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Full Special Icons >> Social icons

Last update on August 22, 2013

The most complete social icon set, 150+ social networking sites and icons, 9 sizes, vector icon versions, pixel perfect PSD for smaller sizes, 4 different color versions, and all free !


Normal: 16px


Normal: 24px


Normal: 32px


Normal: 48px


Normal: 64px


Normal: 72px


Normal: 128px


Normal: 256px


Normal: 512px


Hot: 64px


Disabled: 64px


  • plpl

    Belle icone, Grazie

    • iconShock

      You are very welcome

  • Pagio

    The best professional Icons i have seen, thank you guys :)

    • iconShock

      You are very welcome. Enjoy!

  • hannes

    very nice it possible to use them or do i have to buy them?

    • iconShock

      You can use them with a personal license if free, if you buy them, you can use them commercially.

  • http://Www.SISFS.Blog.Ir Saeed

    Thank you.
    Saeed I’m from Iran.

    • iconShock

      You are welcome Saeed.

  • devender

    Can I use theses is my website icons  

    • iconShock

      Only if the use is personal instead of commercial.