What Is Iconshock?

Iconshock is a 8 year old company, with full experience in interface-oriented design. Many companies have trusted us the design and development of their graphic interface elements. We are experts in conceptualizing and creating icons and we understand your needs perfectly. Some of our clients are:

  1. HSBC
  2. Nasa
  3. Bank of america
  4. JP Morgan
  1. IBM
  2. SAP
  3. Symantec
  4. johnson y johnson
  1. Fujitsu
  2. AT&T
  3. and many many more…

Why Iconshock?

We offer the largest icon collection over internet, with near 500.000 unique icons (we don’t include sizes or file types in this estimation, only different and unique icons) with the highest quality and most of them including source files to allow you to make your own changes. All those icons are included in about 200 different collections with different design styles to choose from according to your application GUI. Furthermore our prices are as amazing as our icon design, offering collections from only $49 to our unbeatable $499 Full Subscription 6M, which contains 500.000 different icons with source files, 20.000 thematic icons and 500 logo templates with outstanding 3D design.

What Do I Receive By Buying A Stock?

    By purchasing an Iconshock Stock you’ll receive all the icons labeled in each stock, for example, Real Vista General contains 1370 different icons, this count does not include sizes or file formats, only unique icons. Each single icon is delivered in multiple files and file formats:

  1. Sizes: 256×256, 128×128, 48×48, 32×32, 24×24 and 16×16.
  2. Formats: PNG, GIF, ICO and BMP
  3. Color Depth: WinXP 32 bits, 8 bits (256)
  4. Color states
  5. Normal: normal color
  6. Hot: contrasted colors, useful in rollovers and active buttons
  7. Disabled: gray scale colors, useful in inactive buttons. Useful for Logos, interfaces, splash screens and illustrations. The source files can be (AI or FLA depending on the stock).

Where Can I Find Previous Or Examples Of The Icons?

Please go to www.iconshock.com/professional-icons.php and next to each thumbnail you will find a link to a ZIP file which include both, some sample icons and the full PDF catalog which contains a preview of all the icons delivered in each specific collection. Also in the product page of each stock, you´ll see a preview with some of the icons included.

How The Icons Are Delivered?

hen you purchase the product you can choose either download link or physical shipping. Please note that our entire collection contains 21 dvd´s (and it´s growing, then the physical shipping is the best delivery method), the size of each stock is about 600MB.

  1. Download link: Through an user account given by iconshock, the client will be able to log in to the site and download the product. (For bundles we don´t recommend this option due to the huge size of our collections).
  2. Shipping: We highly recommend using this method, the product will be shipped on DVD’s (the cost can vary depending on the continent you live in), and it will take about 3 to 5 days to arrive. It’s sent using fedex International priority service, which guarantee your products will be delivered on time and intactness.

Where Is The License?

The Icons you purchase from Iconshock are Royalty-free, however the Stocks are constrained by our terms and conditions agreement. Click to read the licenseBasically you can integrate your icons in your application interface, or in your customer´s applications. What you cannot do, is to resell or redistribute the icons as or within a product that could compite directly with us, for example a inside a Clip Art Gallery.

Which Is The Difference Between A Normal Collection And A Vector Collection?

A normal collection contains the bitmap version of the icons with the sizes and formats like PNG, ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP and the vector collection contains the source files of the icons (so you can modify them, change colors, sizes, layers, ect. it can be even expanded to big sizes to printing purposes)

NOTE: not all stocks come with vector sources; you have to look for the word vector or illustrator file above the left corner of the thumbnail in each stock.

What Is A Vectorial File?

It is a file that can be edited and modified using a vector editing software, you can modify its properties such as size, colors, lines, effects, etc. It can be expanded to any size without loosing quality.

What Kind Of Vectorial Files Does Iconshock Work With?

We work with AI, FLA, and EPS.. Upon requirement we can work with any othet filetype you need for custom design projects.

Which Is The Approximate Size For Each Collection?

It can vary between 300 Mb and 1 Gb for the bitmap stocks (each stock). The vectorial stocks can vary between 30Mb to a 1 Gb.

Can I Do An Upgrade Of A Product Or Bundle To Another Product Or Bundle?

Yes, you can do an upgrade from a product to another product; you just have to pay the cost difference between the two products plus a 10 USD fee.

Can I Use The Free Icons In My Projects?

