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1. When do I have to use 32-Bit (Alpha Channel) and when do I have to use 8-Bit (256 Colour) Icons?

32-Bit (with 8 bits alpha channel) files (PNG and ICO) are high quality files which allow full color, drop shadow, full brightness and transparency.
We recommend using 32-Bit files in your applications in order to keep the full quality of the Icons, Those file types are supported in many development environments and Browsers.

If your Application does not support those file types we recommend using 8-Bit (256 Colours).
Our icons are designed so that they won't lose their quality even under 8-Bit Formats.

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2. What file formats are delivered in a Stock?

Iconshock offers a wide range of file formats, sizes and color depths, fully integrable in your web and stand alone applications according to your needs, these formats could change depending on the desired stock, to check out the files contained in each stock, please visit the detailed information page for that stock.

Ussually these are the files you will find:


128X128, 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 16x16 pixels
File formats:
PNG-GIF-BMP-ICO, (Some stocks contains editable and scalable vectorial SWF files)
Color Depth :
32 Bits (with 8 bits alpha) and 8 bits ( 256 colours)

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3. About 32-Bit PNG with Alpha Channel:

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a file-type which enables full transparencies and drop shadows. PNG is the most recommended file-type for Websites and application integration. Most Web-browsers and development environments support now PNG files:
- Windows: Netscape 6, Opera 6, Mozilla 1, FireFox
- Mac: Internet Explorer 5, Opera 5, Omniweb 3.1, ICab 1.9, Opera 6 for Linux, WebTV and Sega Dreamcast.

When using 32 bits PNG files with Internet Explorer for Windows we strongly recommend converting 32-Bit PNG with alpha channel into non-transparency PNG with your desired BG color or use PNG Behaviour from WbEX

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4. About 8-Bit GIF with Binary Transparency:

GIF is a widely used file-type in website integration and some development environments such as Java AWT.
Since GIF files does not support full transparency(8 bits alpha), we recommend the usage of pastel or light toned colours as Background colour whenever using GIF.

We provide GIF files with gray shadow colors.
Color Code #C0C0C0

For a better integration when using GIF over a dark background, we recommend transform the PNG files to GIF or non-transparency PNG and apply the background colour needed.

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5. About 24-Bit BMP:

BMP (Bitmap Meta File) is a widely spread file extension used mostly in Windows, particularly in development environments such as Microsoft (R) Visual Studio(R).
Since This File type does not support transparencies we strongly recommend masking the BG colour in your Development Environment.

Matte Colours from BMP included in our Stocks.
Gray, &H00C0C0C0&
Web: #C0C0C0

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6. About 32-Bit ICO with Alpha Channel and 8-Bit in 256 Colours:

ICO are Windows Icon Files and are used mainly in application icon assignment, although they are used also in development environments.
In order to obtain the best quality we recommend using 32-Bit .ICO files with Alpha Channel, which allow full transparencies and shades.
For Environments prior to Windows XP we recommend using 8-Bit ICO files with 256 Colours, with the following masking color:
Gray, &H00C0C0C0&
Web: #C0C0C0

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7. Iconshock icons integration with Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET®

(Useful also in Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++ and Visual J#)

In order to integrate the icons in this enviroment, you can use Iconshock's 24-Bit BMP icons (included in our stocks).
First Select Window Form Components in the Tool Panel.
Then select the Image List Component.
Once the Image List Component has been added to your application you must set the following properties:

Transparency Colour:
Gray: &H00C0C0C0&
Web: #C0C0C0
Color Depth: 24 bits

Then you must assign the image to the ImageList, to do so you must use the icons in 24 Bit BMP format (included in our stocks).
To Add Icons to control objects (Buttons, Text Boxes, Checkboxes, etc) you must use the PNG or GIF files included in our Stocks. Please do not use BMP files for Control Objects.

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8. Iconshock icons integration with Microsoft® VisualStudio®

You can use 24-Bit or 8-Bit BMP icons under VisualSTudio(R) Environment. To do so, you must first add the "Microsoft Windows Common Controls" by right-clicking the
general Panel (Right Side) and choosing "Add Component". This component will insert the ImageList in the Left Panel, once there you can add it to your application and adjust the following properties:

Image: Add the 24-Bit BMP icon that you select from our Stock.
Size: You can select from any of the following: 48x48, 32x32 or 16x16.
Mask /Background Colour:
Gray: &H00C0C0C0&
Web Palette: #C0C0C0

Then you can Asign the ImageList to your desired Component (Buttons, Navigation Bars, etc).

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9. Iconshock icons integration with Borland Delphi®

In order to use our Icons under Borland Delphi you must add an ImageList which is located in the Win32 Control Tab.
Once the ImageList has been added you must set the following properties:

Masked Image: True
Color BK:&H00C0C0C0&
Web: #C0C0C0

Then you must add the Image to the ImageList, to do so use the BMP 24-Bit included in our stocks.

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10. Iconshock icons integration with Java™ Swing

We strongly recommend using PNG with Alpha Transparency files, which are totally supported by this environment.

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11. Iconshock icons integration with Java™ SWT

Since AWT does not support PNG with Alpha Transparency files, we recommend using GIF files included in our stocks.

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12. Iconshock icons integration in other Environments

The Formats and sizes included in our Stocks will surely work in practically any development environment. If your environment supports PNG with Alpha Channel, we strongly recommend using them, since PNG provides the best quality. Otherwise BMP, ICO or GIF icons will suit you as well.

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