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Full Special Icons >> Flat icons: More than 3600 icons

Last update on February 3, 2014

Hello Shock followers, it is time for some free icon bounty, for today it’s a softly colored yet vibrant flat-styled iconset comprised of more than 3600 flat icons. (without counting the 3 sizes included) Free for personal use !

Enjoy and please tell us what you think!

flat icons addons 64px flat icons addons 128px

  1. Thanks! Nice simple icons.
    Download free!

  2. Julie - May 15, 2013

    Bummer that I am a new web designer without facebook or twitter accounts.

  3. ellski - May 15, 2013

    Thank you, this is a wonderful set! Love it!

  4. Hi Iconshock, I love your icons and designs but always have problems downloading things when it comes to your social media option. I publish to my facebook and after clicking on the download button nothing happens. it just takes me to this page and no download is made.
    Am I doing something wrong? Please help

  5. Jessica - May 15, 2013

    Amazing Icons!!

  6. Christoph - May 15, 2013

    Is there a commercial option available with even more icons???

  7. Cameron - May 16, 2013

    The URL has been altered, please double check or contact us

  8. wow these are very useful, thanks a lot for sharing mate :)

  9. Thank you for your FREE Flat Icon Awesomeness! Flat Design is trending fast! :)

  10. nice, thanks :)

  11. Robertajs - May 17, 2013

    I sure wish I didn’t have to go through so many steps to download these cool freebies just because I don’t have Facebook!

    But, I still love your goodies! As always – THANKS for sharing your talents.

  12. Many thanks for this icon set. It’s look nice, simple and clean.

    Keep your good work :)

  13. Benji - May 21, 2013

    Hi, I can’t download the icons! It wont download after clicking the “Signup & Download” button and I didn’t get an email with a link.

    • iconShock - June 17, 2013

      please make sure you also check junk email. If not, please try once more.

  14. awesome iconset! I try to make some flat icons for my new project
    Hope I will publish it soon and that this will be as nice as these icons here.

    • iconShock - June 17, 2013

      Thank you for your input. Wish you the best luck with your upcoming project!

  15. Carlos - May 22, 2013


  16. FREE & Can be used for commercial projects!!!!! You guys are awesome! These are some of the flat ui icons i have seen to date. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

  17. Meghan - May 31, 2013

    Unable to download after share on FB or Twitter… please help!

  18. Michela - June 2, 2013

    Hi Iconshock, I love your icons and designs but have problems downloading when it comes to your social media option. I publish to my facebook and after clicking on the download button nothing happens. it just takes me to this page and no download is made.
    Am I doing something wrong? Please help

  19. how do i download? i submitted my email address twice, but haven’t received a link or anything.

    • iconShock - June 13, 2013

      Please check your email inbox (also spam) for the download link

  20. Valerie - July 5, 2013

    What format are these icons? psd, png or ai?

  21. Just what I was looking for. Found in the perfect time. Thanks for sharing them ;)

  22. love it

  23. Valerie - July 17, 2013

    Just downloaded the set. THANKS so much. These are awesome.

  24. Kraymer - July 25, 2013

    I know I’m a little late on this awesome set of icons, but just wanted to say thanks! These are awesome!

    I’ll be stopping by often!

  25. excellent icons!!!!!

  26. Nice works! thank you for sharing

  27. Great! Love them! Thanks for sharing. I add a link on site.

  28. Very nice set of icons, thanks! Btw, what plugin do you use to manage your downloads? Much appreciated.

    • iconShock - August 13, 2013

      Thanks a lot for your support. we recommend you use tweet&getit to manage downloads.

  29. Shell - August 9, 2013

    Very good!
    Thank you very much!

  30. Hello. I want to use these great icons on my demo site for my WordPress theme. Is this allowed? Do I need to buy a license?

    With $19 license, can I have the right to redistribute these icons?


    • iconShock - August 13, 2013

      The $19 license entitles you to use the icons in your commercial projects but the icons cannot be redistributed.

    • iconShock - August 13, 2013

      If your site is commercial then yes, you would need a commercial license. $19 license lets you use the icons in your commercial projects but icons cannot be redistributed.

  31. Leeyo - August 16, 2013

    Thanks! It’s very useful for me !

