Mobile Bundle

Get the biggest set of mobile icons ever, 289896 icons ( iPhone, android, windows 10 and many more) in all sizes and following iOS, android and windows guidelines, several industries included.

Windows 10

A massive collection of Windows 10 icons in the monochrome glyph icon style of the notification bar and menu; built with the specifications of the standard Windows interface icons. For icons akin to those of Windows 8 tiles you can use the iPhone icons. all the icons in the Windows 10 pack are vector illustrator files with svg and png formats as well.

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iOS Line

This neatly done Bundle of Line Icons merges geometric simplicity with concept acuracy under the outlined icon style of the iOS7 and higher tab icons, with their selected state in our iOS FIlled style and a colored version in Color Line icons; in five sizes and ai, svg, and png formats. Download the free versions for a glimpse of what we have for you.

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A follow up on the Material Design Icons concept, based on the glyph minimal icons we all know, and juiced up with Material's own color palette.These icons respect the same format and size of the original Material ones and have editable SVG and transparent PNG's as well for your convenience.

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A solid monochrome iPhone Icon pack based on the original iOS6 tab icon assets, which make for versatile solid interface vectors in small sizes as well as big ones, if you need specifically the standard iOS7 and higher icons check iOS Line style and iOS FIlled style.These icons are built considering the original sizes of the original iPhone ones and have transparent PNG's as well as editable vector SVG and AI formats, and psd source files for four pixel-perfect sizes.

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