I get annoyed hearing the same comments every swap? Not really. I skip them entirely. I figure the forums setup or lack thereof breeds lack of creativity. It's difficult to converse, it's set up for the same swaps. Not that there isn't a near infinite different combination of swaps, but its the same sets. How creative can you be talking about the sets?? So if little hopes n congrads breed convos im for it. I just dont read the redundant parts. Look at the earliest pages of the forum. GHOSTTOWN!! its all the same title n ur lucky to see 3 comments on one swap. YAWN! I wouldn't have stuck around to get all the sets back then. I like to think of zan n sherwood as the official welcoming committee. They certainly made me feel at home
:: 2009/06/16 00:53:00  
Swifty that thread you're talking about (BHUSHAN's) is pretty impressive...
:: 2009/06/15 23:05:08  
Well, you can check out BHUSHAN's thread of 2008-11-01, where there's a whole bunch of comments for no reason other than the points. That's one that the IS folks missed, and never deleted (or took back the points). There's a couple of others with some interesting conversations, but again I don't want to fan the flames.
:: 2009/06/15 22:17:02  
oo o i didnt even think of that. Not that i care enough to test it out but if someone starts a new one i will.
:: 2009/06/15 19:47:00  
The side bonus, is that you can easily get into the blank subject messages that don't have a link on the Blog Forum listing. No real need for them anyway, right?
:: 2009/06/15 08:06:28  
Jjay, I take it that it meets with your approval? <grin> Glad you like it.
:: 2009/06/15 00:31:46  
what'd i do now?? Huh?? swifty that's sooo much fun!! N i really REALLY love how i can quickly type the name n it goes right to it, saves lotta time scrolling. GJ man, really fast, really sleak, REALLY comprehensive n so much fun to use!
:: 2009/06/15 00:24:27  
Swifty that Blog Thread Index function you added is absolutely perfect ! :)
:: 2009/06/15 00:20:05  
Lol JJay, you're so evil ^^
:: 2009/06/14 23:49:19  
oo i almost forgot, added bonus. To old users who have come n gone missing, if they get emails when we comment in their posts, we can hunt them down. Imma go find my girls last posts n send them a memo. SOOO EXCITED!
:: 2009/06/14 23:46:47  
dude!! I found my first thread ever in .05 seconds. That was so easy! HAHAHA! Thx swifty, it makes it sooo easy, cuz i keep seeing my avatar here n skimming going i dont remember posting that only to find its reesha or nucta. I can't recognize myself now that i cant post swaps. Used to find em by going through my inbox n sorting by swaps offered to others. THIS IS SO MUCH EASIER!!!
:: 2009/06/14 23:46:08  
omg r u serious?? Imma go check that out!
:: 2009/06/14 19:38:35  
Jjay (and others), I've added another function to the site whereby you can get an index of the blog threads initiated by a selected user. I've set the spider up to update the index daily, which should be sufficient. Have a look when you get a chance, and let me know if this is what you were after.
:: 2009/06/14 10:48:23  
Jjay, I was thinking of allowing people to put up more of a profile on the support site (if they want) as well as allow each user to keep their own notes about the other users. I think I might also be able to put together a list of message threads by originator, and link back to the original message. For that one, I'll have to design a robot to periodically spider the IS site to build the database. I've never programmed one like that before, so it will definitely be a challenge.
:: 2009/06/14 09:58:06  
swifty, here's hoping you get the purchase order, and the contract!
:: 2009/06/13 23:17:28  
huh?? what u working on now? More wish list items or incorporating some of the ideas into expanding the site??
:: 2009/06/12 19:46:12  
Jjay, great posts on the wish lists. Gives me an idea or two to work on to try to fill in some of the gaps. I can't promise anything quickly, but will chip away at it when I have a minute here and there. Thanks.
:: 2009/06/12 19:40:28  
Thanks, all. We'll see on the order. I've made it clear to both her and her boss that I was not impressed. We will be working together on this job (and likely others in the future), and I agree that you have to nip that sort of behavior quickly.
:: 2009/06/12 16:44:28  
I have to agree with JJay on this one Swifty. The changes could have resulted in you loosing the contract. That was very inconsiderate of her and if you don't address the problem right away it will lead to an even worse problem in the future. Please take a moment to speak with her before you continue a business relationship with her. I am glad you were able to recover and "wing" the presentation even though you had to toss out your notes. So I guess you were able to lean enough about the product or at least have a better understanding so you didn't have to rely solely on the notes you made. I hope the Purchase Order comes through for you soon so you will know for certain that you have something in writing or legally binding. Good for you and I hope you can generate even more business contacts from the people you have made the presentation to.
:: 2009/06/12 11:22:37  
k swifty i posted a lotta stuff, some obvious, some not so, but i left some out for other ppl too.
:: 2009/06/12 10:47:56  
Does she know by not notifying you of the changes in advance she set you up to look stupid and blow the presentation?? Is she moronic or controlling? I'm glad you pulled it off or she'd deserve to have her hair pulled out. (Maybe not all but a nice chunk - cuz you can't learn from your mistakes unless you suffer)
:: 2009/06/12 10:36:02  
Wow Swifty! That's great...I am so happy for you, I bet you'll see a purchase order in no time. As for the women who switched everything around, unless she's a boss I would have slapped her one (snicker) but I know you, you may have thought it, but you'd never hit a women. :) I knew you could wing it too, so congrats all te way around. {{{* *}}}
:: 2009/06/11 21:24:16  
Thanks, rbaygirl. If you (or anyone else) has suggestions or "wish list" items for the support site, please let me know. No promises, but I do enjoy a challenge every now and then.
:: 2009/06/11 21:06:37  
It was definitely interesting. When I finished my slides last night, I sent them to a woman from our Vancouver office that was joining me and bringing the laptop and projector. After we're all set up and as I getting ready to start the presentation this morning, she tells me that she edited a couple of the slides, deleted a few, added a few new ones, and changed the order of all the sections. I threw away my speaking notes and as each slide came up, I'd have to look at it to see what it was, and then ad lib. All things considered, it went pretty well. After the presentation (such as it was), we had a really good discussion of the project, and they took us on an insiders tour of their facility. Then we all went out for a late lunch together and had a really good "get to know each other" discussion. All told, they gave us 5 hours of their day (including the company's CFO)! At the end of it all, they asked us to provide a proposal and estimate for them ASAP, and said they would send us a contract for review in the next few days. I still want to see a Purchase Order before I get too excited, but I think we may have pulled it off.