Our free icons can be used in a commercial project. However you would have to add a link to our website and make a state where says that the icons were created by iconshock.com. In a personal project such an application or website it is fine if you need to use them. NOTE: You can Not re-sell the icons as is, and if you want to redistribute the icons in your own website, please contact us to send you a permission.

Can I Use The Stock Icons For A Software That Will Be Sold Later (Or Is Being Sold)?

Yes you can use them in a commercial project; they can be included as buttons, application icons… anyhwere in the interaface of your application. What you can NOT do is to re-sell the icons as is or let other people sell the icons as is, as iconshock is the owner of the license. You cannot sell a product that directly compete with us, for example a set of buttons created using our icons or a within a clip art gallery.

The Quantity Of Icons Named By Your Website Corresponds To Unique Icons Or Does Include The Different Sizes?

It correspond to the unique quantity of icons, it does not include the different sizes, filetypes or color states, the quantity mentioned in the website is the result of summing the unique and different icons contained in each stock.

Are The Free Stocks Included When I Purchase A Product?

With any kind of subscription (only) you will get the access to the whole collection of free icons. For other products or bundles you need to get them through our community.

Can I Buy Single Icons Already Existing In Your Stocks(Pre-Designed)?

Sure you can buy pre-designed icons from our stocks.They cost just $10 USD (bitmap version) and $20 USD (vectorial and itmap version) each.

Can I Modify The Icons Or Logos I Bought From You?

Yes, you are able to change it, If they come with its vector files you can modify them even more, in many ways easily without loosing quality.

When Do I Have To Use 32-Bit Color ( With Alpha Channel) And When 8-Bit (256 Colors) Icons?

  1. 32-Bit (with 8 bits alpha channel) files (PNG and ICO) are high quality files which allow full color, drop shadow, full brightness and transparency.
  2. We recommend using 32-Bit files in your applications in order to keep the full quality of the Icons, Those file types are supported in many development environments and Browsers.
  3. If your Application does not support those file types we recommend using 8-Bit (256 Colours). Our icons are designed so they won’t lose their quality even under 8-Bit

Which File Formats Are Delivered In A Stock?

Iconshock offers a wide range of file formats, sizes and color depths, fully integrates to your web and stand alone applications according to your needs, these formats could change depending on the desired stock, to check out the files contained in each stock, please visit the detailed information

page for that stock.For most of the stocks, these are the files you will find:

  1. Sizes: 256×256, 128×128, 48×48, 32×32, 24×24, 16×16 pixels
  2. File formats: PNG-GIF-BMP-ICO, (Some stocks contains editable and scalable vectorial AI and FLA files)
  3. Color Depth: 32 Bits (with 8 bits alpha) and 8 bits (256 colours)

About 32-Bit PNG With Alpha Channel:

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a file-type which enables full transparencies and drop shadows. PNG is the most recommended file-type for Websites and application integration. Most Web-browsers and development environments support now PNG files:

  1. Windows: Netscape 6, Opera 6, Mozilla 1, FireFox
  2. Mac: Internet Explorer 5, Opera 5, Omniweb 3.1, ICab 1.9, Opera 6 for Linux, WebTV and Sega Dreamcast.

When using 32 bits PNG files with Internet Explorer 6.0 for Windows we strongly recommend converting 32-Bit PNG with alpha channel into non-transparency PNG with your desired BG color by using our icon creator tool

About 8-Bit GIF With Binary Transparency:

GIF is a widely used file-type in website integration and some development environments such as Java AWT.

Since GIF files does not support full transparency (8 bits alpha), we recommend the usage of pastel or light toned colours as Background colour whenever using GIF.

For a better integration when using GIF over a dark background, we recommend transform the PNG files to GIF or non-transparency PNG and apply the background colour needed, you can do that by using our Icon Creator tool.

About 8-Bit GIF With Binary Transparency:

BMP (Bitmap Meta File) is a widely spread file extension used mostly in Windows, particularly in development environments such as Microsoft (R) Visual Studio(R).

Since This File type does not support transparencies we strongly recommend masking the BG colour in your Development Environment.

Matte Colours from BMP included in our Stocks.

Gray, &H00C0C0C0&

Web: #C0C0C0

Another option is tou use our icon creator tool to convert your BMP into a GIF or PNG with the Bg color you want.

About 8-Bit GIF With Binary Transparency:

ICO are Windows Icon Files and are used mainly in application icon assignment, although they are used also in development environments.

