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great work. cool stuff. :)

Boris Baldassari
Your icon have added a really pofessional look to my products. As programmers we do not have the skills to add the polish to our work, your icons have made it look wonderful.

Andrew Rennison
I´ve never seen such a complete icon collection. I wonder how many people must work there to create this great collection. In contrast to other collections iconshock icons explain themselfs what they stand for. I like the "BASIC" icon (baby with a laptop ;-) Timo Beyel -

Timo Beyel
After doing a web search for icon design companies, I contracted with IconShock to design six custom icons for a new application that my company is producing. I have to say that I was extremely satisfied with all aspects of working with IconShock. The quality of the work was excellent and the customer service was superb. IconShock was fast, responsive, listened carefully to what was required, and delivered a set of very high quality icons for a very reasonable cost. I will definitely look to IconShock for all of my icon design needs and would not hesitate in highly recommending them to others.

Craig Rosenberg, Sunny Day Software
As a software development company, we have choosen IconShock's icons after very deep search. We have preferred the IconShock icons especially their standart of each icon. You can find each type of icon such as _close, _add, _cancel etc. of each icon. This is really great and helpful to develop software. Thanks for each employee of IconShock

Great icons at a great price.

Tadas Talaikis
There are not so many companies on the Internet that actually deliver what they promise. Iconshock is certainly one of those few. They produce within the agreed timings a high quality product for a very reasonable price. Congratulations!

Pascal Magnus, Magnus Business Solutions
ICONSHOCK offers great quality icons and we strongly suggest you to purchase their collections for it's a fantastic deal!

Nick van Eldijk
Creating a logo that evokes a daring image of the new yet ancient measure of value is a difficult task - making real the vision of a protector of values: the tender protective care of a young mother embracing the Earth, boldly upholding the scales of objective value, ornamented with real gold, showing the fecundity of Mother Nature herself who provides abundance to Man... Lina of Iconshock proved up to the challenge and at an amazing price. We would recommend without hesitation their skills for your project. Best regards,

I was uncertain of which company to use for the icon of my new iPhone app. Several companies quoted ridiculously large sums of money. while others had unimpressive icons in their showcases. When I saw the icons in Iconshock's showcase, I decided to give them a try, and was not disappointed. I got exactly what I wanted - an Icon that projected the spirit of my app -- multiple colors, the use of handwriting, and the fact that it is used to make todo lists. Iconshock is very responsive, and corrected their work thrice on my request. I would highly recommend their work, and will be sure to use them myself in the future.

Creator of the Use Your Handwriting application for the iPhone
After looking around for a slick looking and comprehensive suite of icons for use in our applications, we settled on IconShock simply because they have great looking and wide ranging sets of icons which are fantastic value for money. Nobody else even came close.

Senior Software Developer
Avon Data Systems
great work! a wide range of divers and appealing icons to meet every taste. easy handling, fast and uncomplicated.

Tamara Neskovic
A great thank you from us for the great service. The icons are just what we needed and are really adding a great professional touch to our application.

Maritza van den Heuvel Team Lead: Testing and Documentation STT Trainer
Thank you, the PSD are fantastic and with a lot of levels as they should. You were fast and precise, and the result was really good. I think we share same origins, so "muchas gracias por el trabajo" - maybe I'll need your precious work again in a not-so-far future, so keep up the good work !!!

Luis Dragotto, BITNRG.COM

Ahmad Amin
At Robsoft Systems (, we use IconShock icons in all our software products, both in bespoke systems for large corporates and in our own off-the-shelf products. We love the clear, striking design of the icons and we really appreciate how easy it is to work with IconShock; the support is fast and friendly, the price is really competitive and (most important of all) - the product is great. Highly recommended - one of the best design decisions we ever made!

Robert Uttley
Iconshock has once again managed to create a great logo for us. They made not just one preview, but as many we needed to come to a great result.

Edward Bakker,
Brilliant clear design and perfect for all applications.

Patrick Burston
I have ordered from 4 times, and everytime I leave satisfied.

John Foster
It’s been a really great experience working with Iconshock and I’ve really appreciated the time that you took to ensure that all of the icons were exactly what we were looking for. The icons that we ended up with were brilliant and exactly what we needed to refresh the look of the new version of our software.

David Hickman ,
The staff at Iconshock gave us very good service, and the previews of our logo came rapidly after we gave our inputs. The final outcome of our logo was better than we had initially planned. Thanks

Kenneth Elvestrøm,
Iconshock creates really great stuff. I recommended your site to many business relations. Check my site at

Elmaci Hakan
I found IconShock online and not only were they true to their word but they FAR exceeded my expectations. They were not only excellent at their craft but their customer support was helpful and responsive. I'll definitely recommend them to my colleagues. I'm also planning on using them again myself.

Cliff Goldmacher, Music Producer/Studio Owner
We are very happy to use iconshock package for our sofware solutions.

Jorge Santiago
As the Director of a busy web and graphic design company I was delighted to be able to use the Icons from Iconshock in one of our recent projects. After a fruitless search on the Internet for some professionaly designed icons that were not simply copies of existing ones - I was pleasantly surprised to come across Iconshock and to see the range of high quality icons available.

My experience with Iconshock so far has been exemplary with their customer support being very attentive to my requests for information and the speedy delivery of our subsequent order made our deadlines approachable with ease.

The icons we received were superb in quality and design, reducing our need to "re-invent the wheel" and at the same time placing a truly professional feel to the projects that we have used them for. In a world where its easy to copy - Iconshock have produced a truly original set of icons which my company will use to create projects that gain from the increased visual impact of these icons.

Owen Lees
Director - Cooper Holt Ltd
Icon design by Icon Shock is simply stunning and brilliant - especially, the 3Ds. Most of today's customers need great web design and a quick solution for a rather cheaper price. Icon Shock brings part of the solution to the table - fast and easy for a very reasonable price tag.

Bhaskar Roy
I purchased the complete set and to say I'm impressed would be a major understatement. I had to purchase an extra hard disk to accomodate all the icons and graphics provided. By far the best value anywhere!! The quality is second to none and the selection will never be rivaled. Way to go ICONSHOCK!!!!!

Tim Scheutzow
Our team turned to Iconshock to develop custom icons because of their Windows Vista expertise. Iconshock far exceeded our expectations by producing quality icons in a very short time frame. They were friendly to work with and were receptive to feedback. The overall process was smooth and a great experience for our team. Thank you Iconshock for a job well done!

John Naab, Senior Engineer, Citrix Systems, Inc. offers a superior quality of product and a huge range of icons. With their flexible combined package deals it is affordable too. I am very satisfied each time I order from them.

Oliver Goldsmith
Innovative, creative icons that we will be using in many of our future marketing campaigns. Happy to have found you!

Simon Bishop
The IconShock is the best company in which they can trust when one needs to include in we projects images or icons of high quality.Are undoubtedly the best in this.We in our company only offer our customers quality software and that is why we confident in Iconshock. Gustavo Gonzalez THW.SOLUTIONS

Gustavo Adolfo Gonzalez Alfaya
Iconshock provided us with a magnificent range of icons which saved us countless design hours. Even the delivery to our offices in Africa was efficient. We can only but recommend Iconshock.

Gert Bosman
You are the best ones. I have not seen better quality and professionalism in icons in all the Web and pages that I have visited. OS WILL RECOMMEND TO EVERYBODY.

Alberto Javier Sánchez Peralta
We gave Iconshock an idea and theme and they executed it perfectly. Artistically, it captures exactly what we envisioned. Technically, the colors, shading, and anti-aliasing are all done flawlessly in a variety of file formats and sizes. Their service was fast, professional, and affordable and we will definitely continue to use Iconshock as our company grows.

Russell Froehlich
Dear Iconshock! We are pleased to find your collection of icons since it highly improves our competitiveness. Being a softwer developer it is very important for us to have nice-looking state-of-the-art user interfaces too. By purchasing the complete set of iconshock's icon I am confident that we made a good deal.

Attila K�rp�ti
IconShock has been a tremendous help in helping our company come up with a logo. They took a few simple feedbacks and narrowed it down to what would fit our culture. We are very pleased with the work and the logo they created for us. I would definitely work with them again in the future.

Jin Choi,
Smooth, cool icons designed to very high standards and a professional service provided throughout all correspondence, Highly Recommended.

Lee DeAmoko
Hi, we found iconshock's icons very good looking and suitable for our usage.

Pasi Heikkinen
I was gobmacked when i came across your site. I came looking for one image for our new company and ended up buying quite a few as i couldnt help myself..your images have such depth to them. I had to reevaluate my logo on our original site as when i went back to have a look at it it looked so blah against yours. Thanks so much for making it so easy !!!

Simply Solar
“It was a great experience working with Iconshock. They delivered first quality work, on time, and at a fraction of the cost of my previous vendor. I definitely will use them in my future projects.” NCG Medical

Antonio O. Arias,
We have found Iconshock to have the largest selection of high-quality professional icons for the best prices around.

Gary Hauser
We integrated iconshock's X-Mac icons into our platform and it immediately took the interface to a new level. Not only are iconshock's icons some of the most affordable royalty-free icons you will fine, but also some of the best designed!

-Brenden Mulligan,
I downloaded free art samples from dozens of icon/art sites and used them to sex up some applications we are working on. When it came time to buy the art we selected, I realized we had picked almost all Iconshock art. We now own the big package, and I'm just blown away by the depth and quality of the icons. Steve Miller

Bryan Trussel
Just purchased the Icon's After purchase I waited a week and heard no word, I sent a note in and got back word within Hr's. Will be Useing the Icon's at (Free Classified Ads)

Tony Sorensen
Working with Diana was one of the greatest expirience. She is great on communication with costumers. The design was as i expected from what i have seen on their web site. I am going to use their service on more projects!

Basilis Kanonidis,
Catchy icons and logos at an affordable price, and very speedy customer support.

Amudharajan Dayalan
Your are icons look great :P Congratulation for your work!

Louis Lynch

Marc Faulhaber
Biztec Solutions ( really very happy after see your icon�s design and clarity. IconShock is cost effective as well as attractive icons compare to other icon supplier.

Great service, great price - the icons are perfect for almost every
circumstance, and in those few situations where there isn't a perfect
icon already included - they can be combined or custom designed in the
same style - many thanks from

Ali Watters
No other company out there can offer you higher quality icons at a more competitive rate, guaranteed! I've been satisfied customer for more than a year, and I just ordered their Full Subscription for 6 Months! Money well worth investing! Client for life! :-) Louis van Wyk - I LOVE 2

Louis van Wyk
These icons rock. You can search the web for hours (and inadvertenly hit a bunch or porn sites and get a bunch of malware) or you can just purchase these.

Don Kolva
Thank you for sending the final edition of the custom icon that you designed for me. The icon you designed for me is beautiful, exactly what I had in mind. Thank you for making the extra effort to ensure that I was satisfied.

Michael Niklas, Triumph Software
The most comprehensive, stylish icon sets available. After purchasing the entire Iconshock collection I couldn't be happier. Brilliant quality, unbelievable variety. Highly recommended.

