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The biggest collection of Android icons you will find on the internet, divided into multiple categories for easy exploration (medical, multimedia, education, business and many, many more). Make use of the original vector files to modify anything in case you need it and test everything through the freebie downloads.

This Android Icons bundle refers to the Android 4.4 or lesser guidelines,
for the current specifications for Android OS use the Material icons.

Up to Android 4.4

At least six contextual styles (bars, list..)

Several sizes for each style.

Raster effects on vector shapes (saved as png)

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Android 5.0 and later

One Single style (Material design)

One base size optimized to inline display.

Fully vector svg files (exported as png)

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Careful one by one design process
Pixel perfect design for the small sizes
Vector source files on most sets
Sizes ranging from 16 or 24 to 256(+)
Beyond 20 useful industries
Video Production Buy set 4700 icons
Buy set 4700 icons

Project Management Buy set 3075 icons
Buy set 3075 icons

Jobs Buy set 3750 icons
Buy set 3750 icons

Security Buy set 2300 icons
Buy set 2300 icons

Medical Buy set 2675 icons
Buy set 2675 icons

Mail Buy set 1500 icons
Buy set 1500 icons

3D Graphics Buy set 5400 icons
Buy set 5400 icons

Communications Buy set 3775 icons
Buy set 3775 icons

android communications preview
Text Buy set 4100 icons
Buy set 4100 icons

android text preview
Accounting Buy set 3151 icons
Buy set 3151 icons

Education Buy set 2775 icons
Buy set 2775 icons

android icons education launcher preview
Database Buy set 1725 icons
Buy set 1725 icons

Business Buy set 2800 icons
Buy set 2800 icons

Multimedia Buy set 2425 icons
Buy set 2425 icons

android icons multimedia preview
Graphics Buy set 2475 icons
Buy set 2475 icons

android icons graphics preview
Web Design Buy set 2350 icons
Buy set 2350 icons

android icons web design preview
Networking Buy set 2750 icons
Buy set 2750 icons

android icons networking preview
General Buy set 2725 icons
Buy set 2725 icons

android icons general preview
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Full iconShock Bundle

Get all 993310 icons from all
the sets in our bundles

Get all our 993310 icons. Expand

  • . Download all our icons from the icon finder.
  • . 993310 individual icons
    all grouped in 404 sets.
  • . Up to 25 themed industries.
  • . All icons available in png and a source file, whether psd, ai or fla.
  • . 23 addon combinations/icon.
  • . All icons area editable in their respective source file
  • . Sizes ranging from 16 to 512