In order to obtain the best quality we recommend using 32-Bit .ICO files with Alpha Channel, which allow full transparencies and shades.

For Environments prior to Windows XP we recommend using 8-Bit ICO files with 256 Colours, with the following masking color:

  1. Gray, &H00C0C0C0&
  2. Web: #C0C0C0

Iconshock Icons Integration With Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

(Useful also in Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++ and Visual J#)

In order to integrate the icons in this enviroment, you can use Iconshock’s 24-Bit BMP icons (included in our stocks).

First Select Window Form Components in the Tool Panel.

Then select the Image List Component.

Once the Image List Component has been added to your application you must set the following properties:

  1. Transparency Colour:
  2. Gray: &H00C0C0C0&
  3. Web: #C0C0C0
  4. Color Depth: 24 bits

Then you must assign the image to the ImageList, to do so you must use the icons in 24 Bit BMP format (included in our stocks).

To Add Icons to control objects (Buttons, Text Boxes, Checkboxes, etc) you must use the PNG or GIF files included in our Stocks. Please do not use BMP files for Control Objects.

Iconshock Icons Integration With Microsoft VisualStudio

You can use 24-Bit or 8-Bit BMP icons under VisualSTudio(R) Environment. To do so, you must first add the “Microsoft Windows Common Controls” by right-clicking the general Panel (Right Side) and choosing “Add Component”. This component will insert the ImageList in the Left Panel, once there you can add it to your application and adjust the following properties:

  1. Image: Add the 24-Bit BMP icon that you select from our Stock.
  2. Size: You can select from any of the following: 48×48, 32×32 or 16×16.
  3. Mask /Background Colour:
  4. Gray: &H00C0C0C0&

    Web Palette: #C0C0C0

Then you can Assign the ImageList to your desired Component (Buttons, Navigation Bars, etc).

Iconshock Icons Integration With Borland Delphi

In order to use our Icons under Borland Delphi you must add an ImageList which is located in the Win32 Control Tab.

Once the ImageList has been added you must set the following properties:

  1. Masked Image: True
  2. Color BK:&H00C0C0C0&
  3. Web: #C0C0C0

Then you must add the Image to the ImageList, to do so use the BMP 24-Bit included in our stocks.

Iconshock Icons Integration With Java & Swing

We strongly recommend using PNG with Alpha Transparency files, which are totally supported by this environment.

Iconshock Icons Integration With Java & SWT

Since AWT does not support PNG with Alpha Transparency files, we recommend using GIF files included in our stocks, if you need to change the bg color of your GIF file please use our icon creator tool

How Can I Edit The Icons In .FLA Format?

You need to have the Adobe Flash software in order to edit the file saved as .FLA or SWF. Adobe Flash is a animation and vector editing software, although is a well known Animation software, it’s also a great tool for editing vectorial files, as the vector icons.

How Can I Edit The Icons In .AI?

You need to have the Adobe Illustrator software in order to edit the file saved as .AI. Illustrator is a vectorial editing tool, well known and almost standard in the industry.

Which Is The Best Format To Include The Icons In A Website?

The best format to include the icons in a website is the .PNG format due to its lossless compression algorithm which maintains the original image quality corresponding to a small file size after compression. PNG images supports true colors up to 64 bit, gray scale and indexed colors and also has a manageable alpha channel that allows multiple ways to control image transparency property. Some browsers does not allow transparent PNG, then you can use our icon creator tool to apply a bg color top the PNG.

Which Are The Payment Options?

Iconshock offers a wide variety of Payment Options: – Paypal – Credit-cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Switch and Solo) – Checks – Direct Transfer – Via phone – Via fax

How Can I Purchase Using My Credit Card?

For online Credit Card purchasing please log onto our Collections Page and click BUY IT on your selected Stock. You will be automatically redirected to our safe server. Once the billing clears, you will receive an e-mail and a download link to download your product (if you selected e-mail shipping) or in a few days you will receive a set of DVD’s (if you selected physical shipping).

How Can I Purchase Icons Via Fax?

Log onto our Collections Page and click on BUY IT on the desired Stock or Bundle, at this point you will be redirected to our safe server, where you must click on “I Prefer to Order by Fax” at the bottom of the Page. Your purchase order will show in a printer-friendly version the detailed information on purchasing via FAX.

How Can I Purchase Icons By The Phone?