Michael Gillespie
Very stylish designs with good colour depth and contrast.

Lawrence Wagerfield
In very long search after high quality looking icons for our Vision.To CMS (Content Management System) product, we have bought already many icon collections but still was not satisfied until we finally found

Femi Hasani
I think the icons are clean and bright, just what we are looking for.

Joseph Alessi
Price matters to me a lot, and while there are cheaper icon sets on the web, this is definitely the best deal price vs. value.

Goran Burcevski
The icon collections from IconShock have brought a professional look to our software. Using IconShock's custom logo design, we were impressed by fast delivery with great result. Both at such a low cost, it feels like we were robbing them.

Tore Olav Kristiansen Senior Software Architect,
The icons here in ICONSHOCK are real classy for any site / portal. We use it our development projects that we undertake. Our site :

Sanuja Vibin we had to find appropriate icons for our web site on Google. The website provides, in our view, the most professional and comprehensive Icon collection on the Internet. Since we have several categories from more icons have fallen, we have all just bought. The settlement on the site was very easy, the support - despite the distance and time difference absolute top class. The downloadable zip files are divided into categories-a preview is available, all in all, the perfection of the icons continued.

Christoph Hempelmann CEO of
Iconshock did a wonderful job with our requests. We were quite pleased with thier prompt service and quality work. If you're looking for professional icons and logos at an affordable price than I would definately recommend using thier services. Thank you!

Kirk V.
Some really great icons, customer service is also awesome!

Brian Taber
You guys have done a tremendous job! Your icon collections are simply amazing and without a doubt the best in the market.
Our company setout to develop an innovative yet simple to use product and your icons have made it a pleasure to work with.
Your work is inspiring us to make our product even better and for that we are grateful.

AccountsTech Solutions
These icons are fantastic. It has made the developement of our website toolbars and other UI features uniform and professional

Lee Zieben
Great icons and very fast delivery ! Custom design corresponds exactly with the proposed ideas

Joeri Bossuyt
The standard of quality for our websites is very high and creating icons on our own is very time consuming. Iconshock provides some of the best predesigned icons on the net. Their icon packs integrate perfectly with our web authoring tools. They save us time and enhance the overall look of our designs. Thanks Iconshock

Eric Melillo
These icons are the exact clean, professional look that I wanted to add to my and website. Kudos to!!!

Jana Parker
IconShock have consistently exceeded my expectations with the quality, price and friendliness of their service. The custom design service was able to take my vague spec and produce exactly what I wanted in an astonishing small amount of time. We will certainly be using them for all our future icon needs.

Jonathan Starr
Over here at we're very happy with the icons purchased from you guys! We didn't want freeware icons because everyone else uses them but rather we were looking for a more unique, complete collection and this one suited our needs just fine. Thanks.

Nicolai Birch
Our experience working with Iconshock. It is not the first time we ordered custom designed icons with Iconshock. Our first experience was very positive and that creates confidence. The icons we have received now, they meet our expectations.

Maggy Van der Meulen,
Congratulations! the best icons that we find.

Eduardo Fachel
Excellent icons - the vector bundle is a good deal. Good response time from ordering to download.

Scott Royston
Thx for your service. Its beyond expectations. The quality of the logo is more then I expected and what I like about ur service is that I asked so much and actually got everything I asked for. I will certainly recommend your company to everybody who is interested in obtaining a logo. Thx again and whenever I need another logo I will come back to you.

Evert Jakobs ,
Yo will not find better quality anywhere on the internet. Firts Class. A++++

Anthony McDermott
Fantastic value for the price, hundreds of thousands of high quality, professional looking icons for a very reasonable price. Very satisfied!

Philip Reed
Professional Icons at its highest level

Audreyn Justus
Working with Iconshock has been an absolute dream -- aside from having the most substantional set of stock icons, their ability to produce customized icons is first class and second to none. We had originally intended to use simple stock icons until we had produced our application -- however I think we'd have a hard-time producing anything better, I whole heartedly recommend with Iconshock, especially with Diana, the project assistant who helps you through the process of creating and approving, cost effective customized icons.

Karl De Abrew CEO Debenu Pty. Ltd.
I must say that everything was great. I didn't know what logo I wanted, I tried to explain only ideas and you've found exactly the logo I needed. So I must congratulate the designers.

Victor Cases, Experts Town
I think of icons as jewelry for websites. And is a great, if not the best, provider of diamonds. The service is great and the icons well I think you get my point... I highly recommend it!

Diego de la Vina haben wir auf der Suche nach passenden Icons zu unseren Webseiten über Google gefunden.Die Webseite bietet aus unserer Sicht die professionellste und umfangreichste Icon Sammlung im Internet.Da uns aus diversen Kategorien mehrere Icons gefallen haben, haben wir einfach alle gekauft.Die Abwicklung über die Webseite war denkbar einfach, der Support - trotz der Entfernung und Zeitverschiebung absolute Spitzenklasse. Die Heruntladbaren Zip Files sind in Kategorien aufgeteilt- eine Vorschau ist vorhanden, alles in allem wird hier die perfektion der Icons fortgeführt.

Christoph Hempelmann CEO of
Excellent icons, very complete and really nice to look at! Also very usable in web applications.

Martin de Ruiter
Isometric design has always been a favorite graphic style of mine and there aren't many GOOD icon collections done in this style. I was very happy to find the STROKE Graphics collection from Iconshock and look forward to using them as a part of my graphic and media design website. Thank You! Lynda Halley

Lynda Halley
Fantastic quality icons - this is the third time I've purchased sets of icons from IconShock - they make my software and my Process Clarity website look polished and professional. Many thanks!

Jason Jantzi
Some of the most stunning icon sets we've seen -

Trisha Haywood
The icons are very professional, clean and nice looking.

Albert Ho
I was deeply impressed with the quality and modern looks of the Vista icons Iconshock could provide us with."

Maurice Tijhuis
Prisma is an elegant and intuitive icon collection with good quality and performance for any application or system! I had an application with other icon's theme: when i change to Prisma i recognice a best work and my application too.

Miguel Gancedo Fuentes
We’ve used Iconshock on multiple projects and have always been very pleased with their work. The graphics look sharp and professional with all the little details done right. The service is prompt. And the price makes it a great value for big and small projects alike. I highly recommend Iconshock.

Russell Froehlich C O M P A N Y 4 3
The icons are very attractive and the wide selection of styles allows me to target XP, Vista, or Mac users with a style native to their platform.

Josh Einstein
They are exactly what we need for our application! :) We are really impressed with the quality! Thanks for such great service!

Ihar Dasuzhau
Very nice product. I am impressed by the wide variety of professional and USEFUL icons provided. The images are also well-named, making them much easier to use

Scott Roberts
Icon Shock has an amazing library of stock icons that have really jazzed up our website. We are also taking advantage of their custom icon service which is very impressive. Great customer support and very reasonable pricing make the best icon provider I�ve seen!

Amanda Cornelius
Properties Online, LLC
Creo que son de alta calidad y sobretodo de gran versatilidad, adaptandose a una gran variedad de proyectos

Pedro Hueso Iglesias
Iconshock was great to work with. The process was straight forward. They gave me a couple of drafts, asked for feedback, followed by two revisions. I would recommend them for your custom icon needs.

Nasser Gaemi - CEO, BigDates Solutions
Great range of icons. I like the way they are systematically labelled. It makes them easier to use in an application.

Susan McNab
I love your icon. They are very professional.

phongdech kraisriphop
Real good and fine icons. Thomas Blumenschein Projectmanagement Solution

Thomas Blumenschein
Your icons are professional, colorful and best of all - fun!

John Messinger
These icons are fantastic. It has made the developement of our website toolbars and other UI features uniform and professional

Lee Zieben
Long time we looked for a reliable and competent partner for the software icon design. With Iconshock we found it! Fresh ideas, professional consultation and great icons. Thanks Iconshock!

Vitaliy Zheltov, AutoradarX Software GmbH
I am very pleased with the selection of icons. We only ordered a few days ago and cant wait to start working with the new icons.

Chris Steenkamp
Smooth clear icons that cover all aspects. We can find pretty much any icon we need in here.

Eric Renken
IconShock icons provided us the look and feel we wanted to develop into our upcoming game, Similis Deluxe! We're very pleased with the quality and variety of icons available!

If you need quality icons, go Iconshock with no hesitation! We needed a set of 12 custom icons, Iconshock delivered it at a record time. Their designers are skilled, fast, understanding, and respect the requirements. The customer support is amazing as well, Lina who handled our project did an amazing job communicating our requirements to the designers. We got exactly what we were hoping for, and all at a very reasonable price. My next icons will go through them, they now have my full trust.

Franck Tetard, co-found of Localnext
With the Iconshock iconsets we were able to create an attractive and consistent GUI!

Bob van Dam
I've only downloaded One single set of General Icons and I'm already looking forward to purchase my next set!!! Very Exciting Stuff! Thanks fellas, you've given me a fun identity!!!

Fadi Aboualfa
Very nice icons and graphics for our softwares ! Good prices, kind and very reactive team ! A best !

Remi Mevaere
We would like to say a huge thank you for your professional and extremely efficient service. We have had a working relationship for over a year now, Iconshock being the license provider for the graphics used in our Mind Mapping Application "MyThoughts for Mac" and your help and support has been greatly valued. We are continually impressed with level of service we receive, especially in relation to our recent need for custom Icons. The quality and ease of communication, the interpretation of our design brief and the speed at which the Icons were produced. It would be hard to ask for much more. So, thank you very much. You can be assured of our loyal custom in the future.

Susanne Edwards, Commercial Director Mode de Vie Limited UK,
The icons look good and should speed the development of our new product by allowing us to focus on what we do best.

Richard Conway
Iconshock was very professional and quick in their delivery. You can not beat the custom design for the money. They were responsive to questions and changes. I would do business with them again.

Steve Shepherd, S&D Development
We are very happy with the full subscription 6 months for $459. Your icons collections are super awesome and totally worth the money. Totally recommended,

Tasaporn Yaoyuenyong
I purchased the Full Subscription a few months ago. The sheer number of icons, the overall quality and selection, and the value received is, by far, the best I came across after extensive research.

Adil Khan
It's been a nice experience working with and I could recommend their services to anyone who needs a logo. The quality of logo is good and the customer service is friendly, informative and communicate very well.

Petri Björkman, Creative Dimension
Iconshock was an absolute pleasure to work with on our logos! They are extremely patient, and were happy to revise our logo until we were 100% happy with the result! Our 3_D logos make other companie's logos look boring and out-of-date. And using the 3_D logo at the beginning of Powerpoint presentations really looks impressive. I HIGHLY recommend using Iconshock (unless you are one of our competitors, in which case I hope you keep using your old logo! :)

Rob B., Midori Engineering
I searched alot for icons and found that icon stock had the best icons for me at a reasonable cost! They were quick in delivering them to me via email and I look forward to using their icons in the future for my website

Angela Law
Thanks for for all the wonderful work on my new company logo. It was a pleasure working with the entire staff. My continuous changes and indecision were met with new ideas, encouragement and professional solutions which I appreciate.