:: 2009/06/11 15:00:52  
site looks good Swifty!
:: 2009/06/11 13:36:22  
Take care Swifty...c ya when you get back, Hope you have a safe flight! I want to hear how everything went for ya! :)
:: 2009/06/11 00:46:29  
I do agree with both you and Sherwood that more feedback from other members would go a long way. Your suggestions for future improvements are something I can only hope they include in any future updates / improvements. Time will tell.
:: 2009/06/11 00:41:19  
Have a safe flight Swifty and an even safer landing. lol
:: 2009/06/10 23:55:32  
I agree that it would be nice to have some of the others participate. I just finished putting my presentation together, and now I'm off to bed. Gotta be up in 4 hours to travel.
:: 2009/06/10 21:45:28  
Swifty! Some real good suggestions there! I'll wait with ya to see if anyone else post some wishes first, I'd like to see some by other peeps not just us regulars. ;)
:: 2009/06/10 21:41:32  
Hi delereum, welcome to IS, I'm sorry but there aren't any Hello Kitty icons here, not yet anyway :( Good-Luck finding some!
:: 2009/06/10 21:36:42  
Any sanrio icons out there?
:: 2009/06/10 20:18:33  
I can think of a couple of others, but I thought I would let the rest of the community have a shot a posting them first. Things like being able to cancel a pending request (and get your swap request credit back against your daily quota), getting your quota back if a request is rejected (although I don't recall ever seeing one), the ability to send private messages to other users, and being able to remove someone from your friends list (although I can understand why people may not be willing to go public with that one <grin>).
:: 2009/06/08 17:54:14  
Swifty, I just checked out the "wish list " Great job! I see Shack covered most of the techy problems we'd like implemented and the only thing on my wish list is MORE I won't post that. Anyway Congrats, it's a beautiful site all the way around!
:: 2009/06/08 14:38:18  
Bump for others to see. Cheers... (^_^)
:: 2009/06/08 10:20:17  
next thing u know there'll be a star icon n a little jimminy chricket
:: 2009/06/08 00:56:45  
Good job Swifty, I posted some wishes there... :)
:: 2009/06/07 14:42:32  
ahh!! I'll have to check it out later, I'm running out of time!
:: 2009/06/07 10:02:46  
Sweeeet! I'll check it out...{{{* *}}}
:: 2009/06/06 23:54:00  
Okay, I finally finished the "Wish List" section of the site. If there's something you'd like to see fixed / changed here, feel free to post it on the wish list at the support site ( That pretty much finishes up the support site development, until you can think of something else we should add.
:: 2009/05/31 12:29:11  
thx swifty :)
:: 2009/05/31 01:57:15  
Swifty, it perfectly addresses my comment. Very good job, once again :)
:: 2009/05/30 19:18:03  
I would indeed appear that you've mastered it. Well done! Just remember that it works pretty well for comments but not so reliable on original messages because the font size and line length are different. And of course I posted your limerick. Definitely worth preserving for posterity.
:: 2009/05/30 16:31:16  
Swifty... got the hang of your formatter. Works great on 'comments' with a little tweaking. You posted my limerick! Thanks. :-)
:: 2009/05/30 16:30:54  
AN ODE TO THE OLD DAYS                                                  by Iconoclast                                                                                                                     What did we do                                                   Before PCs and Macs?                                                  Got out of our chairs,                                                  And out of our shacks.                                                  Went swimming by day,                                                  Played catch at night.                                                                                Watched TV if bored--                                                                       With no end in sight.                                                                                                                                                                Today we live                                                  In Cyberspace.                                                  With colorful icons                                                  And friends with no face.                                                  We sit at our PCs,                                                   We blog and we blog,                                                  Chatting with friends                                                  Many hours we log.                                                                                                                                                            Would really be nice                                                                           To meet virtual friends--                                                                     In person, that is—                                                  More messages we'd send.                                                  For now, be content                                                  With cyber friends galore.                                                  Doesn't anyone write                                                                             Cards or letters any more?
:: 2009/05/30 16:04:06  
Swifty--pretty nice!
:: 2009/05/30 13:10:36  
Found some good example code for pull down menus for web pages, so I've changed the top menu (links) bar on the pages. For some reason IE doesn't properly pad things as it's supposed to in the style sheet, but it still seems to work. It looks just fine in Firefox. How about it shack? Does this adequately address your comment?
:: 2009/05/30 09:29:14  
As it is, the link menu does look sort of unbalanced. Once I get my business month-end stuff out of the way, I'll see if there's something I can do with it. So far I've been coding all of this by hand, but it might be time to start using some site developer tools (like kompozer).
:: 2009/05/30 03:17:40  
@JJay - Thanks for the words of encouragement, I'm sure I'll get to know the new one too ;) @Shack, I think the menu is fine, it leaves Swifty with room for three more add ons if he needs/wants to. I don't think it's hard to read that way.
:: 2009/05/30 01:44:08  
Just one thing: the menus at the top were perfect when there were few of them, now I think they take to much place. Maybe you could reduce the spacing between them (at least to bring 'notable quotes' from the 3rd line to the second line), or group them in 3-4 menus with sub-menus.
:: 2009/05/30 01:31:10  
That's a very good work Swifty. I've been wanting to learn how to create a website for at least 10 years, never had the time... :)
:: 2009/05/30 01:05:25  
I am just fine with how you have used the video links Swifty. You have exceeded all of our expectations with your incredible effort and time dedicated to this little project. I am overjoyed with how really well it has turned out.
:: 2009/05/29 23:37:39  
thats k sherwood, that's what growth is all about, little changes. Baby steps. Until you look behind you and realize the road's really taken some crazy turns back there...
:: 2009/05/29 22:27:25  
Thanks, Z. I just hope it still works correctly. I think it does with the simple tests I ran, but I always manage to miss something the first time through. I know you've been busy so I haven't bothered you, but now that you're back and may have a minute or two, can you please take a look at the Tips section and let me know if you're okay with the way I included the video links? Thanks.