You just need your Credit Card and our Product and Company ID’s available, you must inform to the shareit representant the complete name and price of the product you want to buy:

Please inform him the Product ID: 300066146

And our Comany ID: 200008750

Our Partner ShareIt has telephone numbers in wide variety of Zones. Detailed contact locations.

  1. USA & Canada toll free: (800) 903-4152
  2. USA: (724) 850-8186
  3. Germany/EU: +49.221.31088.20

You can also receive information via e-mail at sales@shareit.com

Can I Pay With Paypal?

Sure you can pay with paypal through our secure server (which is managed by shareit.com). Once you have filled the form, you will be asked for paytment method, then you will can select paypal.

If I Make A Purchase Choosing The Physical Delivery Can I Still Download The Icons?

Sure, you can have the user and password of your account even if you choose the physical delivery option. In your account you will be able to download the products.

If I Make A Purchase Choosing The E-Mail Or Download Option Can I After Ask For Physical Shipping?

Sure you can, you just have to ask for the shipping charge corresponding for your country and the payment link for the shipping charges will be sent to you.

Which Kind Of Postal Medium Do You Use To Send The Icons In Physical Shipping?

We use FedEx International Priority for all our orders. The product usually takes 3 to 4 days to arrive.

When I Select E-Mail Shipping, Are The Stocks Actually Sent To My E-Mail Address Or I Have To Download Them From Your Website?

No, through the user account given by iconshock, you will be able to log in to the site and download the product you purchased.

How Do You Send The Icons?

When you choose Physical delivery the products are sent in DVD’s sets, but when you choose e-mail delivery, the product has to be downloaded through a link. Hi strongly recommend to ask for phisycal delivery, due to the huge size of each bundle, the entire collection for example has 23 dvd´s !

I Can’t Read The DVD’s Content Or The Zip I Downloaded, What Can I Do?

Some DVD drives may present problems, please try in another computer, and also test using the following method:

  1. Insert DVD
  2. Select ONE .zip file to copy
  3. Copy that file over
  4. Eject DVD
  5. Repeat

If the problem is the zip, you have to use the latest version of winzip or 7zip, it should solve the problem.

I’m Having Problems With My Account Or My Order, What Can I Do?

In this case you just have to contact us at http://www.iconshock.com/contact.php describing the kind of problem you are having, and we will solve it right away. We usually answer the same day.

In the contact form, please include your shareit order number, in order to speed up the solution of your situation.

Why Does It Take So Long To Activate My Download Link?

The main reasons for delays are:

  1. ShaerIt invoice takes about 1 day to arrive to iconshock.
  2. We have to review some of the purchases as unfortunately we receive a lot of fraudulent payments.
  3. Even though we have a system that minimize the delays, we try our best to make the process as quick as possible and some of the activations are automatically made, our system warns us about some payments we need to personally review, before we can activate the client.
  4. The payments our system warns us about are personally reviewed, one by one, during working days.

Sorry about the inconveniences this may cause to you, we have worked a lot to improve this situation, however is hard with that amount of farudulent order nowadays.

What Kind Of Services Do You Offer In Custom Modality?

  1. Custom Design: we offer icon design, either in standard styles such as: Mac, win Xp, vista or original design to match your applications.
  2. Logo Design: We offer corporate image as well as logo design
  3. Interface Design and Splash Screens
  4. Template Design for webs
  5. Illustration, comic and characters

You can check our design work in our portfolio

Which Is The Estimate Time For The Developing Of A Custom Project?

For icons custom design the maximum time of developing is 1 icon per day. The Logo design takes about 2 days to develop. The time can change depending on the project specifications.

Where Can I See Some Examples Of Your Previous Custom Projects?

We have a great portfolio of our custom design projects, we have worked with several companies, and you can see some of our projects in our portfolio

If I Purchase A Collection, For Example Lumina, Stroke, Vista, Etc. Can I Ask For A Custom Design To Match The Styles Later?

Of course you can, you just have to contact us at http://www.iconshock.com/contact/ and we will design your icons or interface elements using neither our own styles, or the custom style of your applications.

How Much Does A Custom Project Cost?

Icons: A single custom icon is $ 70 USD, up to 3 icons the cost is $50 USD each.

2D logos: If you need a custom Logo design 2D like this the cost is $99 USD.

