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A follow up on the Material Design Icons concept, based on the basic minimal icons we all know and juiced up with Material's own color palette. These icons respect the same format and size of the original ones and have editable SVG and transparent PNG's as well for your convenience.

Careful one by one design process
Pixel perfect design for the small sizes
Vector source files on most sets
Sizes ranging from 16 or 24 to 256(+)
Beyond 20 useful industries
Material 3d Graphics Buy set 5375 icons
Buy set 5375 icons

Material Video Production Buy set 4650 icons
Buy set 4650 icons

Material Medical icons Buy set 2650 icons
Buy set 2650 icons

Material Project Management Buy set 3050 icons
Buy set 3050 icons

Material jobs Buy set 3475 icons
Buy set 3475 icons

Material Education icons Buy set 2850 icons
Buy set 2850 icons

Material Security icons Buy set 2100 icons
Buy set 2100 icons

Material Database Buy set 1625 icons
Buy set 1625 icons

Material business Buy set 2750 icons
Buy set 2750 icons

Material web design Buy set 2225 icons
Buy set 2225 icons

Material Graphics Buy set 2475 icons
Buy set 2475 icons

Material text Buy set 4075 icons
Buy set 4075 icons

Material Mail Buy set 1525 icons
Buy set 1525 icons

Material communications Buy set 3750 icons
Buy set 3750 icons

Material Multimedia Buy set 2525 icons
Buy set 2525 icons

Material networking Buy set 2650 icons
Buy set 2650 icons

Material accounting Buy set 2725 icons
Buy set 2725 icons

Material general Buy set 2575 icons
Buy set 2575 icons

  1. paket wisata karimunjawa - July 11, 2015

    amazing , i like it, thanks

  2. wisata karimunjawa - August 30, 2015

    very amazing post, i like it

  3. Ivan Tvnz - September 16, 2015

    thanks for sharing the free version! really enjoy the icon :) have a good day

  4. mohsen - January 15, 2016

    nice job. i like it. tnx

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