:: 2009/05/29 22:11:21  
I really love the new layout Swifty. Everything looks perfect to me.
:: 2009/05/29 22:06:59  
It should work the same. Just looks a little prettier. Maybe I do care about looks after all. Hmmm...
:: 2009/05/29 21:58:42  
Oh Nooooo and just when I was getting use to the "Old" formatter ;-)
:: 2009/05/29 21:44:09  
I've updated the blog formatting tool on the community support site to make it look like the rest of the site. Had to do a whole bunch of re-coding (because of a sloppy coding error that I didn't catch early enough), so if anyone notices anything that doesn't seem right or just doesn't work, please let me know. Thanks.
:: 2009/05/27 23:27:38  
JJay, I don't know either, but every so often something is said that's so profound (or profoundly silly) that it should be saved for posterity. I'm pretty sure there would be something if we went back and looked at the "super skirts" thread. Probably something in the "profoundly silly" category. <grin>
:: 2009/05/27 22:19:24  
awesome Swifty, just plain awesome...I love iconoclasts little sweet of you to put it under notable quotes....Congrats ic!
:: 2009/05/27 22:07:03  
lol!! i like it! Dunno what else u gonna use for quotes besides that one, but ur off to a good start.
:: 2009/05/27 21:19:39  
Oh yeah, I added another page for "Notable Quotes". What do you folks think?
:: 2009/05/27 21:03:18  
I've included the links to the videos for Tips 2 and 7. When you have a chance, take a look at the tips page and let me know if this looks (and works) okay. If this works for you, I'll update the tips page as the videos are available. Thanks.
:: 2009/05/25 23:18:46  
Works for me. You've got my email address from my reply to your other note.
:: 2009/05/25 23:16:19  
As I complete more videos I will e-mail you the links if that is OK with you Swifty?
:: 2009/05/25 23:00:07  
Here you go for tip 2:
:: 2009/05/25 22:58:54  
Here you go for tip 7:
:: 2009/05/25 22:56:33  
Sounds great to me also Swifty. I am just fine with that. Let's get it done. Thanks so very much for including me Swifty. No other way to list them comes to my mind right now but perhaps some others have some suggestions.
:: 2009/05/25 22:50:30  
Zandor, I was just thinking that if you send me the youtube links that you want for the various tips, I could code the link into the tips themselves. That way someone can read the tip and then call up the video if they want. How does that sound to you? Any other suggestions on how to list them?
:: 2009/05/24 23:44:04  
wow, it works!! I turned mpeg video into animation. It's got no settings on size, speed, or cropping, but if i film really small videos i can make mildly grainy animations. So far i only converted one which is the wake of the ship passing. I have another of a bird keeping pace in flight with the ship that would make a great try another time cuz imma hit the sack now. Thanks for the link, imma play around with it a lot! Specially as it pretty much converts anything to anything else!! Great for some random files i have that i dont know what the heck they are.
:: 2009/05/24 23:43:20  
i dunno, whatever my camera records video in. Tho id have better videos if i remembered to stop turning my camera on its side in the middle of filming...
:: 2009/05/24 16:43:37  
You may need to be more specific on just what kind of video file you are looking to convert JJay. AVI MPG DIVX MP4 MOV H264 RealVideo WMV ect....
:: 2009/05/24 16:42:11  
Here you go JJay:
:: 2009/05/24 16:40:58  
Free and off the top of my head no. But I will look into it for you JJay. Just give me a moment or two. LOL
:: 2009/05/24 16:38:03  
thats really sweet. Dunno quite how u made it but its nice. @askzandor U wouldn't happen to know a good free proggy to easily convert video files into animated gifs?
:: 2009/05/24 16:05:06  
I will now send you an e-mail with the link to download the video also if you so desire.
:: 2009/05/24 16:04:10  
Swifty here is the YouTube link for Tip #7:
:: 2009/05/24 10:05:00  
Thread saved from page 2. That was close ^^
:: 2009/05/23 17:58:20  
what Shack said, Z...doing good! :)
:: 2009/05/23 16:58:11  
Good luck for your videos Zandor, you've done a great job so far :)
:: 2009/05/23 15:47:33  
I am trying my very best to keep the videos to no longer than 2 min in length give or take a couple of seconds. The problem is I also have to allow enough time for the viewer to read the pop up text that also accompany's the video. Plus the position of the mouse means additional takes to achieve the right screen position.
:: 2009/05/23 14:17:13  
Since I am new to using Sony Vegas Video I will have to get back to you on all the capabilities of the software. It is still a learning process for me. Same goes for using Camtasia. I am learning as I go along. I try to record only what is relevant to the tip and not my entire screen so getting the size just right along with the resolution is what I am finding the hardest part right now. I have settled on zooming the screen size to 300% before I even start to record anything at all. From the feedback I received that seems to be the best viewable size to watch the video the only problem is even on my 24 in screen there is still some scrolling involved and mousing around on the screen.
:: 2009/05/23 14:10:34  
Yes that is exactly what I am now using for my screen captures Swifty. Sorry about the late reply but I have been busy with added responsibilities lately. I find that Camtasia works best for screen capture and then save the video and take it into Sony Vegas Video for editing. Cheers... (^_^)
:: 2009/05/23 13:11:01  
Yes Camtasia is a very good app to record anything that happens on your screen.
:: 2009/05/23 10:44:00  
Zandor, I never heard of Camtasia Studio until you mentioned it. Looks to be a screen recording application. Is that what you're using to demonstrate the tips?
:: 2009/05/22 16:26:28  
That he does Shack, LOL...that he does.
:: 2009/05/22 15:31:11  
Sherwood, now he's got a magic link to bump it back on top ;)
:: 2009/05/22 11:26:57  
2 the top so Zan doesn't lose it! :)
:: 2009/05/22 08:09:44  
I will try to get a copy of Tip # 1 later on today uploaded and made avaiable to you Swifty. Cheers... (^_^)
:: 2009/05/22 06:53:30  
Good luck Z...Cnshck, Swifty, great job guys.