Terry Shipp MonumentPro, Inc.
Our company purchased an extensice library of icons from Iconshock, and we are very pleased with the quality and value for money.

John Hemans
For the last 2 years, Icon Shock has been the only company I have gone to for my icons and will be the only company I go to in the future. The staff at Icon Shock has consistently delivered quality icons and logos for my business quickly at affordable prices. I rely on them to help me deliver a professional and polished look to all of my applications. Hands down, the staff at Icon Shock are the best in the business.

Brian Severa,
High-quality icons with several styles to choose from. Being able to purchase the vector images to modify them slightly is a huge plus. Thanks!

Max Barfuss
We wanted to upgrade our product by introducing a new user interface. By using iconshock as our provider we got sets of very fine, usefull icons, instantly upgrading our products.

Thomas Timmers
Interactive Studios
In very long search after high quality looking icons for our Vision.To CMS (Content Management System) product, we have bought already many icon collections but still was not satisfied until we finally found want to thank you for your high quality icons, we have no need to search for icons any longer.

Vision.To Design
The sheer number and overall quality of these icons is staggering. I can not believe the value your company provides. Incredible!

Christopher Prindle Emerson
Iconshock saved us time and money when updating Thank you!

Daniel Reynolds
We bought (a couple of years ago) the \"complete\" icon set from you to be used in our web designs and java programs and we are delighted with them; not only the quality is superb, it\'s easy to include them in our projects. Thanks a lot!

Jorge Perez ARPASA Proteccion Catodica S.A. de C.V.
Your icons are so beautiful. Integration in our application is perfect. Regards.

After spending several hours searching for the best possible icon set I found myself coming back to your site in the end. By far the best looking icons available and with the vector files availabel too. There is infinite possibilities! Kudos to you and your team!!

Michael Deal
As for many other things in real live, the first look is bery impotant. I think, with our choice for IconShock icons, we don't have to be afraid for that...

Kristian Verwold
Fantastic service provided, great pricing on the icons and really high quality to match. Best icon site i have come across. Will be using them on to improve our look and feel.

Christopher Beck

Mark Hale
I needed the icons for the SelfADSI Tutorial ( I searched a lot before for good icon collections - Iconshock just have the best ones! Good service - i highly recommend it. Philipp Foeckeler Application Developer

Philipp F�ckeler
Iconshock icons are the best out there! The quality is fantastic and the prices are very reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone in need of high quality icons!

Laura Meyer
All I needed for my application was some professional icons, but now I founded. Many thanks to IconShock !

Dan Dobre
“Have been working with the fantastic designers at Iconshock over the last few weeks to produce a custom cartoon image from a photo I supplied of myself, all communications with them have been answered quickly and politely, and the design process works extremely well, with regular updates from the designers and preview images provided at each stage to make sure I am happy with the design. The final image they created is simply brilliant and I would highly recommend them to anyone else looking for custom designs or high quality icons and graphics”

Darren Rose –
IconShock has some fantastic collections of high-resolution, high-quality icons. We are using their Real Vista and Super Vista bundles, and we are very pleased with the glossiness and realism of the icons. Diana Garcia was our Customer Service manager, and I have to say that she is among one of the best customer service representatives I have ever worked with. She was always very prompt with her correspondence, and she and IconShock went out of their way to make sure we were completely satisfied with their icons. We would definitely do business again. John Moss, Sr. Programmer Academic Technologies / SOLE West Virginia University

Amir Ramezan
We went through numerous iterations of icon styles to get exactly the right look for our application. The team at Iconshock was extremely flexible and accommodating, and they delivered beautiful work every time!

Jason Spyker PLP Digital Systems, Inc.
IconShock promises and delivers the best quality for money. Also they are working really fast. Thanks from Alex, Russia

Alexander Kour
Iconshock worked extremely quick and turned our custom icon around overnight. The best part is we received exactly what we wanted. We will definitely be a repeat customer

Aaron Henderson,
IconShock's icon's are gorgeous! Let's face it, sexy software sells. IconShock's icons and graphics have made my application look spectacular. Users want functionality and bug-free software, of course, but the look and feel is equally important. Think about it, if the software developer put this much time and effort into making the application and/or their website look great, they probably did a great job engineering it as well. It's all about how users perceive your software in the market and your viability as a company. Great job!

Matt Rhoades
Senior Software Architect Relational Solutions, Inc
Winner of the 2003 Oracle BI Developer of the year award
Working with Iconshock has been a pleasure. They worked fast and kept at it until we were 100% satisfied.

Phil Bookman,
Our Iconshock icons have proven themselves to be an invaluable resource.  They are fantastic value for money and have given both our product and web site a polished and professional appearance.  We were spoilt for choice, and have never failed to find an icon to match our requirements.

Derek Pollard
iconshock is pure perfection

Rainer Porzel
It's great to have such a huge, HUGE set of professionally design icons to choose from when we need them. There are so many that the only challenge is looking through them all and choosing one!

Catherine Hwang
We chose the icons provided by iconshock because of their professional look-n-feel, but also because of the high level of customizability that the vector resources give us. The pricing is also very competitive. Without a shred of doubt, iconshock is the best resource for icons that we have ever seen.

Patrik Fredriksson
I absolutely love the icons, they will give my application just the look and feel im going for. Many thanks for a nice product at a good price!

Michael Deremick
This is the most professional looking icon sets I have come across on the web and provides a great finishing touch to all our projects. Excellent value for money given the enormous collection of icons included in the subscription service.

Joseph Roux
Great design and unsurpassable service!

Simple, elegant and stylish. What more could a programmer want?

Stuart Green
IconShock icons have lent a very professional and modern look to our applications. David Pallmann Architect

David Pallmann
iconshock did a great job producing a new application icon for our product in just the way we required. It was timely, well priced and just what we wanted

Dan Petitt Director DigiGuide TV Guide
The best looking icons we found after extensive searching

Charlie Benger-Stevenson
A Wonderful high quality icons collection for all software house and/or software engineers. Massimiliano Marigliani - MAXWARE SOFTWARE

Massimiliano Marigliani
Tried fairly on the Internet, but chose the images of IconShock because I was impressed with the quality and quantity of images, in addition to the great price. After purchasing the complete package IconShock, I am transforming the before tedious interface of my systems in a professional and elegant interface, with consistent standards of style and color, snatching praise of all my customers. Carlos Alberto Solla MS Inform�tica It�polis Ltda.

Carlos Alberto Solla
I have visted quite a few providers of graphic elements and the icons you provide are superior to everything else I have found. Nils-Petter Ottesen Enterprise Architect ADB Systemer AS

Nils-Petter Ottesen
Professional Icons....Tremendous in the organization and ultimately look great in the apps we build!

Developing a software product is only part of the battle. A big part is getting the graphics right. We don't have the artistic skills so decided to use Iconshock's services. All we did was draw a few concepts on paper, sent it to them and in as little as 2 days had a preview. Within a week we had 12 icons delivered. Iconshock allowed us to concentrate on developing and delivering our software while they concentrated on delivering great looking icons! If you want to give your software a professional look and feel, use Iconshock, they won't disappoint!

Mark Arteaga, President,
The icon sets are amazing.I was shocked of how many high-quality icons we could get for this price.I found an icon for every action we will ever need.We will use them for our Citricle LiveSupport software, for our website and for our click to chat buttons.I totally recommend this product, it's a great deal.

ruben pena
Absolutely splendid & very practical ions. Really beautiful.

GILLES Delmiglio
I spent a day and a half trying to find decent looking icons that didn't cost a fortune, until I found iconshock. They've got icons for just about everything I can imagine, and lots of things I never imagined! My applications are really starting to stand out now that I've got these new icons. Thanks iconshock!

David Kroll
Thank you all your support for our new icons design. I just wanted to express my appreciation for your outstanding work and support. Your good coordination and your designer's sharp icons design skill have provided me with the excellent GUI image of our new application. I would like to re-order you for the revision or addition of icons in the future. Please forward my thanks to your contracted designer also.

Kanji Ueda, Digital Solutions Inc.
The quality of icons and custom service is outstanding. We managed to save lot of time and added a real pro touch to the website. Thank you Iconshok team!

Ashique M Ali | Mindspring
Iconshock provides high quality icons and logo graphics at a great price!

Ken Nangle
Really nice icon sets!

Rick Ratayczak
After reviewing many other icon sets, we chose the Real Vista set from Icon Shock because it offered the most complete range we could find, and it best met our needs. The icons all have a clean, unified look that is ideal for use in technical multimedia interfaces.

Gordon Forbes has many great logos to choose from. I was really indecisive as to which icon to pick because there was so many that fit my needs. Thank You for giving my business that extra professional look I needed!

Damon Martin
Iconshock has the most amazing collections I have ever seen. You can find an icon for almost every application and option.

Antonio Terron Burgos
Very fine product! After some time looking for a really quality icons to my programs, my search finish with! A fine and very impressive set! You really need see this!

Alex Occulate
We needed professional icons for, a new Paypal alternative that processes payments for websites of all products and services. Iconshock han an array of high-quality, professionally-designed icons for a multitude of industries. We highly recommend Iconshock!

Rafael Diaz-Tushman
As we are building a new version of ResumeMaker and, the icons developed by Iconshock have saved us an enormous amount of time. Great job!

Matt Hendrickson
A fantastic set of icons at a competitive rate!

Donald McIntosh
I love iconshock

Jackson Nies
Beautiful icons at a great price. I got the full bundle of 300,000 icons for the cost of 2 collections elsewhere. Silvio

Silvio Gutierrez
I did a lot of searching around before deciding on IconShock's icon sets. They are high quality and by far the best value around. I am exciting about using them in future projects! Complete Computer Care

Shawn Ostermann
I have been an IconShock customer for almost five years and have been amazingly satisfied with the quality of work and genuine goodness of the IconShock staff. Not only are they talented folks but they genuinely care about the work they deliver. Thanks for your years of service to my company

Steve Stockstill President, Data Equity LLC
The best icon designs that I have seen on the Internet so far.

Max Stringer
The ease of use and editing through standard graphic editing programs like Photoshop make Stock logo's a breeze to update and apply.

Martin Rieger
There isn't a better Icon set around. Period. Having both a wide variety of subjects and different formats, you will not be happy with any other set, from any other company.

Bob DeCrescenzo
Fantastic! They look spiffy. I use them for webapplications.

Nikaj Eijk
icone perfette e professionali. Ottimo prodotto!

Ugo Orlando
I needed something distinctive for the web site I was building. Iconshock had a great choice of beautiful icons!

Adam Greissman
The icons have an great design. Thanks for the great work.

Sebastian H�tte
Excellent icons,very high quality. All of the icons we will ever need for software development is here.When I started downloading I was suprised about the size of the database of icons.Can't say it enough!Excellent!

Ivan Deschamps
iconshock offers the widest array of professionally polished graphics at a small fraction of the rate you pay for custom creative development.

