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A gigantic pack of icons to illustrate all of your iOS applications. These iPhone icons include multiple categories such as jobs, security and medical, as well as other not-so-common ones like food, transportation and accounting. All icons include their original vector source files, apart from PNGs. Finally, test-drive with the free downloads!

Careful one by one design process
Pixel perfect design for the small sizes
Vector source files on most sets
Sizes ranging from 16 or 24 to 256(+)
Beyond 20 useful industries
Iphone animals Buy set 5275 icons
Buy set 5275 icons

Iphone sports Buy set 5850 icons
Buy set 5850 icons

Construction Buy set 4400 icons
Buy set 4400 icons

Food Buy set 6725 icons
Buy set 6725 icons

Transportation Buy set 6350 icons
Buy set 6350 icons

Video Production Buy set 4700 icons
Buy set 4700 icons

Jobs Buy set 3775 icons
Buy set 3775 icons

Project Management Buy set 3075 icons
Buy set 3075 icons

Security Buy set 2300 icons
Buy set 2300 icons

3D Graphics Buy set 5375 icons
Buy set 5375 icons

Medical Buy set 2675 icons
Buy set 2675 icons

iphone medical featured image
Database Buy set 1850 icons
Buy set 1850 icons

Text Buy set 4125 icons
Buy set 4125 icons

Networking Buy set 2750 icons
Buy set 2750 icons

Multimedia Buy set 2475 icons
Buy set 2475 icons

Mail Buy set 1500 icons
Buy set 1500 icons

General Buy set 3264 icons
Buy set 3264 icons

Graphics Buy set 2550 icons
Buy set 2550 icons

Education Buy set 2775 icons
Buy set 2775 icons

Communications Buy set 3775 icons
Buy set 3775 icons

preview communications
Business Buy set 2800 icons
Buy set 2800 icons

Accounting Buy set 3600 icons
Buy set 3600 icons

Web Design Buy set 2350 icons
Buy set 2350 icons

  1. Damn those are great icons. Thank you so much

  2. Wow thank you very much they is really cool packs :) 

  3. Hi
    Any plans on icons for the electric utility sector? for example manhole cover , Utilty Pole etc  I really could use them . 

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  • . Download all our icons from the icon finder.
  • . 993310 individual icons
    all grouped in 404 sets.
  • . Up to 25 themed industries.
  • . All icons available in png and a source file, whether psd, ai or fla.
  • . 23 addon combinations/icon.
  • . All icons area editable in their respective source file
  • . Sizes ranging from 16 to 512