:: 2009/05/22 02:12:00  
Bump for others to see. Cheers... (^_^)
:: 2009/05/22 00:39:10  
Swifty I have purchased a copy of Camtasia Studio 6. I am currently experimenting with screen capture abilities of the software. Amazing little tool and made by the same company that makes SnagIt software. It will export to many different video formats. I have already made a demo of tip 1 rough draft and the clip was converted to MP4 format and comes in around 684 KB (700,416 bytes) and is 640 x 480 in screen size formatted automatically for YouTube upload. The software comes ready to use with about 12 preset export settings. Heck one of them is even set for my iPhone! LOL
:: 2009/05/22 00:29:32  
I would be glad to let you know Swifty. The local retailer in my area has it on backorder so I am waiting with a few other people who have also purchased the software. When I get my hands on it I will send you an e-mail.
:: 2009/05/21 21:35:45  
If you're going to be cropping graphics for display on the web site, I suggest no larger than about 700 pixels wide for the larger images, and about half that for smaller images. But keep your originals in case I change my mind. <grin> Might also consider doing a PDF manual for download.
:: 2009/05/21 21:31:31  
Thanks for the tip, but as a commercial software developer myself, I tend to avoid the practice. I may consider it for evaluation purposes, but if Zandor tries it out, I'd be interested in his comments.
:: 2009/05/21 20:13:11  
:: 2009/05/21 20:07:46  
Here it is Zandor, the missing thread! Hope it stays here...
:: 2009/05/21 01:08:11  
Btw I've captured my screen like 20 times to make a traditional tutorial on swapping. Is this tutorial really needed or will all the tutorials be made in video? If it's needed, please Swifty tell me at what size I should crop my pictures (especially width) so that it looks good on the support site.
:: 2009/05/21 00:59:35  
Swifty, go to t.h.e.p.i.r.a.t.e.b.a.y, you'll easily find Sony Vegas Pro 9 there :)
:: 2009/05/20 20:42:55  
Nice video's Zan! Good-Job.
:: 2009/05/20 20:39:21  
I'm almost done with my synopsis, you'll get it soon, for review...having a little trouble with the formatting ;-) as usual!
:: 2009/05/20 19:36:38  
I'm downloading your file now, and will have a look. If you do get a copy of Sony Vegas, I would be interested in your comments. I'm still shopping around.
:: 2009/05/20 07:43:31  
Swifty here is a link to the video if you need it:
:: 2009/05/20 07:38:57  
Swifty I may be getting a copy of Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum Pro for my personal use. I will let you know when and if I have it installed.
:: 2009/05/20 07:38:23  
Time to make another video when I get a chance to.
:: 2009/05/20 07:33:33  
To the top!
:: 2009/05/20 01:42:11  
I won't let this topic to go on the page 2! To the top! ^^
:: 2009/05/19 20:32:15  
I agree with cnshck. Looks good.
:: 2009/05/19 14:17:22  
Demo is just easier to use than my account cnshck. Plus I can now use it to test other video tips out.
:: 2009/05/19 13:38:42  
Lol Zandor, you created an IconShock account just for the video tutorial :) It's funny I was planning to do the same for my 'traditional' tutorial on how to swap, because I can't swap with my account... Fortunately, a new set was released :)
:: 2009/05/19 13:36:25  
Nice job Zandor :)
:: 2009/05/19 13:34:00  
The video is around 2 min in length but it seems to be more viewable / easier to read. The web page was zoomed in to 300%
:: 2009/05/19 13:33:48  
Well done, really nice work!
:: 2009/05/19 13:30:49  
The video is around 18.8 MB in size and is in MPEG format as opposed to the even larger AVI format. I also have a SWF file at around 1.27 MB but when I tried to upload it to YouTube it failed to process the file.
:: 2009/05/19 13:30:00  
Opps sorry about that here is the corrected link:
:: 2009/05/19 13:28:40  
Here you go Swifty as promised a much longer and hopefully better quality video. Tip # 2 T
:: 2009/05/19 12:09:34  
Newcomers should defenetly check it out! To the top with this post! ^^
:: 2009/05/19 11:10:55  
Bump to save from page 2 ^^
:: 2009/05/19 10:20:21  
Zandor, Quick Media Converter ( or PocketDivXEncoder ( are 2 free and efficient programs that can convert videos to a lot of different formats. You should give them a try :)
:: 2009/05/19 09:40:30  
I can also export to MPEG so you may be able to convert it to something more usable?
:: 2009/05/19 09:08:13  
Swifty I have a small but new software program that will allow me to save the screen captuer as SWF = Shockwave Flash at least I hope so I will test it out by making out a new video and I will upload it to both YouTube and provide a link here for you to use. Cheers... (^_^)
:: 2009/05/18 20:26:57  
Thanks for the kind comments, JJay, and welcome back. Sounds like the holiday was a blast. I've only taken a cruise once, but I loved it.
:: 2009/05/18 20:26:12  
bump for swifty
:: 2009/05/18 19:24:34  
ok too long to read down... love the site, clean concise and informative! You do a great job of seeing a need amongst people and providing a solution. The forum formatter, and the support site are proof that your helpful, considerate, and quite capable. Your time, energy, and efforts have not gone unnoticed and are highly appreciated. And yes while the information might not have all been your creation, it was you who made it easily accessible so dont be too modest and stop blushing! *round of applause*
:: 2009/05/18 13:27:27  
well said my friend....But without you it wouldn't be so schweeet! {{{* *}}}
:: 2009/05/18 11:28:36  
Thanks, RockCityGhost, but all I've really done so far is take everybody else's work and organize and format it a bit (and take the credit). How can you tell my real job is in management? <grin> This is really turning into a community project, and all I'm really doing is providing the site and a bit of coordination. I think it's turning into something that we can all be proud of because we all had a hand in it.
:: 2009/05/18 11:06:13  
Nice site Swifty!