William Baxter
We were very impressed by the quality and visual feel of the custom icons that Iconshock made for us. We will certainly use them for future projects and recommend their services to anyone.

Claus Topholt,
Thank you for helping me develop my company logo. The idea of developing a company logo had been on my mind for over a year but I was very intimidated by the idea. With your assistance and guidance, I was able to get my logo idea across to you and you were able to make it happen. My company is very satisfied with your service and pricing.

John W Hunter, President, Hunter Enterprises
Icon Shock is like the Shock and Awe of icons. No where else can you find the quantity and quality of icons that Icon Shock produces. - Steve Shickles

Steve Shickles
Great design. Looks very professional. Eric Jansen J4IT

Eric Jansen
Iconshock has saved me time and money that I would have otherwise invested in a designer to create images for my new coming site The choice is extensive and the step-by-step purchase process has made buying from simple, fun and easy. I would recommend to any person wanting to make their online presence look great! Thanks iconshock!

savas vavayis
Your Icons are very good. I�m absolutly satisfied.

Ralf Sachling

Leonid Kofman
IconShock has the largest and most impressive collection of graphics that we have found anywhere. The quality and attention to detail is unmatched by any other company that we have considered in our very lengthy search. Moreover, their customer service and support is fantastic. We wish to recommend them to all as the best choice for graphics in the market today.

Thomas E. Loiselle
CEO/Founder Health Care Business Services, LLC
We needed a logo and icon for our new product and IconShock was able to deliver them to our specifications quickly and very cost effective.

Glenn Lehner,
We commissioned Iconshock to create three new custom-made application icons. From the start their approach was very professional and efficient. We were impressed with their prompt responses to requests for changes and modifications as the project progressed. The quality of the work they produced for us is excellent and we happily recommend them. We will be purchasing stock icon sets as well.

Nigel Thomas,
Purchasing at iconshock is a great experience. Everything is under controll and you can feel that that great company is taking care of you as from the very moment you accept the operation. Icon's design is simply the best available on internet and they will help me to build my projects better than ever before.

Dimas Garc�a Olgueras
Your icons are so beautiful. Integration in our application is perfect. Regards.

I have ordered IconShock's entire collection of icons and am pleased to say they are the world's best quality icons I've seen anywhere (and I've checked all the other sites carefully).   The professionalism and quality of the collection will help me enhance my sites and sell more successfully, because the quality is superb.  Highly recommend Iconshock as your one-stop shop for all professional graphic icons.   World-class graphic design on these.  Great job, guys - thanks!

Ken Calhoun, Pres.
Excellent set of icons! Pre-sales support was awesome...

Steve Schreiner
Thank you for the quick service and the great custom icons. Normally I'm quite picky about design things, but here already the first draft was a perfect final one.

Thomas Holz
Thanks a lot mam for you & your team of icon shock because you helped a lot for my project.

Vijay Graphic & Web Designer
”We have been using icons from varios vendors in the past. Came across IconShock last year when designing a new version of our product. Bought the impressing collection of icons and have not been using other icons since. The icons in different size and formats fits our needs. IconShock developed a series of the the same icon in different angles used for a tray icon animation and it looks very smooth. We are very impressed with IconShock and the IconShock custom design team.”

Flemming Christiansen, Chief Development Manager,
Truly sparkling iconscollections; each one a masterpiece. All at an awesome price.

Dominic Masters
Icon Shock's icons are the best on the internet. I surfed for hours trying to find better quality and cheaper icons and could find none. I will be using them to make my web site look amazing and give it a professional look and feel. I like the way buying multiple icon sets drastically reduces the price too. I fully intend to buy many more icon sets as I develop products in the future.

Paul Bedford
Overall, I have been impressed with your excellent communication throughout this short project. I contacted several icon companies before we started this work. You always responded to my emails in the shortest amount of time and provided very clear explanations of what was required. Moreover, the other companies were more expensive or predicted literally months to achieve the work that you have done in a few days. So it was clear to me right from the start that I would be giving our business to your company.

In terms of the final product, I am very happy with the icons you created for us. We had fairly precise requirements of what the icon images needed to communicate to the users of our software. I am satisfied that your icons have met these requirements. They look very nice and fit in well with the existing icons we are using. Additionally, I was glad that when we needed some minor changes made to the icons you did this with no fuss and in short order.

Adrian Benett
JP Morgan
Wonderful icon sets for a low price. We have used iconshock icons on our project and that really gives value to our product. Also we have requested two custom works. Got beautiful and satisfying results. Thanks for your great art.

Joomlaholic team,
I have been searching lot of websites to find nice icons. Finally I found iconshock and I must say the icons are excellent.

Markus Nolte
Quality/Price, the best library of icons from the market. Congratulations.

GERARD ARTES ANDREU is by far the most sensible and well prepared site for icons. The selection is the best in the business, and the customer service is outstanding. I recommend without hesitation.

Scott Lampert
First class service. First class icons.  First class price.  The entire icon set of more than 100.000 for only $399 is excellent value for money and have made my web application look like a million dollars!

Mike Sadler, Travel Manager
Good morning I want to congratulate you about the good quality of your icons. It´s giving better look to my software. Besides your products, I need to let you know I´m very pleased with your service. Mr. Vanderlei Rogge

Vanderlei Rogge
Once again I would like to thank for quick and painless delivery of their high quality Icons.  I\'ve been using their Icons in my applications for quite some time and look forward to more in the future!

-Michael Deremick
So happy about the logo, I am happy I chose Iconshock. I will definitely refer to them for the future projects.

Dillon Xian, Baldedge
After many weeks of searching we were recommended Iconshock by a friend and it was everything they said it was. Countless high quality icons at an extremely tempting price, it didn�t take long to realise this was exactly what we were looking for. We can't wait to see what is released next week !

Frankie West
Thanks for your creative, timely response. Our organization has been using your services twice, for two logos, with full satisfaction.

Dr. Arrigo della Gherardesca, One Bio World Partners and ItAfrica - Italian African Alliance srl
I was skeptical at first with the ordering process, but have since valued the purchase. Chittle Technologies is very impressed and pleased with selection, quantity and quality of images purchased! Use of the images has given Chittle Technologies a clean and crisp professional edge over others.
Patrick Chittle
Operations Manager
Chittle Technologies

Patrick Chittle
We purchased icon groups and also custom icons. The selection and affordability is great on the icon groups. For developing our custom icons, we found Iconshock wonderful to work with as they are very responsive and dedicated to providing an icon that meets our specifications. We are very pleased and will be using IconShock again for future icon needs.

Rick Ellis,
IconShock has amazing icons and graphics that help us take our applications to a whole new level of professionalism. We thank you! http:///

Thomas Markel
IconShock provided exactly what we needed within the relatively short time that we needed it. Their customer service was timely and extraordinarily responsive with turn-around times to our change requests of less than a day. Also, not only did we receive the source files, but all of the different sizes for the different formats that we needed to develop our product and our brand. This saved us tons of time, effort and headaches for an inexpensive price—a spectacular value! Thanks IconShock!

Gene Ironhill, MASS Group, Inc
The iconshock icons are what I have been searching for all along. I am amazed at the high standard of quality and work put into producing this "must have" product.

Robert Gilbert
excellent, highly sophisticated icons. there really perfect.

Jakob-Matthias Maul
Clear and usable icons for our local intranet application websites so we do not need to write large menu text any more in the future...

Geert Surkijn
Thanks to iconshock! With the Billiant series I got an excelent icon set which covers a wide range of themes. It's much more than I ever had expected for the money. I will recommend whenever I have the chance to.

Axel Schubert
IconShock combines a talented design team with excellent customer service, matching superior quality and attention to detail. It has been our pleasure to work with IconShock to produce amazing icons for products that millions of our customers depend on.

Steve @ XeroBank
We looked at several competitors and feel your icon library best suited our needs.

Sita Likihite
Quality work. Great price. Fast turnaround. Really pleased with my icon

David Sims
To create a good user interface, you need good icons. IconShock.Com will provide them!

J.C.A. Scheer
"One day we imagined our logo, provided jut one sketch, and Iconshock made it real. Not once during their process of creation did we fear that a final product will be less than perfect for us."

Hrvoje Smolic
We have many talented software engineers but none of them is relly an expert in icon design. Therefore, we are very happy that we can use the very nice icons in our product CCTVnet. Stephan Sigrist

Stephan Sigrist
We were looking for graphics for our website and found exactly what we needed at Iconshock!

Nathan Shackles
Iconshock delivered over and above what was expected. Great price, attention to detail, high quality artwork and prompt customer service will keep us coming back for more icons in future. I highly recommend Iconshock for anyone who is serious about improving the look and feel of their applications.

Paul Blackmore - EFILive Limited
First time in my proffesional live I spend money for icons. Sufficient comment?:-))

Bretislav Jirikovsky
Awesome graphics... well thought out and executed.

Paul JOhnson
Superbes icones � un tr�s bon prix, �quipe vraiment tr�s agr�able ! Je ne regrette vraiment pas mon achat... The new professional Mail Client

I couldn't be more pleased with the depth and quality of these icons for our WorkXpress engine. Treff LaPlante

Treff LaPlante
They kick ass!

Ryan Santangelo
Very professional icons and superb value. Thanks

Rupen Patel
These are the most stunning and professional looking icons I have found!

Charles McClendon
really good :) only 1 request: make a keyword/tag for search on collection ;)

Simone Casaliggi
Very well done.

Willis Grays
The icons from IconStock are really of excellent quality and provided in a large range of formats and resolutions, which has saved me lots of time. Fast delivery of the purchased icons and very good overall customer experience. Recommended.

Nicol� Volpato
Icon Shock has allowed us to add that professional touch to our product portfolio. There resources have enabled us concentrate resources on developing secure, reliable products for the education market, without getting bogged down in graphic development. Greg Connolly (Technical Director)

Greg Connolly
A huge, high quality selection of Icons at a fantastic price, which will enhance our JCS software no end.

Maxine Le Cheminant
After reviewing available icons at different providers, we were disapointed until we found Iconshock. I was amazed at the quality of the icons and they were exactly what we were looking for. They are of the quality I expect from my team when developing our performance management software or our physician scheduling software.

Martin Malorni
I've been building websites for a long time now. Having professional graphical icons is key to customer's perception of completeness. By buying stock icons I can focus on the implementation details instead of graphics.

John Ward
I was trying to find a company on the internet that could match my needs for a company logo and handle it within a very short deadline. I was astonished by the premade logo quality and decided to go for it. The results are amazing with the money you give for it. The work is done in a fast and professional way. My company now has a strong and fitting image thanks to ICONSHOCK. Thanks a lot for your cooperation. J. "Owner - Deltaroad Studios"

M.Jamy Bagheri, Deltaroad Studios
products look good and testing the download now. quick responses using the online contact form which I appreciate. so far so good.

Justin Carasick
This is the greatest icon deal, we made! we congratulate for their success!!

Thomas Gl�ssner
Icons are really great! Thank you!

