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The biggest bounty of professional icons to be found anywhere, with over 2 million icons, created in 10 years of design work, grouped in 400 stock icon sets, in as much as 30 styles, spanning from flat or material design icon styles to realistic, and including some mobile and/or OS and specific app icon styles. All the icons are vector, pixel perfect, multi sized and created with the utmost care to detail, which includes not only the stock products but the custom solutions as well, for the sake of the customers’ projects.
Pixel perfect design for the small sizes
Vector source files on most sets
A large amount of different styles
Beyond 20 useful industries
Careful one by one design process
Over 10-year long creative experience
Custom projects development
Well positioned customers

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Web Icons Bundle

58 sets - 99759 icons

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Web icons designed and crafted with web use in mind above all, all made simple, clear, eye-catching and compelling for an appealing user interaction with the page in which they are used, all vector and fully editable.

Flat icons

62592 icons

Icon Font

1286 Icons

Social Icons

150 icons

Payment icons

457 icons

Golden icons

51450 icons

Clean icons

17581 icons

... And many more

Mobile Bundle

97 sets - 289896 icons

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Icon sets built according to various mobile OS's GUI rules and guidelines: (iphone, android, ios, windows, material design) following defined sizes, palettes and styles. Since they're made for mobile screens special attention is paid to the pixel perfect aspect of the icons.

Android icons

54451 icons

Iphone icons

84314 icons

Windows icons

46525 icons

Material icons

53050 icons

Outlined icons

27766 icons

... And many more

3D icons, Realistic & Hi-detail

15 sets - 234533 icons

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3D styled Icons with a realistic, high detailed touch, born from the rich graphic nature of the realistic style: figurative, with shadows and highlights, some dim and some glossy, but certainly all of them striking.

Realvista icons

91300 icons

Vista icons

46242 icons

Perspective icons

1370 icons

Brilliant Icons

53323 icons

X-mac Icons

23944 icons

Diamond Icons

18354 icons

... And many more

Software & Application icons

261 sets - 686049 icons

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Icons designed for use in the graphic environment of programs and applications, they are very simple, have a reduced palette, mostly geometric construction and work great in small sizes as well.

Stroke icons

60858 icons

Lumina icons

37682 icons

Beta icons

18350 icons

Office icons

1324 icons

Sigma icons

26086 icons

Sunny Day icons

31009 icons

... And many more