:: 2009/05/18 11:01:55  
Thanks, cnshck. As Sherwood pointed out, we need to make sure that the FAQs are coordinated with the tips. I tend to agree with you about a regular sort of instruction manual, but perhaps I'm just "old school". When I see the amount of work to create the videos and the file sizes that we're dealing with, I don't think it's worth the effort for something that a person probably won't look at more than once. This site really is pretty easy to figure out, and most people will only need a little instruction and clarification the first time through. I've always found having a guide that I can follow along while I work on the real site to be the most effective for me, but I also realize that different methods work better for different people. If you're willing to do a standard instruction write-up for one of the tips as an example (before putting in a lot of effort), that would be great. What I envision is that your completed "Iconshock Community Manual" will replace the tips PDF that I have posted for download. Eventually, the tips themselves can be condensed, and refer people to the manual for details on "how" do do something. The manual could cover all of the basics of navigating the site, the tips could provide insights as to "why" to do certain things (along with the spam warnings and such -- again, the "why" factor). The optional stuff (like blog post formatting) could be covered as separate discussion papers. This way the user has one basic "how to" manual with step-by-step instructions and pictures for reference, and a set of tips to guide their actions so hat they get the most out of their participation. Finally, if they want to utilize any of the optional (advanced) topics, they can check them out on an as-required basis. I'm kind of making this up as I go along, so does this make any sense?
:: 2009/05/18 10:58:59  
Not a problem, Svizy. Still a good suggestion and valid feedback. I'd want to confirm that it was okay for the color change with the IS folks before posting it, because it's their copyright material and it's based on their color scheme that uses a white background. I'll have to think about what I can do there.
:: 2009/05/18 10:48:27  
Well, you could save the IconShocks banner and changed the white space into the collor that fits with the website. However I don't know if this is allowed and I'm sorry in advance if I made a bad suggestion.
:: 2009/05/18 10:47:44  
Thanks, Sherwood. As I say, no rush. This whole thing is a work in progress. Also, good comment about the tips and the FAQs being the same. There are a few gaps though. The one that comes to mind immediately is the question about, "If I swap a set with someone else, does that mean I don't have it any more?". It's not really a tip, but it's a question that I had when I was a newbie. Part 11 of the tips should probably not be a tip, but a separate write-up. Newbies (or any other users) can still function just fine without formatted postings. This might be the time to start thinking about organizing the structure and content, before it grows out of control.
:: 2009/05/18 10:40:48  
Thanks for the feedback, Svizy. I don't have any control over the color scheme on the Iconshock link graphic, but maybe I can put a colored border around it or something. Thanks.
:: 2009/05/18 02:45:35  
The more feedback we receive the better the project will turn out. At least in mt opinion anyways.
:: 2009/05/18 02:43:10  
Not a problem about the video Sherwood. It is still a work in progress. I am continuing to work on it though. It is just taking me some time to get it right that's all. No worries. (^_~)
:: 2009/05/18 02:41:47  
Looking forward to it Sherwood. I know what you do will be just great. (^_~)
:: 2009/05/18 02:35:06  
BTW, Great comment from Jp! Congrats swifty!
:: 2009/05/18 02:34:20  
Ok Swifty, gotcha, it will be on your desk in the morning...Oh wait, it is morning, make it afternonn then - LOL! :)
:: 2009/05/18 02:33:29  
I didn't get a chance to look at the video Z, I got company and had to leave the blog...sorry Guess I'll see the second one. ;-)
:: 2009/05/18 02:30:12  
I think I said that earlier about the tips and the newbie questions being one and the same...but if you can find enough FAQ's that aren't the tips then I say go for it...
:: 2009/05/18 01:46:40  
If you are doing a FAQ you may want to submit you finished product to the Iconshock Team/Staff for final approval or direct their attention to Swifty's site for them to review it cnshck. I believe that is a pretty good idea myself just make sure you don't repeat anything we already covered in the TIPS. Not that a little duplication is a bad thing we just wouldn't want it to lead to any confusion for the new members or those looking for the information.
:: 2009/05/18 01:40:52  
Great to have even more input into our little side project we have going on here.
:: 2009/05/18 01:35:32  
Fantastic site! I really like the design of it, specialy the collors you've choosen :D. The only thing that "bothers" me is the hearders advert. You should make it with the same background as the header is istead of the white one, but it's your choice ;)
:: 2009/05/18 01:18:42  
I can also help with traditional tutorials actually, provide the text and edited pictures and then Swifty can create the web pages. Just let me know if it's needed :)
:: 2009/05/18 01:15:56  
Personally I can help with a FAQ section, write the Q/A. I'll create a thread after work so everybody can post questions that maybe I wouldn't have thought of :)
:: 2009/05/18 01:06:41  
Good job guys! :) About the video stuff, I think it's great but is it really worth the time spent (capturing, uploading, finding new editing software, etc)? I mean, everything could be done through traditional tutorials (screen captures + text + little Photoshop editing). Of course if you have time to do it, then it's not a problem.
:: 2009/05/17 23:47:33  
I am so with you on that last comment Swifty. Like I said earlier I am just working with SnagIt 9 software right now so video size is indeed a problem for me. I need better video editing software before I can accomplish anything better with a reduced file size.
:: 2009/05/17 23:31:15  
Sherwood, you got it. A bit of a synopsis about what the community is all about. Something to help people understand what it's all about. Zan, I like the new video clip much better than the first one. We'll have to find a way to shrink the file size though. It certainly didn't steam 30 Megs when I viewed it. JP, thanks for the kind words. I didn't intend to step on you folks' efforts with this little project. Just trying to find a way to make it easier for the newbies to the community. My hope is that, when the time is right, we can migrate all this stuff over to your site, and integrate it into your stuff. No rush. If you see us doing something that you'd rather we didn't, please say so. Similarly, if there's something you'd like us to look at, please let us know. It looks like we have a few dedicated folks in the community that are looking for ways to help. Thanks for letting us.
:: 2009/05/17 23:14:57  
I would also need to add how to check for friends in the clip also but it is a work in progress after all. Be patient with me I am working on it. In due time through trial and error I will master the technique. Cheers... (^_^)
:: 2009/05/17 23:13:19  
Let me know how it is and how it turned out. That little clip was over 30 MB upload. I really need a video editor on this PC. LOL
:: 2009/05/17 22:52:34  
Here is my second effort today Swifty.
:: 2009/05/17 19:23:13  
Wow... Swifty, it´s really great ! a big thanks from Colombia "parcero"... ... parcero = dude :)
:: 2009/05/17 18:34:29  
I gotta see your YouTube many comments on it! Be back shortly, gotta check it out!
:: 2009/05/17 18:32:57  
I think this is a great idea, but what do you think IS will think? I'm sure they are bound to see what's happening here and they may or may not like it. :(
:: 2009/05/17 18:28:14  
Actually Swifty, the tips came about because peeps didn't ask questions and didn't know how to get started. IS has a FAQ section already, but nothing about the community swapping....hence our collection of tips. Had IS just posted the tips we'd be done with this but they didn't. I guess Tips/FAQ's are the same thing, don't you think?