Fiodar Fitsner
When designing web applications, the icons of are definitely the deal of the year. The icons are sharp and enhances every site!

Alexander Loithaler
"IconShock worked with me to ensure that I got want I needed. The designs were put to work within an hour of being received!"

Andrew Tai, Desicion Tools
I purchased the complete set and to say I'm impressed would be a major understatement. I had to purchase an extra hard disk to accomodate all the icons and graphics provided. By far the best value anywhere!! The quality is second to none and the selection will never be rivaled. Way to go ICONSHOCK!!!!!

Tim Scheutzow
We researched many, many, graphic designers before discovering the unique artistry of IconShock. The quality of work and attention to detail both JP and Alexander displayed throughout the entire design process, as well as their patience, was extremely impressive. We feel extremely fortunate to have found IconShock and look forward to maintaining a positive and productive relationship with them as our company grows and evolves. Needless to say, I highly recommend IconShock.

Talal Nehme
Mi4 Corporation
Iconshock has the most complete and quality icon packs i've ever seen. We're going to use them to completely redesign our website With Iconshock our website will get the perfect hightech and professional design we've been trying to reach for weeks now. A lot of thanks.

Julien Conan
Our experience working with you is 100 % positive. You are very professional and at the same time friendly. we had many previews, which is very important, in order to achieve the desired result. your answers by email were fast.

Gabriel Petrovici, Conti Union Ltd
The team at BackupIT would like to thank you personally for the wonderful work you did on our product icons. The attention to detail, promptness and ability to conceptualize our design requirement made the process of re-branding a dream. We wish you well and look forward to working with you in the near future. Cheers, The whole team at BackupIT

BackupIT Team,
High quality, high satisfaction … I advise IconShock to everyone wants a number 1 service.

Attilio Gelosa,
The icons we purchased were not only of very high quality, but very affordable. We would defintly purchase from IconShock again!

Anne Thomas
You guys have the largest selection and easiest site to navigate through. You make business fun and easy.

Ryan Haller
High-quality stuff. Very impressive. Amazing they can put out so much high quality stuff so darn quickly.

Greg Brailsford
I was very impressed with the quality of the Logos here, I am a new internet marketer and I am starting my site and was looking for a logo that would be very eye-catching and modern looking, I found it here, and the price was very affordable, I am sure I will use your services again. Thank you Eric Denlinger -EverythingDigital4U

Eric Denlinger
Quality! Quality! Quality!

Michael Beaton
I have searched the Internet for professional icons at great value and IconShock fits my requirements exactly.

Frederick Chin
professional and holistic icon sets at a very competitive price

Andy Brown
Everything looks good! Thanks!

Jeremy Dory,
“Como cliente de sus magníficos iconos y del rediseño de nuestro nuevo logo puedo dar fe del excelente trabajo y del profesionalismo de Iconshock, adicional a su trato servicial y oportuno" "As customer of their magnificent icons and the redesign of our company logo, I certainly trust their excellent work, Iconshock's professionalism and their quick and caring service and attention"

Desarrollos Informaticos DEINSA S.A.
Great Price, Great Service - I needed new icons for Travel Blog - a bundle and a few fantastic custom icons covered everything I needed. Thanks!

Alistair Watters
The best icon collection on the planet....added with the excellent pricing, this cant get any better. We love what you offer.

Ravi Putta originally came to me by referral from another super-satisfied customer. We are in the process of raising major capital financing to be the next big search engine on the web, and with that comes the necessity of having professional brand recognition. I found it extremely easy to communicate my logo's vision to IconShock. They get it...almost the first time around. I only needed to make one round of feedback alterations, after which they PERFECTED it...with an awesome turn-around time as well. There is no need to "spoon-feed" these amazing CG artists, because they just get it.

Christian P Banks CEO
The best solution for all programmers, it's really good source of icons...

Olgierd Boltuc
We really love the logo. It is exactly what we were looking for, and the service was great.

Melissa Kurz Focal Pointe Marketing Technologies, Inc.
I found the Iconshock people to be extremely helpful and responsive and was very satisfied with the logo that they developed for me using a combination of stock items and well executed original touches. When you include the very reasonable cost of the service, it is unexcelled.

Dick Perry,
Because of the icons of, learning is now much more fun for our community. But not only the community is pleased, also our visitors stay longer at our website. Iconshock is now our professional partner for supplying icons. Boudewijn Vahrmeijer Director of

Boudewijn Vahrmeijer
I've got to say... WOW! This much of professional great looking icons on the same site... WOW! Marcelo

Marcelo Paniza
Icon shock's design team provided me with enough creative inspiration to achieve my desired icons for a unique business directory solution. Their effective turnaround, attention to detail was superb. The end result was well worth waiting for

Rav Jaiya
We are a small software company. Has used ICON which publishes, has promoted the software quality greatly which we design. Let our software have the competitive power in the market, thanks!!!

An abundant supply of high quality icons. Very pleased with our decision to do business with iconshock. Webmaster Liquid Qube Software Ronald Jones

Absolutely the best quality and variety of icons available. I also found the subscription option to be more than worth the small extra cost.

Dennis Taylor
One word: superb! Your icons are really amazing and we will buy more in time...

Ralf H�ttl
The quality and versatility of the icons were exactly what I was looking for as we revamped our software packages for introduction to the market. Great job, guys!

James Davis
We found the iconshock library to be an excellent source of high quality icons for our products.

Kevin Cramer
The icon collection is fantastic. We develop software professionally and have developed our own icons in the past. These collections are complet and professional, we won't be developing in house anymore.

AWESOME!!! More icons than anyone could ever need in a lifetime...professionally-made and incredible deal.

Tyler Weichel
Great icons! :-)

Alexander Strobel
These icons are the best ever! You now have icons for all your application needs, they are very professional! I would rate them 10/10.

Archana Patchirajan
Icons are great, in fact i never saw anything at such quality for this cost... Thank you!

George Calin
Your icons are far and above better than any I've seen elsewhere... and the fact that you provide vector files so that we can maniuplate them to meet our particular needs is AWESOME! Thank YUUUUU!

Pamela Hunter
We needed some high quality icons for our industry leading on-line real estate brokerage for the Texas Gulf Coast area. We were using Microsoft clip art, but it looked cheap and un-coordinated.  We found and they had just what we were looking for and at a very reasonable price. Service was fast and their site made it easy to find what we needed, despite the fact that they have such a large selection to choose from. You can see how we used them for our main navigation buttons on I highly recommend

Mike Stuart
Great Icons, good servive too... I love it! iD31 - media solutions

Thomas Stube
I've been looking for pre-designed icons for a long time before I found Iconshock. They gave me the opportunity to finish my software project with some of the finest and fairly priced icon sets on the web.
The custom project they did for me was also of the same high quality.
Creative design, fast delivery and great service! Thumbs up to Iconshock!

Christian Grootendorst
Entro Desktop
The Netherlands
An incredible number of wonderfully designed icons! Tom Weber TWMedTec

Tom Weber
What a great way to get your business logo started at an affordable price!

Jennifer Rose
The look of these icons are fantastic. They are clean and have a real artisitc flair that you can not find in any icon sets today. We will be using them for a redesign on our website to be up in the next few months at C. Peters Art Director Thorlos, Inc.

Cori Peters
A Huge resource, Excellent quality, Really good value, I wish I had discovered you earlier. Kevin Wilson Managing Director Pukka-J

Kevin Wilson
Fantastic icons! We've bought the whole set to use the best of them in the backend of our CMS. I've looked long and hard for quality icons but never really found exactly what we needed until we've found iconshock. The quality of the icons alone makes my head hurt ... not even mentioning the huge amount of them :) Thanks for such amazing work and good luck with the iconbusiness (or any other business for that matter). Kind regards, Bart Noppen Desk02 webdesign & development

Erik Costers
We purchased our icons to use on from iconshock due to the amount of icons available,the professional look of the site and the price,we are more than happy with the package provided

Henry Fitzsimons
"Working with Iconshock went very smoothly. They immediately understood our requirements and produced spot_on icons for us."

Anders Mork, Aminet
Iconshock icons and graphics have made a huge difference to my business. Although I love designing and drawing... Iconshock have done all the hardwork for me. The bottom line impact is I can spend more time building the business!

Katherine Fisher
Absolutely amazing look and quality. Extraordinary range too!! Fantastic!!

Peter Pavlovic
Very high quality icons, and good value for money. Superb customer service!

Adam Weber
There are few products and services that are worth every dollar.. your icons are worth every cent.. It is like go a shop to buy few shirts and trousers.. then the shop owners say.. for the same money you can buy everything you want... My only issue with icons is the time needed to go through them.. according to my calculations.. I need at least a year.. :) Best value for money.. keep it up, and please offer for people like who bought the whole package, extension to memberships.. Ahmed Founder & MD Click Grafix

Ahmed Balfaqih
I spent many hours on the Internet looking for the perfect icons that would suite the look and needs of our financial applications. I was very fortunate to find Their icons are of the highest quality and have greatly enhanced our interface designs.

Steven C Picard
You logos are very visually appealing and artistically different from others that I have seen. I am sure my customers and I will enjoy the logo I have purchased from Iconshock.

Tony Blacknall
We believe your icons are some of the best, if not THE best we've seen.

Louis Liggett
I've been a happy customer for years now. I've seen many icon providers and I must say IconShock is unrivalled as far as icon variety, quality and prices as well as its devotion to charitable work is concerned. Thank you very much!

Sebastian Felling
The icons have added a quality feel to our applications. Previously, we were using standard buttons and text, the icons really stand out and help make the software intuitive to use. OR Networks Limited,

Colin Dobbyne
Thank you for the wonderful icons and the great box they came in! :)

David McAllister
After weeks of trying different services like HP LogoWroks we were unsatisfied with the results. It isn't easy finding a creative team that can take a rough idea and deliver a great result in a short period of time that is until we hired IconShock. We were in desperate need of custom art work for our product brand and product website launch so we gave it one more try with a online service. IconShock provided us with concepts that were creative and included all the elements we asked for quickly. IconShock is now our firms official graphical elements provider. We will use them for all our imagery needs.

Frank A. Rivera,
The selection of icons is mind boggling. I almost don't know where to start. My applications will all be drastically improved UI's with such quality icons.

Jack Addington
High quality graphics, plenty of them and at a favourable price - what more can you ask?

Joergen Korsgaard
We produce plant label design and printing software for the agricultural sector. All our products must be intuitive and are aimed at a non-technical (often technologically frightened) group of people. We've struggled in the past to produce user interfaces that are clear, meaningful and, most importantly, friendly for the 'non IT literate.' After reviewing a lot of alternatives, we decided to purchase the entire IconShock set. Even thorugh we are currently only using the SunnyDay (for our UIs) and Lumina sets (for product branding), we've already got our money's worth. Our client's have really responded well to the new icon sets and UI, and at the end of the day, our client's satisfaction is all that matters. Thank you IconShock for some terrific designs. Joseph Sweeney, Technology Officer, TyTags (

Joseph Sweeney
The range of icons is so big that you can try always the solution for comunicate in the best way and with the best design! Finally I'm able to create documents and web pages as I want!