  32. Hey Nice Stuff!  I Like them all.  Can I use them in my designs?

    • iconShock - August 21, 2013

      You can use them in your personal projects or buy the commercial license if you are interested in using them commercially

  33. These are awesome as usdual,  thank you very much!

  34. juicing - August 23, 2013

    Great Write-Up, Thanks

  35. Am I high? I’ve been going in circles. Nothing will let me download the sample. I get an email that links me to Icon Shock. I track down these icons, try to get the sample and it brings me back here. I swear, I’ve been trying for over an hour.

    • iconShock - September 2, 2013

      Can you try the link using another browser or clearing cache and cookies before attempting the download?

  36. Velomedia - September 15, 2013

    Thanks for some great icons. Love them.

  37. kendall - October 6, 2013

    I am not getting the supposed freebie being offered here. I follow the instructions and the link sent in the email loops me back to the main page where the selection that I want prompts me for my email address all over again

  38. KiwiKev - October 13, 2013

    Thank You very much.

  39. kavaler - November 5, 2013

    These are the great icons! I have a question, though: Is the quantity of icons the same in free and premium packs, or are there some extra icons in the premium?

    • iconShock - November 12, 2013

      Same amount of icons, difference is in the use you can give to icons depending on the license you get.

  40. shadyyx - November 9, 2013

    Hi. I’m looking for special icons for opensource e-commerce project. I am developing an administration theme, that will be paid so I’m looking into premium license, but I’d like to see all of the icons (not just the preview). I love flat icons and flat design thus the theme is also in flat UI. Since I have identified some of the icons in preview to match my idea, I’d like to see whether I could find (at best all) other icons for that design. Is it possible to send me a watermarked preview of all the icons? Thanks.

  41. Thank you very much for these. I love these icons very much.

  42. Cristiano - December 18, 2013

    When I click download nothing happens.. Am I doing something wrong? Please help

  43. Hey guys, can these be used in a commercial theme for android with purchase of the premium license. (I’ve been playing with learning how to do android themes as a first experiment and i just want to use a few in case i can get it to work) Thanks :) 

    • iconShock - December 23, 2013

      If you purchase the premium license, you will be able to use these icons in a commercial theme

  44. Just purchsed the flat icons set ($19).
    After the paypal payment I was redirected to another page with no option to download the purchased items.

    Please take into consideration before paying for download!

    Iconshock, Please advise..

  45. i was registering my email,, why that file not receive to my email ?

  46. colleen - January 11, 2014

    Love these icons, but unable to download. Entered my email, clicked on the link you sent, but when I click on the “Download the Free Set” button, it just asks me for my email address again. Bummer. Hope there’s a fix for this.

  47. Hi, I’ve entered my email addresses (plural) and unable to download. Please help?

  48. Well: “There is not a pending download with this email”
    That’d be all I have to say.
    It happened while trying to dl half of your free sets.

  49. There is clearly a problem with your download process – I am receiving exactly the same error as Jamie above, the download link that is sent to the inbox gives exactly the error Jamie mentions above when clicked!  

    It’s nice of you to offer free icon sets but they are entirely useless if you force people into a system of signing up to your newsletter (so free*) and then using a convoluted download system that doesn’t work.  If you just offered a hard download link then you wouldn’t have these issues (and looking at the history of comments on a lot of your sets, this happens a lot).

    That said, very nice icons, I just hope you reconsider your download options.

  50. Nemens - February 1, 2014

    Hi there, great looking icons… I keep pressing the newsletter sign up and use my correct email address but I haven’t received an email yet. I did it couple of times yesterday and once today. Am I doing something wrong?


    • iconShock - February 3, 2014

      There could be an issue with your email server. please check spam/thrash folders or try with a different email. Thank you.

  51. I’ve bought the premium set but the download link in the password protected area is broken returning: please set your target file $filename on line 2

  52. Hashem - February 6, 2014

    Thanks. This will come in handy for my daughter’s project.

  53. Shanina - February 14, 2014

    Download isn’t working? 

  54. Kenneth - February 23, 2014

    Do you do custom work? And if so how much for each flat icon?

  55. Esteban - February 24, 2014

    Thank you, Brother

  56. Peter - March 5, 2014

    I have just paid $19 USD for the full commercial version of these icons and have no been sent any download link, or icons… after the transaction completely through PayPal, I was sent to IconShocks home page… What the hell is going on and where are my icons?

  57. Kathleen - March 8, 2014

    it does not work ! I shared this for nothing !!!

  58. i cant download anything :(

  59. Does any one of you have bought the premium icon set … please give me a copy … because i dont have a credit card !! PLEASE

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