:: 2009/05/17 18:27:10  
I haven't had a chance yet to check out your you tube Z, but I will. Seems like Shack is impressed though so I'll bet it's good. :) Will give my feedback later
:: 2009/05/17 18:25:02  
Thanks for the vote of confidence Z, I'll do my best and then we can add/subtract/what we need to. Swifty, just to make sure I understand, you want a synopsis of what the community is all about..right?
:: 2009/05/17 18:22:23  
wow guys, It will take me all night to read what I missed to see what's going on ;-) Yikes.....I was only away a few hours!
:: 2009/05/17 18:08:52  
Swifty I also read some really good things about CyberLink Power Director 7 Ultra. It is in the same price range and is well worth checking out by the both of us. I may also decide to go that route also with CyberLink. I will have to give it some further thought and research. Cheers... (^_^)
:: 2009/05/17 17:58:56  
The video is made by Sony itself but I am still looking into Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 12 myself.
:: 2009/05/17 17:57:23  
Here is a little link for you Swifty on Sony.
:: 2009/05/17 17:55:22  
Man now I am so excited about this little side project we have ongoing here Swifty. I really like and appreciate the direction it is going and the feedback from the community really helps quite a bit also.
:: 2009/05/17 17:45:56  
I hear you on Tip 11. I'd really hate to try to do that one in a 20 second clip. <chuckle>
:: 2009/05/17 17:32:45  
I know what you mean about the budget. There's no way I can justify writing this stuff off for my company, so the hobby budget takes the hit. I've never looked at Pinnacle. How does it compare?
:: 2009/05/17 17:03:07  
Sorry I missed your earlier post Swifty. I would also agree with you about bandwidth usage by my ISP also Swifty. That is why I uploaded it to those other sites to eliminate my bandwidth usage. I don't want to exceed my monthly limit because then my bill will also increase proportionately. Wow WinMPG really does support quite a lot of different file formats doesn't it Swifty. I can now see why you decided to purchase a copy for your own personal use. Very handy little utility there. We are both of the same mind when it comes to video length Swifty. 20 or 30 seconds is more than long enough with the annotations also added to it. I believe that once we upload the original video to YouTube bandwidth will not be an issue. At least I would hope not anyways. Now we come to the next hurdle to overcome which is not all the Tips can be made into videos by us using our original accounts. Unless we record our own swaps when they release the next new set of icons. I have the entire collection so I am unable to demonstrate just how a swap works using my original account. I guess we could make another account just for demonstrations purposes only to overcome that hurdle. Tip 3 is pretty straight forward and to the point and I see little benefit making a video for that one. Also tip # 4 would require one of us with a complete collection to be recorded. Same with Tip # 5. tip # 6 would also not require a complementary video. Tip # 7 would definitely make for a really great video and may require a longer video length to also accompany the additional annotations. Tip # 8 would also make a fairly good video. Tip # 9 would not really be possible to make a video for plus I believe that the tip itself sums it all up pretty nicely. Tip # 10 would only work when an if they decide to post another voting sticky. I don't even want to think about making a video tip for Tip # 11 Swifty! LOL
:: 2009/05/17 17:02:20  
Thanks for your feedback though everybody. I really appreciate it. Cheers... (^_^)
:: 2009/05/17 16:59:37  
I was just trying to do my own little part Swifty. I believe that Sony Vegas Video is pretty good I was looking into Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 12 myself. Since I am paying out of pocket for the software I have a budget I have to maintain also. LOL
:: 2009/05/17 16:57:04  
This is really starting to turn into a community project where everyone can get involved. Nice to see everybody pulling together. I'm loving it...
:: 2009/05/17 16:52:30  
cnshck, it sounds like you have the start of a FAQ section. That's definitely something we can do, if you think there's merit. Care to start a list of questions?
:: 2009/05/17 16:47:08  
I have the Adobe Premier Elements package here (although I haven't bothered upgrading from Version 4), so I can do some (most or all?) of that if that's what we decide to do. I'm also looking at the Sony Vegas Video package to see if it's worth switching. The Adobe stuff can be a bit of a resource hog.
:: 2009/05/17 16:40:26  
Sorry to say but I don't have that kind of video editing software install on my PC Swifty. I was just trying for a demo video nothing more but I will look into making something better. I just can't promise when I will have it done. But I will notify you by e-mail when it is. Unless someone else completes it first. Cheers... (^_^)
:: 2009/05/17 16:36:45  
I can convert from AVI to darn near anything with a great little (shareware) utility I registered called WinMPG. I also have video editing software, so I can add the text screens and voice overlays if necessary. As for length, it really depends on what you're demonstrating, but 20 to 30 seconds should be good. We'd still have to have you post them on youtube (or wherever), because I think the contract I have with my web host doesn't allow me to do streaming video. We could offer the whole set for download (as AVI files or whatever) from the site, or I could post them on my FTP site. If all else fails, I suppose I could seed them as a torrent, but my ISP doesn't particularly like that. Downloads (if they're not too big) are definitely easier.
:: 2009/05/17 16:27:18  
A good idea, Z, but for me it was a bit too quick, and a bit too small to really see what was going on. What would be really neat (for me) is if you could show a screen with a line of instructions and then then demonstrate that step, alternating back and forth. If it were possible to zoom in on the portion of the screen where you are working, that would be great, and adding voice over instructions during the demo would be the icing on the cake. Sorry, I got carried away with my wish list. <grin>
:: 2009/05/17 16:23:49  
I guess I will have to work on another version of the video but it was my very first attempt. The question is just how long should the video and tips last? The longer the video the larger the file size. I can only save in AVI format right now.
:: 2009/05/17 15:54:26  
This is a bit too fast Zandor (the video should be a bit longer to allow people to read the tips) but apart from that nothing to add, it's good :)
:: 2009/05/17 15:04:47  
I have attenpted to follow your advice cnshck and I have altered the video and added annotations to the video. Man can it be made any more idiot proof? I mean really if one could not follow along with the mouse pointer I have now also added text or at least tried to anyways. If a newbie is still unable to grasp the concept then it is time for them to pack it in so to speak. LOL
:: 2009/05/17 14:56:07  
I will have to look into that feature cnshck. Since this is my very first video uploaded to YouTube. I am still very new to the game when it come to new media and how to apply it to modern web usage. Thanks for the informative tip cnshck. I am just glad the video turned out alright.