We searched for months looking for Icons that would suit our diversified needs. Generally we found icon packs that were either substandard or just didn't have the variety of scope we were looking for. Iconshock on the other hand was exactly what we need.

Piers Drury
Runtime Software Development
I purchased the subscription for all of the icons on IconShock and I am using them to develop a nice new website. At the same time, I needed a logo for my website and remembered that IconShock does logos as well. Within days of my request, I had a logo that looked great and had the same color scheme of my web page. There's more... I started developing games for the blackberry and I made a challenging puzzle game but I needed a catchy title screen that would grab customers attention. I needed this at the last minute because I was trying to get the game ready for AppWorld for it's April 1, 2009 launch. I kid you not--the day after I made my request, I had a title screen that is in my blackberry game today and the game is selling many copies a day! The game is called "The Pusher" and it can be found on App World and ( Please, do not hesitate contacting IconShock for icons or for custom orders (custom icons or custom logos). The support is excellent and the end product is great! I'll use IconShock from now on! Thanks,

Ron Shorts, CEO Royalty Software Solutions, LLC
I am very satisfied with the icons created for us by Iconshock. The process was fast and after a few iterations I obtained the perfect icons for our new applications.

Raphael Bousquet, CTO, ADF Solutions Inc.
We search for some time, looking for just the right blend of professional and identifiable icons. I'm delighted with what we've found with IconShock, and our flagship products will be implementing the new icons very soon!

Steve Adamo
IconShock has a tremendous amount of quality icons in many different styles to fit a particular project. I highly recommend them.

Matthew Lyons
Look great! awesome deal

Lyle Ralph
Iconshock modernized our product logo and they did a absolutely great job! The staff at Iconshock has delivered us a high-quality logo very quickly to an affordable price. It was great to work with and I recommend this high professional company in all conscience. Thank you!

Alexander Feist, Marketing Manager, MKS Software Management AG
Super Product to fair Price

Ingo Bernecker
These are the most stunning and professional looking icons I have found!

Charles McClendon
What an amazing resource! I started searching for a particular type of icon set for an upcoming product launch. One of the first sites I saw was IconShock. I loved the icons, and bookmarked the site immediately. But, I felt a little guilty buying right away without doing a thorough job with my due diligence (I had fully expected to invest at least 8-12 hours of research, and felt a little guilty jumping on this without being sure I was making the right choice.) I spent another 2 hours searching all kinds of "free" and "low cost" icon sources. I even spent time looking at custom design work as an option. It didn't take long to realize that my first choice was right, and I had just wasted 2 hours proving what I already knew...that IconShock offers the absolute highest quality icons at an amazing price that could not be matched by any of the others! I didn't hesitate to buy a full subscription, absolutely astonished at the huge volume of icons I'm getting for this price. How do you do it? Sylvie Fortin CEO / Founder

Sylvie Charrier
Working with Iconshock has been great! I loved the fact that they were able to complete my project quickly but more importantly to my specification. I'm a big fan of the fact that they were able to produce several variations and mock-ups based on the direction I provided them with. I'm very pleased with the work they've done and will definitely be using them in order to create icons and perhaps perform other graphic design work for me in the future.

Aleks Pausak,
Really loved working with Iconshock. Good communication, fast delivery, and very important: a good end product. We only needed one minor adjustment for the final release, so that kept the speed up in our project. We'll certainly think of Iconshock for other projects as well. Thanks!

Saskia Frederiks, The Content Company
Iconshock's icons gave us a real professional look to our software; with a wide collection, and high quality images. The quality of your development will complete with this icons.

Marco Jim�nez G.
Iconshock is great. We were looking for quite some time for icons and a logo designer and we chose Iconshock. The icon collection is full of great, high quality icons and their custom logo design is fantastic. The customer service department was great as well. They were always available to answer any questions.

Vinny Malanga,
After searching for high quality icon sets at a reasonable price I was pleased to find They offered a great variety of styles without breaking the bank.

Brenda Starnes
We are so happy from the results. The logo instantly made an impact on our regular and new customers. The quality is great and we can not stop to thank you for the patience you had while working on the creation of the logo image. Many thanks to you and the designer for the great professional approach and service! We will keep on coming back for more of your great services. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sophia Terzieva, Queue Engineering Ptyltd
It's been good working with you and the results have looked great.

Brian Palmer,
I was looking for some very odd, out of the usual icons for my personal website and blog. After searching and contacting many different graphics companies, it was very clear that had the best price for high quality work. I gave them very little to work with, and their creative designers saw my vision and made it into reality. I was very impressed with the amount of detail that the designers put into my graphics, and will definitely use in the future for my graphics design needs.

Thomas Whitecotton,
Innovative, creative icons that we will be using in many of our future marketing campaigns. Happy to have found you!

Simon Bishop
As an entrepreneur trying to get my first product off the ground, I initially began work on a logo for my new company with a big-name business that sent me a postcard in the mail. Several hundred dollars later, I was very unhappy with the results. I was very impressed with the quality of work displayed on Icon Shock’s website. I have to say how much easier the process was working with the Icon Shock staff – all of my questions were answered, and most importantly, I’m delighted with the final product. Thank you very much! I will definitely be a returning customer for my future graphics needs.

Derek Ishmael President and CEO,
Icons are great - also a very professional customer service group behind the product. Impressed

John Clark
This is the icon collections that we have search for! It got all icons that we need in products. Super cool! It's that easy... Kim Togo

Kasper Kirkeby
I apreciated buying your products. It was very easy to buy from the site and very friendly. The high quality of the icons will improve my products that can be found at

Hugo Eyng
These icons are fantastic. I've used them in more projects than I can count, and some clients are even requesting design changes because they know I have access to the icons. In that way, the icons have paid for themselves.

Aaron Korff
This is fabulous work! Finally high quality icons for an affordable price!

Arjen Hiemstra
You’ve impressed me. I think you’re company Works fast and delivers great results. When I need a new design I’ll contact you right away!

Martin Cramer
I spent three days scouring the web for professional high quality icons and although I came across many companies by far was the most superior. Their icon quality far out matches all their rivals. In the ordering I made a mistake and this was rectified by within minutes. And finally there are so many of them your spoilt for choice. Mr H. Ghelani (UK)

Hinesh Ghelani
For the third time in row Iconshock delivered great icons for yet another one of our products. After providing a bit of information on what we needed, really nice icons were immediately created, which only needed a few more adjustments and then were finalized. We now get such great feedback on the icons, which we use in all our marketing materials. We truly recommend Iconshock!

Larissa Bremmer, Nuance Communications (former X-Solutions)
Great Job. The icons are very professional. I will use it for all of my projects. Thanks a lot! Torsten Klinger

Torsten Klinger
The icons of are absolutely stunning and really unique. The quality is perfect and the options are fulfilling every need. In one word: "FANTASTIC".

Youri van der Mijn
The Iconshock Icons we purchased add a whole new level of professionalism and add to our site user's experience.

David Kolby
I purchased the Full Subscription a few months ago. The sheer number of icons, the overall quality and selection, and the value received is, by far, the best I came across after extensive research.

Adil Khan
Long time I planed in changing the icons of our Portal but did not find something I really liked. This time was over in the moment I found Iconshock. Great detailed, made with lot of attention and care! I just love them and we are going to work no only with IconShock for future projects.

Oliver Kuchendorf
Iconshock es una excelente colecci�n de iconos creada con esmero y creo que con el esfuerzo de miles de horas de trabajo. Enhorabuena.

Iconshock icons are beautiful and intuitive. They make our application SAMContacts adorable. I'm so pleased that I keep coming back for new sets as they are released. Mihaela Mihaljevic Jakic

Mihaela Mihaljevic Jakic
Very reasonable license and price. Great designs. Clever up-selling during the purchase process. In use at Satisfied overall.

Jeromy Evans
I recently purchased Iconshock�s Absolute Bundle (all of their icon collections) and all I can say is - WOW!  This is probably the last set of icons I will ever have to purchase.  The quality of the icons are superior, second to none.  I am a webmaster and application designer and it will now be so nice to have a virtually infinite variety of icons / styles from which to choose from in upcoming projects.  I have never seen a stock collection like this anywhere� it is truly unique and so complete!  I especially enjoy having so many pre-rendered formats and icon states to choose from in each set� PNG, GIF, ICO, BMP, mouseover, disabled, the list goes on.  If you are remotely considering any of these sets, don�t think twice.  You�ll be glad you did!

Dennis St. John
Veria Technologies, Inc. (formerly PC1, Inc.)
I spent a tremendous amount of time looking for a company that would be able to provide high quality icons and IconShock delivered.  In addition to their Stock Icons, which are exceptional, I had the pleasure of arranging for several Custom Icons as well.  In developing the Custom Icons, IconShock was incredibly fast and the quality of the icons was incredible.  They exceeded my expectations.  I would highly recommend IconShock to anyone looking for stock or custom icons

S&H Solutions
Software and Hardware Solutions for Your Business!
We purchased our icons to use on from iconshock due to the amount of icons available,the professional look of the site and the price,we are more than happy with the package provided

Henry Fitzsimons
Your icons made a complete difference to my website. They brought the final touch that I was looking for. I love the bundles that you can create.

Katherine MacCall rocks! By finding these icons that can be used on so many of the new Web 2.0 sites we are building really saves us time and money from trying to do custom icons ourselves. Great resource. George Wallace, CEO The Department of Marketing Raleigh, NC

George Wallace
The icons for a Mac application and its document were promply delivered and are true artworks. The document icon needed a few iterations, but the people at Iconshock maintained the nice attitude and continued improving it until the difficult customer (me) was content. The price is incredible competitive considering the high quality of work and the fact that a Finder icons for a Mac OS X application need to be presented in various sizes from 16x16 to 512x512 pixels. My recommendations.

Sigmund Tveit,
This is the third time that I have worked with Iconshock and as always they have been prompt and their work looks superb. They are my supplier of choice when it comes to making professional icons

Clare Patterson Marketing Manager ICS Computing Ltd
Outstanding collection of icons that has allowed us to significantly improve our application's look and feel. Nothing better that we have found for the quality or price!

Mike Gilger
“Excellent! Developing e-learning and assessment software, we at AVELife pay great attention to Quality. I am very impressed with IconShock brilliant work, good price and care for customers!”

Alexander V. Epanechnikov - CEO, AVELife, Inc.
Last year I got IconShock to design an installation icon for my
programs - this was really successful and I was delighted with the
result.  This year I asked for a custom quote to create ten icons to use
within my programs.  At every stage in the design and development I was been really impressed with the quality and attention to detail.  I had some very specific requests and each time the response was courteous and quick.  The finished icons are of
fantastic quality and I am delighted with the entire service.

Andrew Field.
The icon is perfect. Thank you very much for the professional design.

Ferhat Ayaz
The quality of the icons is excellent, and the content is updated regularly so there is a good flow of new images to make use of. A great resource indeed.