3D Logos (we have two options):

  1. We can customize any Logo you need from our logo template collection. it means we take the image and write the name of your company, your slogan, place the elements and define the typography and colors. It costs $99 USD (including the cost of both logo template and customization).
  2. We can make a complete new logo for you, based on the requirements of your company (Colors, shapes, concept, etc).It costs $149 USD with a 3D aspect like this

Other: For other designs like web templates, splash screens or illustrations, the price will be arranged according to the project specs.

Do You Offer Quantity Discount In Custom Design Modality?

Sure we do, a single custom icon cost $70 USD, thinking in our client’s economy we offer a discount up to 3 icons, and they cost $50 USD each, if you need a large project, we can discuss it.

Do You Deliver Source Files Along With The Custom Projects?

Yes, all the custom projects include the source files if the client require them, depending on the kind of project, we can deliver sources of Adobe Flash (.FLA), Illustrator (.AI), Photshop (.PSD) or other kind of files such as EPS, CRD, etc.

What Files Come With Every Custom Project?

Kind of files and size are previously adjusted with each client (depending on the necessity or requirements for each client). If there are not specific requirements we usually send the following files (for icons):

Sizes: 256×256, 128×128, 48×48, 32×32, 24×24 and 16×16.

Formats: PNG, GIF, ICO and BMP Color Depth: WinXP 32 bits, 8 bits (256)

Color states:

  1. Normal: normal color
  2. Hot: contrasted colors, useful in rollovers and active buttons
  3. Disabled: gray scale colours, useful in inactive buttons. Useful for Logos, interfaces, splash screens and illustrations.

The source files can be (AI, FLA, PSD or other depending on the software the graphic is developed) and the mock-up that usually is delivered in PNG or JPG.

How Is The Process Of The Custom Service Contracting?

The process is actually very easy, the first we make is to collect the information about the project, like the list of the icons needed, as well as style, color, company info, ect. Follow to that we send you the payment link, once the payment has been done, the designer starts the process to develop the icons, as soon as the icons are ready, we send to the client the first mock-up, based in this one the client make the comments or corrections, once the project has been finished and accepted by the client, the final files will be send along with the source files.

What Does “The Logos Has A Non-Exclusive License” Mean?

It means you can buy one Logo template or the whole collection and use them for you company, website, etc. But they won’t be exclusive for you, will be sold to other clients as well. This only applies for our logo templates, for custom logos or icons, your product will be exclusive and you will own the copyrights. We don´t re sell custom products.

What Kind Of File Is Delivered With Each Logo?

The graphics are delivered in .eps, .png and source files (Can be PSD or .AI, depending of each Logo).

I Want To Buy A Logo, But I Want It To Be Exclusive For My Company, What Can I Do?

We offer you custom Logo design services, so you will own the license of the Logo and will be exclusive for you (or your company).

What Is A Full Subscription?

The subscriptions are bundles in which the client receives all the products published in the website (according to the products listed in each type of subscription), furthermore the client receive all the stocks released in the future, during the time of the subscription, which can be 3 to 6 months, please note that in one week we usually release 1 or 2 commercial stocks and other thematic one. It means about 5000 new icons each week !!

If I Buy The Subscription, How Do I Download The New Stocks That Will Be Published?

During this time and through an user account given by iconshock to the user, the client will be able to log in to the site and download the new stocks that has been published.

How Can I Know About The New Released Stocks?

In the main page of our website, we place the last released sets, also you can login to your account and organize the products by date, this way you can find out which stocks were the latest released ones. Iconshock does not send notifications as the released stocks are too many, and we don’t want to overwhelm our clients with so many notification e-mails.

Does The Subscription Contain The Vectorial Files?

Only the “Full Subscription 6 months: All Icons + All Vector + All Logos” includes the vectorial files, along with the logo templates. The actual ones as well as the ones that will be published for both icons and logos.

How Much Does It Cost To Renew The Subscription?

Renew to a Full Subscription 6 months: All Icons + All Vector + All Logos – 249 USD

Renew to a full (6 months) – 229 USD (No logos, no vector files)

Renew to a full (3 months) – 219 USD (No logos, no vector files)

Once My Subscription Has Expired, Can I Renew It For A Discounted Price? , Or Do I Have To Pay Again The Full Price Of The Subscription?

You don’t have to pay the full cost again; we renew the subscription for a great discounted price.

Renew to aFull Subscription 6 months: All Icons + All Vector + All Logos– 249 USD

Renew to a full (6 months) – 229 USD

Renew to a full (3 months) – 219 USD