:: 2009/05/17 14:49:27  
Looks great Zandor. I think Youtube now allows users to put text tips on the videos, you could maybe use that function to make things clearer :)
:: 2009/05/17 14:45:08  
If you like the video feel free to use it however you like Swifty. I give you my permission to incorporate it however you like. Cheers... (^_^)
:: 2009/05/17 14:44:16  
Please let me know what you think of the idea. Cheers... (^_^)
:: 2009/05/17 14:39:37  
u rock, swifty!
:: 2009/05/17 14:38:21  
Here is the YouTube link I promised you Swifty:
:: 2009/05/17 14:33:46  
I will try to upload the video to YouTube later and post the link here Swifty. Cheers... (^_^)
:: 2009/05/17 11:46:20  
I just had another thought Swifty and that would be to make a short couple of       YouTube videos that could be embedded on your page thus eliminating the need    for step by step instructions with pictures. If I had a webcam connected to my       PC I would make one. But I am hopeful that another member has one to                contribute to the cause. If that doesn't work how about recorded screen video        using Snagit software? Just a thought. I have made a quick sample of what I          am talking about Swifty here is a link to the video.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Let me know what you think of the idea. That is the only way I have to make         video files for the time being.                                                                             
:: 2009/05/17 11:38:22  
The only way to entice SonicBoom back to the blog would be to remove her monitor or keyboard from in front of her at work. LOL Perhaps some well deserved time off would also help her. I would gladly welcome anything at this point to get her back here with us short of kidnapping her! LMBO
:: 2009/05/17 11:29:14  
Swifty I do believe that a step by step with visuals would be the most effective way to present the TIPS for those that are not so technically inclined or those having a problem with the language barrier. Not to make more work for you or anything but just the basics would be more than enough to get them started.
:: 2009/05/17 11:23:09  
I will be more than happy to defer to your writing ability Sherwood. I am more than pleased that you offered and I just know that the rest of the community will be that much better for it. Cheers... (^_^)
:: 2009/05/17 11:22:49  
Maybe a quick tutorial on how to swap would be a good thing. When I first came here it wasn't very clear how to do things. For instance I didn't know if I would lose the sets I used to swap with, if I could use the same set to swap again and again, what happened to the pending swap offers, etc.
:: 2009/05/17 11:13:44  
Sherwood, that would be great! I'm sure that whatever you come up with will be fine, regardless of length. I'd much rather have something concise but useful than something long and rambling that is of no value because nobody will read it. I'm okay with formatting the site and doing the HTML code, but I'm not the best when it comes to writing the content. Depending on what all we want to put there, we may have to think about how we want to structure the site. For example, do we want pull-down menus of links, or a sidebar? Grouping similar content pages, and so on. The "artsy" side of web design. <grin> I wonder if this sort of project would entice SonicBoom back to the community?
:: 2009/05/17 11:08:33  
Just let me know Swifty....Oh, if Zandor has already done it, that's ok too ;-)
:: 2009/05/17 11:01:00  
whatever we can post in one confined space so we don't have to continuously post here in the blog is the goal. The wish list would be nice. I'd be glad to write a narrative on the community for you to approve if you would like me to. It may take me a day though, I am busy this afternoon and couldn't start it until tonight. I have to warn you though it would not be a full page narrative.
:: 2009/05/17 10:50:17  
Is there anything else that's fairly static that we find ourselves posting periodically? Is there anything that we need to expand on in more detail? What ever happened to the "wish list" that was developed a few months ago? Is there any value in developing a site "user manual", showing step-by-step how to do things (with pictures), to augment the tips, which really provide the what and why answers? Again, this may all be stuff that we can eventually migrate to the site. Just some thoughts...
:: 2009/05/17 10:43:49  
Although emphasizing the quality free icons is a good idea, I tend to agree with chshck that a link driving people to the Iconshock site (where they get more information and a much better sales perspective) is the preferred way to go. What I do think might add some value is a narrative of what our community is all about. I could post it on the "Welcome" page instead of the few lines I quickly hacked together, or else we could put it on a page of its' own. Anybody willing to do some writing? Thanks.
:: 2009/05/17 10:29:36  
Mm I think using any copyrighted content (i.e: icon sets), without IconShock Team's authorization could lead to misunderstanding. The lite versions of the icons are already available on the official site, maybe a link would be better...