Goran Zidar
These icons are amongst the best I have seen. They are exceptional value for money, especially if you buy the Entire collection. Ben Cox

Ben Cox
Good morning I bought the package your company icons for UDS 499 and I'm happy with them. However, the missing icons: 1. Travel 2. Hotels 3. Restaurant 4. Mountains I would be completely satisfied if there is such an icon.

Marek Landowski
I did quite a bit of searching on the web for good looking icons and IconShock's collections were by far the best value for money. High quality professional looking icons at a reasonable price.

Stephen Crow
The icons are brilliant and it is an unbelievably good value for the quality. Icon packs of this quality cost more than 5 times as much and usually contain a lot less icons actually.

Tom Farnbauer
Nice and sharp icon. the reason we choose iconshock because it provide range of good product. It help increase look and feel for our future development product.

Bong Choon Fatt
We like the wide selection of icons available from We've used them for years and continue to develop new products using their new sets.

Darcy Beckstrom
Friendly service. Fit for purpose technology, and good value for money spent

Michael C. British Columbia, QCap Financial
Iconshock delivered excellent work at a reasonable price. We had a custom job involving re-coloring some icons and making a few from scratch. They were able to take our (I'm sure confusing) directions and turn them into reality in very short order. They were extremely responsive and we will definitely work with them again!

Gabriel Weinberg,,
Gracias por el magnífico trabajo realizado. El proceso ha sido realmente profesional. Respuesta rápida a las propuestas y revisiones muy bien enfocadas desde la primera versión. El diseño final es innovador y de alta calidad. Da a nuestra empresa un toque de distinción con respecto al estándar del mercado. Tan pronto necesitemos otro trabajo de diseño o alguien nos pida una recomendación no dudaremos un segundo a volver a contar con vosotros.

Joan Carbonell,
We have been searching for some high quality icons for our flagship product Pioneer StarTech, until we just find your website, all I could
say is 'Wow' when I look at the 'quantity' and 'quality' I got, there is
simply no other competitor out there that has a similar offering. Keep
up the great work guys!.

Shloma Baum
Pioneer Interactive, Inc.
Brilliant Icons, we will use them with our new products to have a professional design.

Olaf Gramkow
Good quality icons at a sensible price.... with so many icon designers pricing themselves out of the market its good to see iconshock providing excellent themed sets at good prices Trevor Scurr

Trevor Scurr
Many thanks for the final logo files sent last week. They look great, and are exactly what we were after. I would like to thank you for your work during the logo process. You and your designers have listened carefully to our requests and comments, and have provided a great end product to ZigZag PC. Your response to email has been fast, which is extremely important when dealing with clients so remote as we are, in Australia. I would not hesitate to reccomend Iconshock to anyone. The logo was excellent value, and we hope to use your services in the near future for other projects. Kind Regards,

Hayden Warnock, (Director of ZigZag PC
I was tasked with the job of creating around 100 icons for a DMS software company, Thank goodness for Iconshock! You guys have saved me weeks of work and Auto-IT thousands of dollars.

Peter Fritz
I'd like to thank you personally and Iconshock for designing my corporate logo into a very nice 3D image. I have been very impressed with professional manner in which this project was handled. I appreciate the prompt response to my requests and quick turnaround. The project was completed much faster than I anticipated with very professional results at a significant cost saving. I will recommend your service to my colleagues and look forward to using your services in the future.

Len Andrusiak, President
Iconshock has provided our company with the most adaptive and comprehensive set of professional Icons and software branding. Excellent Web 2.0 designs for incredible value.

Dave Shanley
Code Circus Ltd, a Software & Systems design house in the UK
As a mac developer I must say that icons are very important. The most of the time I found myself in searching for good icons. With iconshock I have not only the icons I was searching for, I also have now all required actions like add/remove/search/find/edit/etc. for each icon. Ferhat Ayaz

Ferhat Ayaz
What a great range of professional icons. We are a first time purchaser and I know that we will be back for more.

Excellent selection of icons. Great value when purchasing the entire collection! Iconshock is my one stop shop for stock icons.

Jay Sethi
Icon Shock did some custom icons for us. They came out awesome. The Customer Care group couldnt have been more helpful. Quick Turnaround and Excellent Service. Will definately recommend and use again.

Janice Harrison
A really huge collection of icons. And the quality is excellent.

Severin Meyer
I am really surprised how good the icons at are. In the past I worked with icondesigners, but they never were able to reach the level of Kind regards, Rick Grooten

Rick Grooten
beautiful, meticulous detail.

Sam Larch
Very nice set of icons for user interfaces! We used them before and we are back everytime we need more! Christiaan Enter, Massxess

Christiaan Enter
A Professional company creating state of the art icons for professional softwares, with high attention in details, like formats, sizes and so on. Great job!!

Cleiton Coradelli
I was looking for a professional set of icons for our website and a lot of web-based customer applications we develop. These definitely fit the bill. And having such a wide selection of styles is absolutely great.

Gene Mitelman
I looked for a long time for high quality icons, and iconshock has the best quality icons I could found, at a good price and a fantastic variety it is the best deal you can hope for!

Regina Kasbergen
I am Italian, Iconshock is a best site to find very professional icons... !

Andrea Pucci
Our Iconshock custom made icons are the most professional looking icons we have ever purchased. You just can't get the same quality here in Norway! Big thanks to you guys in Iconshock.

Dag Olsen, Romerikes Blad
I found the quality and selection to be outstanding at In addition, the customer service reacted quickly when we needed same day service. �David Gilmour, Principal, Gilmour Craves

David Gilmour
En he encontrado una excelente colección de iconos y un servicio muy profesional. Enhorabuena.

Miguel Bea
Working with Iconshock was prompt, pleasant and pixel perfect!

Timothy Robitaille,
Got my iPhone project Smart Caller off to a great start.

Mark Johnson
Great Price for professional stock icons.

Daniel Sarrett
We at wish to take the time to thank you for providing us with not only quality icons but also for delivering so many collections. Our site is evolving everyday and your icons just keep on delivering what we are looking for. Thank you.

Yannick Morin
OfficeMSDS spent a considerable amount of time and effort to find the right icons for use on our website. After evaluating dozens of icon providers, OfficeMSDS selected IconShock to provide the graphics. IconSchock's large selection, quality and offerings in virtually every format led us to choose their products. We look forward to working with IconSchock to provide all of our icon graphics and would recommend the company to anyone desiring high quality, cost competitive and multi-format icons.

Michael G. Boozer
They're great!!!! All of them :)

John Wilhelm
Great icons... very satisfied!

Andre Audet
Great icons -- extensive collection of original content.

James Collins
An Icon for everything!

Daniel Roth
The icons are very professional and has every possible one that I could ever need.

Matthew Crouch
Iconshock has a great selection of professional, sophisticated icons. As a designer, I couldn't be happier with the quality and file types. What a find!

Jacqueline Bonelli
Your icons are very very very good and professional. You have done a great job. The best icons i found online. I will use it for many of my projects. Thanks a lot.

Torsten Klinger
For our new website, I was searching for days to find icons that are clear to understand and pleasant to look at. The only ones that met our high standards we found on, but as some icons did not show our special needs as well as we wanted to be unique, we had them custom made for us. The quality and creativity is amazing, and they have redone the icons until we have been completely happy with them. Worth every penny! I will definitely be back for more.

Reto Steve Kramer, President, Coastal Scents
It's really easy to work with you, you are open minded and creative and that really helps out with the development of a new idea. I really loved the final product and it's part now of the developing of our new web site (due nov. 09) Thanks a lot for a great work!!

Jorge Perez, The Software Kitchen Co.
This is my second group of icons I've purchased from IconShock. I purchased my last set of icons about 6 months ago, and have been very happy with them. When I found myself with a need for different sets of icons, this is the first place I though of, since there's no better value, and the icons are top notch. Mitch Haas

Mitchell Haas
Well, after having one look at your website I realized that I had never seen so many, so professional looking icons before. The sheer amount and the high quality of the design was really impressive. Managed to persuade my colleagues that it was well worth investing in them instead of going for all the free icons one can download from the internet. Thanks for a great product.

Ulf Elofson
We Totally Love The Icons and service we have received from Iconshock. The variety and selection not to mention quality is some of the best we have seen. Not to mention the pricing. And best of all delivery is fast and simple. Thanks again PAt Monteforte. CEO WTPowers. LLC

Patrick Monteforte
Icon in iconshock is the best from the best icon. Long live IconSchock Eko Indriyawan Master Programmer - Erplan

Eko Indriyawan
Clean, crisp images built to order, in all formats and sizes. Delivered in a snap and with a smile. Highly recommended!

Niels Fan�e, Excitor A/S, Denmark
IconShock icons are very good for application interfaces. The best thing about them is you can complete a standart application interface within the scope of one single thema. So your application looks like consistent with itself. M Ali Caliskan Tekhnelogos Software

M Ali Caliskan
We were always looking for some cool icons for our software - finally we found some! Your icons are just awesome, and your pricing is more than fair. We immediately purchased one of your bundles, and it didn't take more than 10 minutes till we received everything from you - that's what I call service. Keep up the good work!

Daniel M�ller
Just perfect stuff! Thank you, Clicktoweb

Valentino Marra
genial, cool for web design and application. What else !!! 8-)

We were very pleased with IconShock’s incredible value.

James Pappas,
Your icons are very nice and professonal. It's a very big surprise for me than they are not expensive in comparison with another.

Andrzej Zwierzchowski
Iconshocks icons are the best out in the business! Superior quality and top-notch design. Bradley C. Dennis

Bradley Dennis
You guys have done a tremendous job! Your icon collections are simply amazing and without a doubt the best in the market.   Our company setout to develop an innovative yet simple to use product and your icons have made it a pleasure to work with. Your work is inspiring us to make our product even better and for that we are grateful.

AccountsTech Solutions Team
Brilliant Stuff!!!

Oluwafemi Dagunduro
An excellent set of icons for a very reasonable price. These will help tremendously by giving our project a more professional look.

Brett Ernst
Definitely value for money. And after some corrections, we’ve made a perfect logo together

Dave Wurms
I selected your icons as I considered the quality and the number of icons on offer at the price more competitive than any of the other icon suppliers I found, The variety of formats and the artwork of the icons is exceptional and add a professional finish to our work

Paul Mason 
thank you so much for your support. It surely is the best I've experienced in long, long time.

Gerhard du Plooy
Icon shock is some of the best icon ever made. And logos

Michelle Quick
In previous projects I used to design the required icons on my own since I've got some artistic skills. But icon design is a very time consuming task and so I searched through the web for icon design studios to outsource this work. But either the quality did not satisfy me or the price per icon was way to high (or both) . Then I found the Iconshock web site and was very pleased with their stock icon sets and even more pleased after seeing their pricing for custom icons which is very reasonable (not to say cheap). I made a request for some custom icons to check their custom work quality and response time and all went very well. Since this time Iconshock is the supplier of icons for our current projects and I can for sure recommend their companion to any software company with the need for reasonable priced and great looking icons.

Norbert Ruland, Senior Software Engineer, R. STAHL HMI Systems GmbH, Germany
The icons provided by Iconshock have transformed my applications and given them the high quality professional look that I had been looking for . The quality of their icons and promptness of their customer service means I have no hesitation in recommending them to any one looking to smarten up their products.

Simon Martyn, Excel Wizards
Icons are so far the best I've ever seen. The price is right and the customer service is awesome. Thanks guys! Visit us at

Peter Babiy
We were extremely impressed with the overall quality of the icons and the associated vector art that we recieved from Iconshock. There is no way that we could justify the individual time and cost to produce an equivalently detailed library of artwork.

Rob Cumming
Love the icons guys, really impressed with the massive amount of them. Will be very helpful in my future projects.

James Holt
I have looked for many icon sets on the internet, but none could compare to the quality of iconshock's sets.

Glen Harrison
We selected the vector icons from IconShock as they really shine when used together with our vector based graphical platform eyeGT. The quality of each and every icon is second to none and the variety is simply amazing.

Emanuele Cipolloni
Nice, sweet and professional ! Here we found all the icons we need for our projects !

Daniel Hernet
I love the design, very modern. I think the logo will help me to project an innovative image. thank you!

alfredo gonzalez
I was searching for logo and visited a lot of web sites. None seems so good as your. Now I have my logo and i'm satisfied. The quality/price is the best around the web!. Thanks

Marco MTTM
Beautiful art-work!!

Georgio Caponera
Long time I planed in changing the icons of our Portal but did not find something I really liked. This time was over in the moment I found Iconshock. Great detailed, made with lot of attention and care! I just love them and we are going to work no only with IconShock for future projects.

Oliver Kuchendorf
I downloaded free art samples from dozens of icon/art sites and used them to sex up some applications we are working on. When it came time to buy the art we selected, I realized we had picked almost all Iconshock art. We now own the big package, and I'm just blown away by the depth and quality of the icons. Steve Miller

Bryan Trussel
Your icons are real nice, the price is extremly fair to the amount of high quality icons. I will tell everyone who wants to know about good icons to visit your site!

Yves Rausch
As the owner of a small software business, I'm always facing make vs. buy decisions. The diverse, detailed, and high quality products Iconshock is offering made for a very easy call for our UI artwork. With the low cost and non-restrictive license terms, our finance people are as happy as our developers. Thank you for offering such a quality product!

Kerry Bonin
Outstanding selection, incredible quality, and at a terrific price. These icons have changed the whole first impression of the software I create! Thank you IconShock and keep up the great work! You will be my first stop for Icons in the future.

David Buhl
Best value I have ever seen. Service was great too. I asked for rush delivery and got it!

Joe Leach
Encontramos en un sitio con excelente servicio al cliente, productos de calidad y gran variedad de opciones. Nuestros sitios se destacan de los dem�s gracias a sus dise�os. Es un lugar donde podemos encontrar los dise�os que buscamos a precios muy accesibles. IconShock sin duda es ahora parte fundamental de nuestro equipo de trabajo.

Guillermo Duran
Administrador General
YaGane, S.A. de C.V.
I was surprised by the originality of the first previews. I choose one and the few modifications that followed were ready on the next day. I'm a grateful client and will certainly come back!

Ton Konings,
We belive that Iconshock has a very broad and professionel looking variety of icons.

Jens J�rgen Flaaris
IconShock is giving our applications a custom modern look without the custom price tag!

sylvain allard

Leonid Kofman
As a software development company we know the value of a usable User interface. Good looking icon set's are an important part of an attractive and easy to use Graphical user interface. That is why we chose Iconshock as Icon supplier. For internal development we even wrote an application which let's developer manage icon set' and what get's included in an application.

Marteijn Nouwens
Iconshock enhances the visual appearance of our software developments by providing high quality icons and a wide range of selection. We are happy to choose Iconshock products.

Burc T. Uzalp
I really like your artwork. Thank you very much.

Louiz Ho C & H Realty
very nice and a huge variety of different themes and useful stuff

Michael Volk
I was looking for some professionnal icons for my website. Thanks to iconshock, I found them. Original, high quality, best price. Chris

Christophe Paris
Great icons for less!!!

Robert Hendriks
Easy to use and they look great!

Craig Read-Smith
The quality from IconShock is GREAT and thanks with your design input helping us come up with icons that are distinctive at the smallest 16x16 scale.

Philip McCready, CEO, SoftShield.
The staff at Iconshock were a great help in helping my company design some custom icons of our products. They are fast, responsive, professional and extremely talented. Kudos--we'll be back!

Steve Austin
You folks do absolutely marvelous work. I must say that Iconshock is one of the best investments I've ever made. The quality is phenomenal and the customer service is of the highest quality.

Louis Burleson
After weeks of research, I selected to help me establish my brand with one of their logos. I can honestly say that I am completely satisfied with the end result. My initial requirements came to life quickly and was exactly what I envisioned. Their communication with customers is top notch. Their dedication to the highest quality product is unrivaled! Thank you!

Andre L,
Great custom designed icons, unbeatable design and prices… Thanks a lot!

Dag Olsen Mediehuset Romerike
Excellent design at an affordable price, and they treat their customers well.

John Rose
the best we've found in the Internet

Borislav Borislavov
I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with Iconshock. On our first project, the icons came back... well, perfect. We'd been searching without much luck for developers that share our passion for detail. Not only are they willing to help, they've gone above and beyond to make sure we're happy. They're brilliant!

Darren J Bunker, Managing Director Qube GB Ltd has the largest selection of top quality, professional icons on the net. We are extremely satisfied with our purchase, and will continue to visit Iconshock for all of our stock icon needs. Shandy ProAce Technology Services

Zachariah Beckner
Have searched the internet for weeks until I found Iconshock! Compared their package, their design, their price with those of others and believe Iconshock to be the best choice. Well, honestly speaking, I am really a little bit selfish to give too many credits to them so that my icons will remain sort of unique and outstanding!!

Xirong Zhang
Icon Shock icons are a great resource for our software development needs. Don't bother to shop around, at Icon Shock, you get the most professional looking icons at the best price, period. None of the other icon providers even come close.

Ray Perea
Thank you so much! It looks great! I am so pleased with the results and it was worth it. Your work is great! I want to thank you and your team for this hard work and I know I was a real pain in the ass and picky. But, I have to say in the end you got everything right. I hope my new software is as successful as the way the graphics look. Should I need anything in the future, I will definitely call on you to do it. Again, thank you for all your hard work on this. You will help me make a success of my software.

Robert V. Messina President Advanced Micro Design, LTD Web-Site:
awesome on the web. Keep up the great work

Dolly Brtan
The first Icon proposals were really disappointing. Iconshock delivered some Icons, that bared no likeness to the photos we sent. But when we exactly described how the Icons should look like and for what they are needed, they got better and better. After about six or seven new previews of the icons they looked nearly exactly how expected. Thank you!

Maik Olschewski,
great looking icons, just made my application (emailaya) prettier.

amos szust
Excellent Professional done Icons , Worth every Penny infact its a JACKPOT!!! :-) JK

Abdul Bari
I find Iconshock icons to be of very high quality and always use them in my software projects and presentations. After looking through thousands of others, I chose Iconshock above the rest. C O'Brien

Chris OBrien
Throughout the barriers of time and space, working with the iconshock team was really a pleasure, a rarely seen combination of professionalism with still a friendly and personal touch.

Manuel Francot, STA!
I've been using IconShock for years, because they employ the best graphic artists on the net. IconShock has always done great work for me very quickly. I would also like to thank Lina for doing a very great job on my last project, which was a 974 x 200px website header. I would like to work with Lina again. Thanks, Iconshock.

John Foster,
Como desarrolladores de software profesional no podemos descuidar el aspecto final de nuestras aplicaciones. Iconshok tiene los mejores y más accesibles íconos e imágenes en la red. Son nuestra primera opción cuando buscamos darle el toque profesional de diseño gráfico a nuestras aplicaciones.

Maynor Gamarro - BASIS Consultores - Guatemala
Having happily used Iconshock in the past, when I started a new project I happily went back and bought another complete set from them. The sizes, formats, and range of icons available in their sets are stunning and covered pretty much all my needs on a large project. But then when I couldn't find a suitable icon for a particular item, I used their custom icon service to create a bespoke icon for me from a picture of the device in question. Their custom service was fast, very reasonably priced, and the results were outstanding. I would happily recommend using Iconshock for all your icon needs.

Ira Rainey , side lane : digital development,
The icons are of a very high quality, and, more importantly, consistent.

Neil Heywood
This is an excellent (and huge!) package of icons and, as far as I can tell, the best value for money on the internet. Andrew from SchoolPRO:

Andrew Rogers
I was searching for very professional icons and visited a lot of web sites. None seems so good as iconshosk does to me. It's not just a problem of quantity but of whole quality of the icons. Now we're rewriting all of our applications and web pages with iconshock icons. I'm very happy and my customers too!

Stefano Gemma
Great choice of icons , grreat value for money. We use them at

Olivier Hergault
I must say that the Icon Design done by was very impressive. We had a strict deadline to keep, and the work was done on time, with quality in mind. The support received was very satisfactory and the back and fourth correspondences were quick and to the point. I will definitely return with more design tasks in the future as I am a very satisfied customer.

Steven Longdale @
I scoured the Internet looking for a new set of business applications for POS software. No others came close to IconShocks range, quality and value for money.

Nigel Clemett
I'd be lost without iconshock. Thanks to them we're ready to launch our website! Great custom design - Strongly recommend!

Robin Gustafsson Design Before You Brand
There’s no better way to increase a web sites design & usability when using quality icons by Iconshock.

Diego de la Viña,
Briander® Corporation is a mentor managements service company, that delivers a brand New Innovative Managements Service (NIMS) for all small businesses, Enterprises, Patrons, Entrepreneurs, New Starters, Retailers, Managers (SME) and all other business owners and leaders. The staff of Briander® Corporation recommend ICONSHOCK for all our client, when they are starting a new business. ICONSHOCK are Cheap, Professional, Quickly, Modern and they treat there customer with a AAA service.

Britta Andersen, Chairman Briander Corporation,
Our company has been developing software for the US market for over eight years, and we have struggled to find or create icons that are user friendly. I am very impressed witht he quality and cost of IconShock, this is a great product!

Casey Guss
The icons and logo we had Iconshock develop for us took our custom Silverlight mapping application (GeoLinX) to the next level and gave it that professional look. We are extremely pleased with the end result and the excellent customer service.

Darren Martin, Manager of Application Development and Database Services Capital Regional District
I am very pleased with the icons - they were exactly what I needed.  I plan to use these icons on software that I am having developed.  I think it will give the software a little extra zing.

Joyce Heuman, PhD.
President & CFO
Absolutely Angels, Inc
Home Health Agency
We were looking for attractive, modern and imaginitive icons for our database applications. We found 'em!!

Andrew Barrow
To create a good user interface, you need good icons. IconShock.Com will provide them!

J.C.A. Scheer