:: 2009/05/17 09:45:16  
I have also included the link in my posted text below. To also direct members to your site. As to address Dorsafin suggestion I would recommend that if you do decide to host any Iconshock files/icon sets you use the "free/lite" versions not the complete ones members get for joining the community. Just to be on the safe side. Plus it will reduce your bandwidth with having to upload around 20 or MB every time someone decides to download an icon set. As always I just love what you have contributed to our community and really appreciate all your efforts to continue to make this a much better place to be. Thanks my friend. Cheers... (^_^)
:: 2009/05/17 09:43:57  
       WELCOME TO THE ICONSHOCK COMMUNITY....TIPS FOR NEW MEMBERS.                                              ("Beginners = Newbies")                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Welcome to the Iconshock blog. I really hope you enjoy your stay here. Take          some time to read through the first couple of pages to get a feel on how things       work around here and to get a feel of the place. Plus as a bonus you will also          be able to see which members are active and looking for swaps/trades.                  The first couple of pages have the most active members and they are more            likely to swap with you because they check their accounts more often.                   Don't allow you first swap to discourage you because we have all been                   there and have tried to swap with an inactive member before. We look                   forward to seeing you on the blog. Feel free to comment on other                          members posts to build up your points. Always try to have a minimum of 150         points every Friday or whenever they release the new icon sets.                            Good luck with building your icon collection.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 These TIPS can also be found at the link listed below:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             (PART I - 1) HOW TO EARN POINTS:                                                                                                                                                            Click on your name, click on the question mark beside your accumulated                points and it will give you a pop up explaining the point system.                            For instance, log in every day, post on the blog or add comments to                      another member's post and your points will add up quickly.                                   You get 50 points extra every 15 days you're a member.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          (PART II - 2) MAKE FRIENDS:                                                                                                                                                                  To accept a friendship offer, click on your name, click on "My Friends"                    to accept or reject friendship offers. To offer a friendship, click on the person's       name and click the button "Add as Friend" under their name. An offer will go          out to that person who can accept or reject your offer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               (PART III - 3) SWAP, SWAP, SWAP THOSE ICON SETS:                                                                                                                                            You may offer (2) swaps a day but you can accept all of the offers you get             from other people so check your "Mail Inbox" regularly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             (PART IV - 4) NEWBIES:TRADE WITH SENIOR MEMBERS                                                            FOR THE BEST ICON SWAP CHOICES:                                                                                                                                               Save and use your points to purchase the newest sets released                             (newest sets located at the bottom of the Free Icons page).                                  Try and have 150 points minimum on Fridays to "buy" the latest icon                     sets, then offer swaps to "oldies" that have most or all of the icon sets.                  It does not matter if you want/like/need the set.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (PART V - 5) YOU CAN SWAP ONLY FOR SETS YOU DO NOT HAVE.!!                                                                                                                                               Senior members who have all the icon sets cannot swap until new sets come          out. So, Senior members will jump at the chance to swap sets with                        Newbies to complete their collections. Remember to use the newest sets to            swap for the ones you are missing or the sets you want.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (PART VI - 6) MAKE YOUR SWAPS COUNT:                                                                                                                                                      Check outstanding offers on the blog before you waste your 2 swaps for the           day. The same swaps are being offered 3 or 4 times to the same person - but        only one can be accepted - thus the other 3 peeps are out of a swap                      - check, check, check!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (PART VII - 7) HOW TO CHECK FOR ACTIVE MEMBERS.                                                                                                                                     You click on the question mark in the user's profile and look at                              "Daily Entrances." You combine that information along with "Active Days,"             the number of sets he has, and whether he has the latest icon sets or not to          deduce whether he/she is an active Iconshock user.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (PART VIII - 8) HOW TO REQUEST SPECIFIC ICON SET:                                                                                                                                    Post a Request: Click on "Add new message" located just below the page number   (upper left).Give your post a title e.g., 'Magic Sigma style needed' or "Have Magic   Sigma Style, Accepting All Trades.' In the "Message" box add specifically what        set(s) you are looking for ►BE SPECIFIC◄ many designs have both icon and         vector sets, and some have different styles (e.g., sigma style and lumina styles).                                                                                                                            Offer a Swap: Find the list of icon sets and thumbnails on the Community page.     Navigate to the set you want. This will open a new page with that icon set. Click     on the link to swap with a user that already owns the set you want.                                                                 IMPORTANT NOTE:                                                   If you receive some of the set(s) on your list add a comment to your post with       your updated list to avoid duplicate swap offers... duplicate offers cannot be           completed, and this affects both parties. You don't want to see this message:         "The swap cannot be completed, the user already has the icon set you offer."                                                                                                                                                                         (PART IX - 9) SPAMMING:                                                                                                                                                                   Spamming is posting numerous back to back post in a thread, without                   having meaning or pertaining to the conversation at hand to gain points.                There is no time laps or others comments between posts. The original                    poster is getting notified every time you post in their e-mail account and                some may not be able to filter them out. Spamming is not Tolerated here              and spammers will be PENALIZED by the removal of their posts and the                 points they gained from it. If there is not enough points to re-coup in your             account then you will go into minus points. That's not fun. We all know what          it was like starting out and if you follow the tips above you will have very little        trouble getting/obtaining the icon sets you are looking for. We want to keep           a clean family friendly atmosphere here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (PART X - 10) MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT:                                                                                                                                                Just about every week the IconShock staff will place a "sticky note" -- a blog          post that stays near the top of the blog page -- for Community members to vote     on the next set of free icons to be released. If you vote by adding a comment to     the "sticky note" blog post, your vote will count. Otherwise, it will not count.           Please Remember to ► LOG IN ◄ to make your vote count! You must be logged in  for your vote to count and that you may only vote once unless otherwise posted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (PART XI - 11) FORMATTED BLOG FORUM POSTING:                                                                                                                                             The messages and comments posted in the blog forum are automatically stripped   of any HTML codes (between angle brackets) and then formatted as straight text,   ignoring any extra spaces, returns or linefeeds. Most of the time, this is  fine          because the messages are  text and don’t require any special formatting.               This can be a problem, however, if you’re trying to post a formatted list of items,    blank lines between sections (such as these tips), or ASCII Art. By default,             the comments are displayed with an 11px Verdana font in a 480-     pixel wide       table column. A couple of comments on formatting... Although 83 characters per    line is a good starting point, character count isn't critical because the Verdana font  used at  Iconshock is a proportional font, so it depends on what characters             (and how many spaces) are on each line. To save you the trouble of having to        manually experiment when developing a formatted blog comment, a utility for        checking your creation and preparing the necessary code to enter into the              Iconshock comment has been developed. It is available at (See Link Below)            and can be used on-line or downloaded for use locally.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Additional information and instructions are also available at the site. For initial        formatting, try setting the font in your word processor to Verdana 10pt, and a line  length of 5.5 inches (minimum).  Build your message, but don’t use tabs or other   internal formatting tools. Once it looks about right, place a hard return at the end   of each line, and copy the text to the formatting tool. This utility will only validate   blog comments, and not the original message. It is recommended that you put a    small 'tickler' message as your main message and leave the formatted stuff as a     blog comment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   We hope this blog post answers some questions for you...Happy Swapping, and      we will see you on the blog pages! *** Thanks to Sherwood, Swifty, SonicBoom,    Zandor and  Iconoclast for these tips! ***                                                           
:: 2009/05/17 04:07:27  
Well done Swifty! Looks very impressive. If I might, I would recommend adding a free set or two in your display section in case a random stumbler comes across your site, without coming here first. Then they might not think all sets cost, and be intrigued by the freeness. Just a thought. I have no talent at web design and it looks fantastic to me, quite professional.
:: 2009/05/17 02:08:44  
Yes it's awesome Swifty, you did an amazing job :)
:: 2009/05/16 22:57:38  
Check it out peeps, it's awesome! {{{* *}}}

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